Bombs have always sucked. We've set out to change that.

Okay, here's a rundown of the changes:

    [li] MiniBomb does 90 Damage instead of 60.
    [li] Lil'Bomb does 80 Damage instead of 50.
    [li] CrossBomb does 100 Damage instead of 50.
    [li] BigBomb does 120 Damage instead of 50.
    [li] Double, Triple, and QuadBombs have C Accuracy.
    [li] MagBombs have C Accuracy.
    [li] Crack, Para, and ResetBombs have C Accuracy.
    [li] Geyser has C Accuracy for anyone silly enough to throw one at something other than a hole.
    [li] Whirlpool, Vortex, and BlackHole have C Accuracy.
    [li] Whirlpool's Gravity Crush is now 100.
    [li] Vortex's Gravity Crush is now 200.
    [li] BlackHole's Gravity Crush is now 300.
    [li] Firebombs now have Blast2 and slightly lower damage (60, 90, 120).
  • CandyBombs have been completely rebuilt. It now has slow, blast, and other things.
And shop prices will change as well:

MiniBomb: 700z to 1200z
FireBomb1: 1500z to 2600z
FireBomb2: 2300z to 3500z