Virus Contest Voting is now closed!

Thank you to everyone for participating this year! We will be announcing the winners shortly. Stay tuned to this post...

In fact, it's a tie!

between all three of my viruses!

Well, congratulations to me! See you all next year!

In all reality, our winners this year are, in no particular order (since we sorted the initial list of viruses in no particular order and I'm just going from top to bottom):

    [li]Super-X, by Bomber!
    [li]Grinner, by Aim!
  • And Invader, by Fera!
Why do we have three winners? BECAUSE TIES. TIES EVERYWHERE. And only 13 of you voted, too! I'm disappointed! I bet you wouldn't vote even if you got something free for doing so! For shaaaaame.

Until next year, folks, THERE YOU HAVE IT!