A Mission...

Hello, hello. I hear that the NetPolice has been doing research on these "Support Units", and was wondering if I'd be able to get one of my own. Of course, I'd be willing to do a bit of grunt work first. Nothing comes free, after all.

-Shigeru Yamada
(Super Ultra...
...Double Buuump!)
Actually, we do have a job for you. Recently, a relatively unimportant supply depot was invaded by the NetMafia. We're repelling them out fairly quickly, but we got word that they're sending some reinforcements. We'd like you to join our forces in making sure the reinforcements don't make it to the base. Now, I realize this sounds a bit dangerous, but you'll be with some decently strong allies and we'll take precautions to ensure your Navi's safety from deletion and the like. Even so, we'd like your confirmation to taking on the task before we further explain the situation and how to go about getting rid of reinforcements.

Ah. Sounds perfect. How may we assist?

To put it simply, the NetMafia's sending a balanced platoon of their Navis to try and repel us out of our own supply depot. We're, however,sending our own force to intercept them, seeing as the repelling forces already at the site are forcing the NetMafia out just fine. You'll be joining that force.

The base is off in Netfrica, so it's a bit out of the way, There's a large jack-in/out barrier surrounding the depot to discourage directly jacking in, so you can't miss it if you know where to look. You may have to walk a little, though; the jack-out barrier's pretty large. We'll send you the link to the specific area so you don't have to spend hours poking through the Net to make things quicker for you; the Netpolice Navis will provide faster still means of transport within the barrier.

GET: Depot Link


<(Mod: Phoenix)>
Apologies, but due to the impending date of the tournament, I'm afraid I will have to resume this request some other time.


(Scrapping this mission, might ask for another later)