You may have noticed that, over the last month or so, a lot of stuff has been happening! Viruses have changed! Worlds have collided! Chips have been broken and reforged! And all of it focused towards one goal, one purpose: A reboot of Mystery Data.

-Mystery Data can now appear in ANY battle.
-Traps are now MIMICS!!!11
-Mystery Data now come in 5 flavors: Green, Blue, Purple, Red, and Yellow, from most common to most rare.
-Mystery Data loot tables and loot randomization have been heavily revamped and rebalanced, and there is now a huge amount of variety in their rewards.
-Mystery Data now encompass a lot of chips that were never before available, so go get 'em!
-We have implemented means of reminding Mods to give players MDs.

Credit, overall, goes to these people: