I need a Job

I am in desperate need for a mission!

It must be easy enough for a newb like me to fullfil. And the reward must be a Speed Upgrade, Zenny, or a battlechip! And don't give me something cruddy.
...Kid, do you honestly expect us to give you a Speed Upgrade just for you lending us a hand in whatever needs doing? Those things cost money, and if we gave something that expensive to every yahoo that wanted to get something free of charge, our coffers would be completely run dry. A token amount of zenny or a low-level battlechip's as far as we go for public missions.

That said, we have a job for you. There have been some hoodlums running around ElecTown Net, defacing the place. It's nothing major, and the punks themselves don't seem to be anything really special, so it should satisfy you. Outline of the mission's to follow the graffiti that they've painted the Net with until you find them. EJO on sight, that should give them something to think about.

<(Mission mod: Phoenix.)>
I'll do it. So what your asking me is to find the Graffiti, then find THEM, and Emergency Jack Out? Search, Jack out, Report back correct?
<(Meh, too lazy to log out/log in again. Pretend I'm Netpolice.)>

Not really. Find the graffiti, follow it until you find the hoodlums, then fight them and EJO them. Bring something of their's back as proof that they're gone. Then we'll give you something for your troubles. Got it?
I am being really retarded at the moment, plus Im tired. But I have the authority to jack THEM out? THis is probably a stupid question.
Yes, you're under authority of the law to EJO them. Think of it as teaching them a lesson for defacing the Net.
Dark Boy happily, yet worriedly accepted the job offer. He was worried because he has never been to Elec-Town, and has never seen the viruses there.

I'm on my way. I'll finish as soon as possible.

((Go's to nearest Elec Town Net Link and teleports))

Dark Boy slowzed into the NetSquare in his Normal, Paintless form.

Thank GOD that the "Fabulous!" Was on Sunbath and not your normal skin.

I Would be the laughing stock of the Net, Master.

Dark Boy wandered up to the Net Police Station, and Trillian materialized the PaintData on the Net and it dropped in front of Dark Boy. Trillian also printed out a report of all things going on in Elec-Town Net, and scanned it and it appeared in front of Dark Boy.

Excuse me, but I am returning from a Mission Succesful. Here is the proof. A Data Log off all things happening in Elec-Town Net Area for today, and some PaintData from the spray cans. I await my bounty. Dark Boy told the receptionost. [sp]

Good work, Dark Boy. You deserve a bath in the Onsen.
<(This is a BBS, not an actual RP sector. Also, too lazy to switch users.)>

The Navis appear to be off the Net. Thanks for the help, we're enclosing a token sum for your troubles.

Attached: 500z

*Bows* Thankyou, I will return when I need another job. Dark Boy posted on the BBS.

Good Job, Dark Boy. Now lets jack out.

Dark Boy now feeling alot better attached the data and jacked out.

Dark Boy, Logging Out.