Looking for a mission

While my navi is in a battle I decided that maybe it's time to help the community. I would like to request a mission, not an SP or GMO just a mission for American to accomplish.

--Bones Pasimontito--

American.EXE is away
Hmmm...I believe we MAY have a mission for the navi of your level and skill. There are several navis that have recently formed a gang that has spread out in their territory, Electown's network, and we have had many reports of navis having their zenny stolen, usually all of it, and there have been rumors that they are going to spread their influence to Scilabs network.
The mission is to deal with them as you see fit, but, there is a catch. You are not allowed to delete them or cause them to jack out. As far as we know, they all have undershirts in their customizers, so, weaken the gang members you encounter to 1HP, then capture them with the attached program, should you accept this mission. It's an NC Piece, so, make room in your NC. You won't have to drag them along with you when you capture them, it will transport them to a nearby holding cell.
Now, if you complete this mission, we can give you a low-level battle chip or 1000z, should you complete the mission, you are also allowed to keep anything you may find useful to you on the gang members person. But, you will be forced to relinquish the NC Piece after completion or failure of the mission.

Attached: Capture Net NCP (10 NC points) [Effect: Capture weakened enemies for one action]

(Mod: darkstar1006)
I accept the mission and will head over to Electown as soon as the battle American is currently in is done and over with. I will make sure American is outfitted with that program so he may contain those punk navi.
-- Bones Pasimontito --

American.EXE is away
-- American.EXE --

-- Recieved: Capture Net NCP --