Net Area Description Contest

We are now holding a contest for all you writers out there. We have 14 network areas from ACDC to the Undernet itself, and each one needs an area description. So between now and 12:00 AM midnight on Saturday of this week, write up 1-3 sentence desriptions of each network, and turn them in. Winners are determined individually for each network, and will receive a small sum of zenny and their work posted for all to see every time someone goes to post. :'D

How much Zenny? Not telling. Enter and find out.

Send final entries to my PM box. That's all it takes.

Good luck to everyone.
And, the results are in:

Mawk: 2500z
SpaceMonkeySteve: 1500z
Twi: 1000z
Bomber: 1000z

To claim your winnings, please post here.