Tide my hunger

Alright, so it would seem my navi is getting a bit restless lately. Ever since we helped the Net Police earlier, he seems to like it alot. So if you could give him something to make him seem important, he would like it very much. Plus he's been thinking that he needs a new look, ones to bright, ones not real exciting. Something represent himself, so were only asking for a .GMO, you guys have millions of those.
--Bones Pasimontito--

{American is a little exposed at the moment}
Someone asking for a mission with proper grammar? What a stunning change of pace!
Anyways, your mission:
There seems to be a corrupted part of ACDC net, slowing down the server considerably. We don't know what caused it, but we're sure that it's fairly nasty. Investigate the area, and defeat the source of the corruption (if possible). You will get your GMO at the completion of this mission.
Good luck.

(Area: ACDC
Mod: PA)