Mission Request

Good morning,
I just recently purchased some upgrades for my Navi and SP, and are eager to break them in. I am wondering if there are any requests or jobs out there where we could help out. Thank you and have a good day!

-Mazer Patrovski
Navi: Machman.EXE & Aera.SP
We have a request sent to us by a Navi with the Net Police. The request is less than an hour old, and has been flagged urgent. Normally we would process the request to be sent to Net Police affiliated boards, however the client specified we locate a civilian contractor for him. According to our record, you meet the requirements stated. If you choose to accept this job, we will direct you to a meeting with the client where the mission will be laid out for you. If you decline, we will present you with a normal request.

It is up to you whether or not to take this contract.

Do you accept?

-- GNA
We accept your request. Where should I meet the client?

-Mazer Patrovski
Good. That was a quicker than I could have hoped for. Please meet with me at our southeast regional headquarters server in NetopiaNet. If you need a cyberspace landmark, just look for the airfields. You'll need this ID to get through the gate, bring it with you:

Key Item: NP-PassKey-01057G

I'll meet you there.


((Mission Mod: PaladinGC))
Understood, sir. Machman and Aera will report there in a few moments with the gate key. I'm looking forward to the mission!

Very Respectfully,

Mazer Patrovski, 2Lt NCAP, 3rd Squadron
We have completed the mission. I just hope we could have done more to help. Please let me know if you require anything else of me or Machman. Thank you and have a good night.

Very Respectfully,

Mazer Patrovski, 2Lt NCAP, 3rd Squadron