Mission Request

Hello! I heard that you can request missions here, and recieve rewards for completing said missions. Well, I thought I might give one a go. Could I have a mission please? If it helps, my Navi's main specialty is in explosives. Also, what kind of reward could I expect?

Chris Harper
Excellent timing. I'm a data supplier for various commercial ventures here in Electopia and overseas in Netopia. I've been in business for 27 years, and hold an excellent reputation with my clients. Lately, though, viruses have been targeting my latest client's goods during transmission across the network, and it is quickly becoming a problem.

Today, I have a data package that needs to be delivered to the Cyber Cafe in Netopia Network from our outlet in the NetSquare. I would like you to travel to the international NetSquare, meet with the other Navis I have hired for this job, and help them transport the goods to the Cafe. I am willing to offer a sum of Zenny based upon the condition of the product upon delivery to the client.

The client also offers a free GMO as an extra incentive.

Do you accept? [Y/N]
Sure, I'll get right on it.

Chris Harper