Anyone want a Spare CHG+1?

Hey, I'm Rose Dunrae.

Anyway, I'm a little short of the upgrades I want to buy, and I don't use this think much, so I figured I'd try and make a little off of it.

So, 1500 Zenny's the price going for this here CHG+1 NaviCustomizer Peice.

A speedy reply'd be great.

Thanks ; )

...You're just giving up all of the items I looking for, aren't you?
Well, in any case, I'll take it, but you're selling it for a bit cheap. I'd feel guilty for buying it at .6x the market price. How about all the change in my pocket at the moment, 1900z? Assuming that you don't have some qualm with paying more than the asking price, I'll attach the data...

-Shigeru Yamada

*Attached: 1900z*
If you're making the offer, I guess I might as well accept.

Thanks, you're absolutely the best. ; )

Oh, and you're the guy who sent me an e-mail. And the time before that, too. Hey look, I found that ElecKnife I was looking for, and now you've got it. : )

Well, if you need anything, feel free to drop me a line at my e-mail.

Looks like I'm just showing up all over the place.
In any case, great, everything looks to be in order...

This transaction took exactly 21.82 seconds longer to complete than it should have! Hold on a sec.

Rose LOSE: CHG +1. GET: 1900z
Shigeru LOSE: 1900z. GET: CHG +1.

And... done. Have a nice day.

Thanks TempoMan.

You too, Shigeru, You're the best. Well, hope that Chg +1 piece works well for you! : )

No worries!
And Tempoman, expect a visit to your shop soon... My navicust has gotten too small for all the recent expansions.