The Last Criminal

Hey, IPC. Looking at your other help threads, it would appear that there's a navi in Electown claiming to have a Bionic Enhancement? I'd be glad to take that mission. And I know the drill. Kick his butt, get the chip, don't keep it if it's real, yadda yadda.

However, if there's something else you'd like me to do, just say the word.

There is one thing, though. I'd like pure zenny, without the GMO. I already got one, and it caused a few problems, to be sure...
Is that okay?

-Shigeru Yamada
Heh... nosy little guy, aren't you? But yeah, that's the deal. Finish the mission, and we'll make it worth your while in zenny payment, I guess.

Electown's the place. It sounds like you know the details. Good luck.
Nosy? I like to call it "informed". But yes. I'll report back when I'm done.

I'll get to the mission ASAP. Right after these pesky viruses just give up and die...

Well, he finally went down. Looks like the "Bionic Enhancement" wasn't real, because I'm pretty sure it doesn't explode. Anyways... he's taken care of.

(Uh, hallo?)
Here's your reward. As long as the thing's gone, we're okay. Next time, though, try to keep these things in one piece and report promptly. If there was ever a suspicion that it was the real deal, we need to know ASAP! Take this as a lesson, but thanks for your work.

Reward: 800 zenny.

Well, it IS in one piece still...

It's just that the one piece is charred and in the middle of a small smoking crater.

Like I said, I'm pretty sure Bionic Enhancements don't explode. But yeah. Mission Complete.