To start off: a few changes have been made to faction missions in general.

1) Faction point missions now scale with *** considered as "just right" difficulty. For reference, the old version had * as "just right" with all subsequent levels being progressively harder.

2) Every mission taken under a faction, including recruitment missions, is now subject to receiving bonus FP. The FP can be 0, 5, 10, 15, or 20, based on your character's perceived contribution to the mission as judged by a member of their faction in character.

To all moderators: please distribute FP after faction missions from here on out. To members: if your moderator doesn't, feel free to remind him.

On the note of #2, we are also reimbursing people who completed faction missions in the past with a static 10 FP per mission. If anyone sees any errors, please PM me. I'd also like a PM from those listed with "Please contact me," or you can grab me on the chat. In those instances, I am either unsure if you took a recruitment mission to become part of the faction or I believe you may have taken and completed multiple faction missions already.

NOTE: If you are part of a faction but did not do any mission to become a member, you are not eligible for this reimbursement. Also, if your mission was taken BEFORE your recruitment or was a GNA-style mission (no affiliation to your faction), it is also ineligible.

Quote (Faction FP Reimbursement)

Eternalis: 10 FP
MeleeMan: 10 FP
TennisMan: 10 FP
Voulge: 10 FP
Djinni: 10 FP
Rhea: 10 FP
Red: 30 FP
SplitMan: 20 FP
VoltMan: 10 FP
Nitro: 15 FP
Exorcist: 10 FP
Sylk: 10 FP
MachMan: 10 FP
DragonierMan: 10 FP