A Request

Huh... Here's where I sign up for a mission now, huh? Sounds exciting; I think I'll do it for the loot. I already have an empty GMO kicking around Gun's PET. Whatever it is, make sure I won't fall asleep on the job, okay?

((I laugh at the implications of me posting the initial request at 4:04 PM.
Now, I bump with all the fiery zeal of a thousand panching suns.))
Loot? Come again? You mean, you want a mission for zenny or a chip?
Well, we can only offer 1000 zenny or a very basic chip. People seem to think that GMO's are a lot more valuable than they are...

But anyways, the mission. Ever since that brigade of Spikeys was broken up in ACDC, gangs of viruses have been gathering all over the net. We'd like you to go to any net area of your choice, look for one of these gatherings, and attempt to disband it.
Do this, and the reward is yours.
Heh heh... No problem. I'm in it for the excitement, not the cash money (which is what I'll be taking, by the way; basic chips are just boring.) Even if it's just some dumb old virus group, it's still a great chance to see just what I can do.

I'll be on it as soon as I finish up here in Electown. Count on it, okay?

Deepest apologies, but I'd like to change the reward. I've recently come up with a wonderful idea for a new GMO, and would like to give it a try. Is this alright?

Also, I might not get to this mission just yet. It's been a long day, and I think I deserve a soak.

<Arco Swift>