Trading Rpd+1 for Chg+1 or Atk+1

Hello all,

With my navi's capabilities being what they are, it is inefficient to utilize the buster's rapid function. I am willing to trade a barely-used rapid+1 navicust program for either a charge+1 or attack+1. I realize that charge+1 programs are in high demand at this time, so I am prepared to sweeten the deal with an extra battlechip or zenny.

Please consider the offer and contact me as soon as possible if you are interested.

-Suien Matsumoto
Hey, I have a Charge+1. You say you want it? I guess I could trade it to you for the Rapid+1. Whaddaya say?

-Silas Lemrock-
That would be excellent, Mr. Lemrock.

*Attached: Rapid+1 Navicust*
Good, then. Nice to see a good smart youngster for a change. You'll go far, boy; you'll go far.

Attached: Charge+1 NCP

-Silas Lemrock-

-Phoenix.EXE is currently unavailable for comment
Trade complete, have a nice day, the two of you.

Charge->Suien Matsumoto
Rapid->Silas Lemrock

Your name sounds familiar, Suien.
Ahh, thank ye. My Navi and I will make good use of this, yes we will. I'm guessing you've got a Recover-type Navi? Well, put that Charge+1 to good use. Hope to do business with you again.

-Silas Lemrock-