Looking for a Rapid+1

Hey, everyone. Shigeru here. As the title says, I'm looking for a Rapid+1, and after calculating the amount of money I plan to use, I have 1200z left. Would anyone trade theirs to me for 1200z and one of my chips?

-Shigeru Yamada
I'd be glad to trade you my Rapid+1 Program. As for your chips, would you happen to have any accurate, high damaged chips?

-James Noble
Well, there's always the Markcannon. 70 damage, and a targeting reticule. Would that work? I'll attach it, and the zennies.


*Attached: 1200z, Markcannon1*
Excellent. Here's the Rapid+1

-James Noble

-Attached: Rapid+1 Program
Alrighty then. Tempoman?
Alright then, processing power is at 100%. Hm, this feels dramatic.

Shigeru Lose: 1200z, MarkCannon1. Get: RPD+1 NCP.
James Lose: RPD+1 NCP. Get: 1200z, MarkCannon1.

Good luck battling.
Thank you, Tempoman! Now, just a quick trip to the Navicust shop in a little while, and Voltman will be at near optimal power!


Alright, alright! More power for me!