It is once again time for RERN to consider promoting a few members to battlemod (blue name) status. If you are not currently part of the mod body, please read this thread to learn how to apply. All regular members are welcome to apply. We are not setting a specific number of people we're looking for, due to various circumstances.

I'd like to make clear that the major goal of this drive is to get moderators that are willing to mod battles in the Net areas. As such, please be ready for that duty if you choose to apply. Post applications in this forum!

We like to allow at least one week for applications, so the drive will start today and end next Saturday, 11:59 PM EST. Once we close, the mod body will take a short time to discuss which candidates we'd like to choose to continue as trainees.

After you are selected, you are expected to undertake a brief period of moderator training as well. Note that your moderator training may be used as a further basis for your selection; that is, you could still be refused based on how you conduct yourself there. It's a time to learn but also a time to show commitment and competence.