.GMO Mission Request

To whom it may concern,
Good morning. My name is Machman.EXE. My NetOp and I are looking for a .GMO mission. If there is something you need done, and require a fast Navi, I think I can help! Thank you and have a good day.

Hm, we may have something up your ally.

One of SciLabs satellites seem not to be working properly. They've concluded that strong viruses roam the satellites networking and are interfering with its system.

Your mission is to go to SciLabs and meet with one of the personnel, who will then assist your navi to be beamed into space. Just ask the front desk for someone.

Good luck.

I understand and accept the mission. I will log in to SciLabs as soon as my NetOp arrives. Thank you for the quick response!

((Completed from "Machman In Space"))

Mazer here,
We completed the mission, and the satellite should be at full operational capacity. We ran into a little bit of trouble, but all three of us are alright.

-Mazer Patrovski
Well done Mr. Patrovski, Machman.exe.

We present to you your first Graphic Model Override. Have fun.


GET: Level 3 .GMO
Thank you sir! Have a good night!

-Mazer Patrovski