Stuff... and... yeah...

Hello, Fujiwara Shin here.
I feel tired of my usual busting run, so I believe that maybe you guys have something to interest me.
Reward, blah, give me 1000z.

-Fujiwara Shin
Let's see here, what jobs have we lined up over the last few... oh. Here we go.

In a NetMafia raid, we discovered a strange message in a datafile--R&D's on it, but R&D'll most likely get it done by next year. We'd like this solved before the trail goes cold.

You'll get 1000z and a bonus GMO if you can figure this out.

Accept Y/N?

((Mod: Demon))
Oh sure... That's sound just the spicy topic I've been looking for.
-Fujiwara Shin

Any idea where we're headed?

Yeah, that might be helpful. So, where to?
-Fujiwara Shin
Very well. Have at it.

*Attached: OSHI.dat*

((Open it in a thread.))
Errr... I guess, I'll be hearing from you.
Sorry to bother you, but do you know which area this was retrieved from? Sharo Net? Netfrica Net? Netopia Net? Just looking for some clues here.
Looks like the path's in Sharo. Well, I'll post more details later.
If you can spare it, I might need some backup ready. Never know what might happen, eh?
-Fujiwara Shin

<Red_Riding_Hood.exe is currently climbing an iceberg>
Right, there was a female navi in Sharo who has been waiting for you guys for a while. She said to pick her up too. She's on an iceberg, there's a red glow from the top of it so you can't miss it.
Here's the delivery, don't know what it is yet.

-Fujiwara Shin

[Attached: Delivery.dat]
[kicks the topic and glares at it with all due intensity]
((pulls his fist back and uppercuts the topic))
((Charges his fist with his love, anger, and all of his sorrow and sends an erupting force of plasma at the topic, attempting to make it noticeable.))

Ah, thank you for retrieving this.
...Wait, a female navi? Oh, shoot. Eh... I'll be scolding the recon team later for neglecting to inform me one of their own was still missing. But either way, you have earned your reward.


<Attached: Blank GMO, 1000z>
((I still can bump.))

Thank you and you're welcome.