Requesting a Mission

Hey there, Rose Dunrae here, at your service. My Navi, SummonerMan, will be as well.

I heard that you offer missions here, and figured I'd take one. Also, I heard that rewards may be involved. Any chance you could go over those for me?

Thank you all very much!

~Rose Dunrae

Rewards, you say? Usually, in exchange for performing deeds to better the Network, we offer a .GMO file and a token offering of Zenny as payment. Alternate deals can be arranged too, within reason of course.

In any case, I'd like to thank you for having such great timing. See, a group of delinquients have started popping up in ElecTown Net and defacing property; you'll know what I mean when you see it. Now, this normally wouldn't be that much of a problem for one of our general enforcement squads, but these guys have proven to be more than a little annoying; they can see our enforcers coming and they manage to evade us at every turn. That, and people have been complaining that their graffiti is an eyesore.

However, a reasonably-experienced CustomNavi on our side should be able to find them and 'smarten them up' without too much fuss. From what we've seen, though they are indeed annoyances, they aren't much more then that. So how about it? Care to help us 'clean' up this mess? Send us confirmation and you'll be given coordinates to the spot they were last seen in.

<(Mod: Phoenix)>
Thank you for replying,

So, "alternate deals within reason" can be my prize, instead of Zenny or a .GMO, huh? Is there any chance this alternate prize could be an Object chip of some sort?

As far as the mission goes: Dealing with a group of vandals. That's pretty much what we're doing, right? Will I be required to clean up the Graffiti, too?

Also, what exactly should I do about the vandals? I mean, Vandalism isn't that serious a crime, right? So am I expected to delete them, or is there something specific I need to do with them?

Alright, all those questions aside, I should be all set.

Rose Dunrae
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((This took too long, I'm going to PM Phoenix and see if he desperately needs me to do this mission. I lost all inspiration for it, so if not, I'm withdrawing, wether IC or OOC, I don't really care.))
((Got clearance for withdrawal, so...))

I'm sorry, but something has come up in this period of time, so I'll have to ask for a mission some other day.

Sorry, but thanks anyways.

Rose Dunrae