I'm selling an Attack+1 and two Rapid+1s, each for 2000z or all three for 5000z.

Any takers?
I, uh, only have 3000 left after the deal I proposed with you on the trading board.
Attached is my chipfolder data. Anything you see that could replace the other 2000z?
If you couldn't guess, I'm looking to buy all 3.

-Shigeru Yamada

<Attached: Chipfolder.dat>

(FZ, you willing to trade any of my chips, along with my remaining 3000, for the three parts?)
I could use one of those Attack+ programs, but I only have 1400 at the moment, would you be willing to take a NineTails along with it or something like that?

Shigeru: Could I possibly tempt you with the two Rapids for just the 3000z?

Erin: ...You got any Elec chips?
How about 3000z and another Zapring for the Attack+1 and a Rapid+1?
If not, then I'd be glad to take the Rapids.

Hm....Well, Shigeru, I suppose I could give you all three for 3000z and some chipage. Looking your folder over, I see two solid deals...

3000z + ZapRing1 + Cannon


3000z + Bubbletar1

This is still negotiable.
...You there, buddy? I'll attach the parts, just in case...

[ATTACHED: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Rapid+1]
If they're having trouble gathering the cash, I'd pay 4000z for the trio of programs.


That would put me in a nice position....

Er, I guess that'll do. Deal.

Sorry, Shigeru, but this is closer to what I needed.
Goody, I suppose.

[attached 4000z]

Nothing wrong with flip-flopping on a deal. Suitachi changes suppliers almost every month!

To Zanzo: 4000z
To Wes: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Rapid+1

Enjoy, dudes.
Thank you much. Guess I'll have to see Suitachi soon, though.