Capacity Upgrade Voucher request

Hello. My name is Kasumi Misumaru. I and my Navi, XIII, have had some minor dealings with you in the past, mostly some freelance consulting work and a few favors asked, so some of you over here at NP central may know me a little. Thats good, 'cause that means introductions can be cut to a minimum here.

Anyway, I need some work lately, as things are getting a little slow these days, and word has it that the Net Police are paying in vouchers now. Those capacity upgrades aren't cheap, but not having one inhibits my research some. So if its a little bit of freelancing you need, I'm your guy... er, girl. So got any work for a relatively seasoned buster and her navi?

-Misumaru, Kasumi
Ah, Ms. Misamaru, well, we might have something for you.

Reports of a virus labeled "The Rampaging Snorgmorphophage" have been sighted in the networks of Dentech University. It is described as an "ever-changing monster of snot" so... I'm guessing it's like a "snot monster?"

At any rate, the people at classroom 303 of the University will brief you more about this virus. They are located at the Viral Research Wing of the campus. Return here when you're finished with the mission.


((Mod: RevivedSin))
Eww, sounds pretty gross. Well, work is work I guess, and you guys pay enough for much worse of a job, so will do. I'll report back here when Mission is accomplished, Sir.

Misumaru, out.

-Misumaru, Kasumi
Kasumi Misumaru, reporting in. Mission was successfully accomplished, though my partner XIII seems to have some emotional scarring from everything he was forced to go through. Please be sure that the kind doctor locks away that horrible virus. Kami-sama help us should it ever actually reach a wide open network.

--Misumaru, Kasumi

Good work, Miss Kasumi.

Unfortunately, during your mission, there has been a recall of all Multi-Navi system upgrades as the NetPolice have found odd malfunctions within the systems. We apologize for the inconvenience.

However, we are not going to just going to say that and let you off with no reward. The only thing close to what a Multi-Navi voucher upgrade at Suitachi's store is this.

Please enjoy.