Looking for a job to tie me over

I'm currently staying at an orphanage ,but want to get some money to get someplace else to stay. I work very hard at any goal you set for me ,but please nothing involving google please....
-Jaden Shrridor.
Google? That ancient thing? Please. With the net as large as it is now, it would take that hunk of junk weeks to find even the largest thing.

Anyways, we'll help you out. Unfortunately, the most we can give you for a mission is 1000z.

If you take the mission, here it is:
There have been Heelnavi breakouts all around the net. Head to Scilab Net, where one of the more irritating navis has been spotted, and attempt to reason him down. If that fails, using force is allowed. Good luck.

(Area: Scilabs
Mod: PA)
I finished the mission. Can I get my pay?
-Jaden Shrridor
Nice job.
Here ya go.

GET: 1000z