I would like a Mission for the express purpose of a Level 3 Graphic Model Override.
-Fujiwara Shin
Well... I suppose since none of my superiors have posted yet, that means I get to make a request! Oh boy, nobody EVER volunteers for the Department of Viral Affairs! Er... that is, of course, not because we're not popular or anything. After all, we're a legitimate faction of the NetPolice as well! They even gave me a basement office and a real, legitimate badge, they did!


Well, let me get straight to the point. We've been noticing a string of several... er... savage virus deletions in the Yoka network. Normally, we wouldn't pay any attention to this sort of thing, since anything that helps cleanse the area of viruses is perfectly fine in our book. However, the manner in which the... er... the "corpses" are displayed has gotten us some complaints from local resort owners. Apparently, some of the impaled viruses aren't even completely deleted, leaving some rather disturbing sights across the area as they slowly fade away. It doesn't help that the corpses are all Metool corpses either - a lot of upper-class navis and Ops tend to empathize with the little buggers.

Your mission is to investigate the cause of these strange deletions and report back. Be careful, as we do not know if the culprit is friend or foe. More likely than not it's a bunch of punk kid navis that are having too good a time with their virus busting, but...


...well, I'm sure you'll do fine!

-Agent Spratz, DVA
Oh, that is so comforting officer. Would you like to tell me that the perpetrators may be highly corrupted with Darkchips?
Kidding, kidding.
Ok, I'll take on the job.

Best Regards,
Fujiwara Shin
I have identified the source of the manglings. It appears to be that former Rogue, Stunt.exe, is the perpetrator behind this mess
Sending you a video feed as of now.

-Fujiwara Shin

Sent: StuntBattle.vid

<Red is currently blowing away lots of steam>
Stunt?! You're facing Stunt?! Oh geez, my supervisor's going to be pissed about this. Here uh... well, I don't have any previous file data regarding his activities since we purge the record every five years, but... well... maybe there's something in the archives. Just hold on a second. I'll call up the department and records and do what I can to...


...uh... Mr. Fujiwara, be advised that there are three navi signatures approaching your location. I can't seem to get a positive ID on them, and... well, I don't even know if they're friendly or not, but one way or another, you'll be having company very soon.

-Agent Spratz, DVA
I think there are only two that I see so far.
Well, the ones I have are friendly anyway.
Thanks, apparently they've got NetPolice Weapons, real lifesavers!
-Fujiwara Shin

<Red.exe is currently being rescued by Tempoman.exe and Persephone.exe>
Okay, apparently Stunt blew part of Yoka's Network to kingdom come. The three of us managed to get out alive. The third navi signature was identified to be a navi named Cadence who looks like this.

He and Stunt are apparently part of the "Teksqp family." Who they are, I have no idea. Some organization perhaps? Also, it seems that Stunt posses the use of Darkchips, there's no mistaking that purple chip with the power to corrupt a navi's souldata.
There's my report. I would like my Level 3 .GMO please. I'll be on my way.
If possible, I suggest that information regarding the supposed "Return of the Rogues" be pubicly announced, for the sake of the public to be on their toes.
Thank you.
Fujiwara Shin

Thanks a bunch!
Tempoman was with Persephone? I thought that he had a thing for that brown-haired chick. What's her name again...? Bah, I guess it doesn't matter. Although I am a bit curious as to why the vice-captain decided to deploy Sonata for something like this... and why he didn't tell me in advance...


...bah, so many questions. Anyways, you did good, kid. Here's the GMO.

*attached: Blank.GMO*
Thank you.
-Fujiwara Shin