Request missions here only after fulfilling requirements needed to enter the NetPolice. You can request one of five types of missions. The number of stars indicates the mission's difficulty. The rewards are not negotiable:

[*] - 20 FP
[**] - 40 FP
[***] - 60 FP
[****]- 80 FP
[*****]- 100 FP

Try whatever level you feel comfortable with, but know that they scale with difficulty much like regular missions do. That is, the third rank is average difficulty, with easier missions found at fewer stars and harder found at higher numbers of stars.

Besides FP, the primary benefits of faction missions are work specialized to your navi's talents (as designated by your division/family choice) and the chance to earn FXP with navis within your department. Also, any time you take any mission from your faction, whether for FP or otherwise and even including your recruitment mission, you will receive a bonus of 0-20 FP depending on your contribution to the mission's goals (as judged by an in character evaluator).