Job application

Hello there! Me and my navi are new here, and we are kind of broke so, we'll be taking any job you have to offer (just, try and make it fun will ya). We are highly (kinda) qualified for most kinds jobs and we will take any reward.
Very well, there might seem to be something for you here. We'll pay 1000 zenny for this job.

Ahem, there seems to be an unusual outbreak of Bunnies in Electown. Your mission is to jack-in, find the source, and defeat the Bunnies. Report back here when you're finished.

We'll provide the coordinates.


Billy GET: Coordinates
Whatever, I take it. Will report back after I deal with this.
OMG! that was worse than I expected, it was filled with nefarious bunnies from hell. You sent me to an impossible mission and and I decided it was getting bored and it was just not worth it, so i left after deleting "hundreds" of viri. Luckily for you we are doing perfectly fine now. Oh! and don't bother sending anyone else to try and do this mission, if I couldn't finish it don't even think some amateur brat will.


OCC: my character is one of those who woudn't admit defeat and like to brag about their supposed skills act like they could "pwn"(XD) anyone
How unfortunate, and to think we thought you could handle it.

Anyway, you get no reward. If you want another mission, ask away.


Billy LOSE: Coordinates
JUST SO ITS CLEAR! I COULD HAVE HANDLED IT, I JUST DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT! Ha! as if I needed your reward.:angry:

OCC: Can I post another mission request here or do I open another topic?
I'm going to Netopia to visit my family so if by any chance you needed something done over there you can just like, ask. You should know by now we can handle anything they throw at us.