To those who it may concern:

I'm interested in these ".GMO" files you have been offering as... payment for performing errands. I would like to sign up my Navi, Frag.exe, for such a mission.


You up for some secret work for the NetPolice? We have a traitor in our midst: I've noticed him doing strange things around the office. He's probably some sort of spy from a mafia or NetSociety... I need your help to stop him, if you're up for it.

Take this folder to Sci-Lab Net and don't let it get harmed, and above all else do not open it until you find him. You'll know him because he's an unusually buff PoliceNavi just standing around... get behind him, and plant this tracker on his back. That way, when he leaves his shift, we'll be able to spot the shifty business he's up to.

Hope you'll look into this. The standard GMO as payment, of course.
... What would make me trust that you aren't the traitor, out to weaken the NetPolice to open the way to the NetMafia?

Of course, that's irrelevant. I'll let you settle your own conflicts... We'll do the job.

Be sure to upload the folder soon.


SciLabNet again? Not those strange--


Here's the folder data. Good luck on the assignment.

Attached: MystFile
Is is possible to obtain a more detailed description of this so-called "traitor?" Frag is currently observing a headstrong NetPolice Navi in ScilabNet, but as of yet we are still unsure whether he is the target.

*Upload: Live video of NetPolice getting blasted by ElecOgre*

Is he the "spy?"

A quick response would be appreciated. Sensors indicate that he's only good for another couple of shots.


<Frag.exe is occupied>

He's the one all right. If he's taking hits, he probably knows we're onto him and watching, even if not how: we're going to have to take further measures than tracking. When you pull that device out of the folder, you'll see a small silver disk like a sticker. Before placing it on him, say the code DELTA: the tracking device will act as a temporary stunner. You need to place it exactly on the back of his neck.

Hurry. If he gets deleted and jacks out, he's gotten the escape from our eyes he wants.
"Escape from our..." Whatever. This doesn't concern me.

No promises on his survival, though.

Hmmph. Not sure whether I'm still addressing the same individual that offered this mission--

But I've got the NetPolice Navi in question trussed up and in relatively good condition.

*Upload: NetPolice Navi*


For the love of--Can't I get a whack at him? He's still asleep! And drooling! And snor--

<Frag.exe has been silenced>

Anyways. There's your man. I would like my GMO, if you would.

Of course. The NetPolice thank you for your cooperation in the matter and hope you will can remove this situation from your future estimation of respect for our organization.

*Attached: Blank.GMO*

*Recieved: NetPolice Navi*
What does respect have to do with anything? We did the job--but don't assume it will always be this way.