An Attempted First Run

With a small flash of Light, and the soft landing of feet, a navi emerged on the corner of an empty side street.

Xypher: "Transfer Completed, Merrill. Are you ready to do some training and make the net a bit safer?"

The silent navi opened his eyes. Like his operator, he had two different colored irises; a yellow iris and a silver iris. He looked around, and upon arriving to the conclusion there was no one there, responded to his operator.

Merrill: "Yeah. I am. Are you ready?"

Xypher nodded. He plugged his headphones into his PET, lying back in his chair. He had their battleships in front of him, ready to download them at any moment.

"I am. Be careful alright? We need to ease into this.".


Merrill started walking forward, his footsteps lightly echoing down the alley. As he reached the end, he realized that he was standing right near an intersection.

"Which way should I go?"

Xypher looked at the screen, debating.

"I trust you to make the decision. We are a team after all."

Merrill flashed a small smile. They were a team.

"Mind giving me a minute to think?"

"Take your time, Merrill. We are in no rush."

[Request for Battle#1]
Well, Merrill was in no rush, but battle found him anyways. A pickaxe lodged itself into the nearby wall, just barely missing the Navi. The creature who threw it produced another one and charged along with its two friends towards the Navi. Apparently these were some aggressive Metools.

-Charging Viruses-
MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
MetoolC: 40HP

100% Normal

-Suprised Navi-
Merrill: 100HP

~Battle 1: Start!!~


Merrill looked to his right, at the pickaxe now in the mortar of the wall. He barely registered the image in his head when Xypher shouted.

"Merrill, on your left!"

Merrill turned to see the three charging metools. He shook his head, doing a double take.

"Seriously?! I haven't even been here five minutes!"

Xypher sighed.

"Well, I guess we'll just have to make this net safer for everyone as we go! Rage Claw, Download!"

Merrill felt the claw start to materialize in his left hand.

"Close first, Distance second."

Merrill nodded. Without a warning, he dashed forward towards the first metool.

As he closed the gap, the claw started glowing white: Merrill adding his own power to the claw itself as it scraped across the ground. When he was within striking range, he rotated his body to the left, and swiped it at the first metool, attempting to grab him and throw him at the second metool. Successful in his plan to get the first two off to the side and possibly stunned or not, he heard Xypher's voice in time to throw his right hand forward, the barrel of a weapon forming up already.

"Cannon Chip, Inbound!"

Merrill targeted the third metool in the line of rushing viruses. Being his first time with a cannon chip in quite a while, he aimed towards the metool virus' head, took a quick breath, trying to focus and fired, the blast slowing his momentum to a halt. He heard the ringing sound of the cannot fire, and then waited, looking around to see how the other two viruses had faired.

"Be careful Merrill. I wonder how well the viruses handled that quick return?"

"Me too. Me too. I don't think I was able to delete the first two though."

"No worries. I'm sure you did fine! Besides, if they did survive, We'll make sure to get them on the next run."

The pair waited in anticipation to see the results in their opening moveset.


Free Action: Merrill would heal 3 Hp if he could

A1: Movement [to close gap for a melee attack.]

A2: Uses Rage Claw to throw Metool A into Metool B, in an attempt to open fire on Metool C

A3: Cannot Chip @ Metool C


M Hp 100/100
[Note: If you could list accuracy and damage for your attacks in the future, it would be appreciated. That way us Mods have less looking up to do.]

Merrill rushed to meet the charging Metools. He equipped a bear claw on his left hand. It glowed with an awesome power as he grabbed the lead Metool with it and chucked it at the second Metool. Unfortunately, it missed the second Met. Though the thrown Met still took some damage from pitching face-first into the pavement.

Then the Navi took aim with a Cannon and fired. The shot hit home and deleted the evil Metool, leaving two left. The thrown Met got back up and both viruses chucked their pickaxes at Merrill. Both pickaxes missed their target and struck the wall behind Merrill.

MetoolA: 20HP
MetoolB: 40HP

100% Normal

Merrill: 100HP [RageClaw1: 5/6]
It turned out that Merrill had partial success. He stopped one of the three viruses, and weakened another. Xypher spoke, grabbing the other two chips that were on his desk.

"Its time to kick it up a notch. Try and finish them this time if you can, Merrill!"

Merrill nodded.

"Sending out the two chips now. Make them count!"

Merrill felt Xypher download the chips. A fire hit chip, and a spreader chip. Both very useful.

"Alright, I think I can finish them."

Merrill activated the Shotgun chip first. Taking aim, he fired, intending to finish both viruses off in one shot, although aiming at Metool B more. Without waiting to see if he succeeded or not, he downloaded the second chip. Then he took a double take.

"Oh? This works great on Grass, eh? Well, lets try this!"

Merrill raised his hands and gathered a little bit of energy. He then bent forward, pressing his palms against the street.

"I summon the power of Earth to aid me!"

The ground beneath his feet started changing, grass sprouting through the terrain expanding towards the viruses. Then, it enveloped where they were standing. The sides of Merrill's face curled up in a small smile.


He threw his hands forward, aiming for the first Metool firing his attack. The fireball ignited the grass underneath, the blaze leaving a trail of fire and smoke. Merrill then fired his hands again, blasting at the second Metool. He then waited, standing on grass to see if either survived.

Action1: Shotgun + Spread 1, A Accuracy @ Metool B [50 dmg]

Free Action: Set Grass.

[color=#090][◾ Heals Wood Elementals for 5 HP per action
◾ A Fire element attack burns up Grass, adding an extra 100% to it's Base Fire Damage, and changing the terrain to Soil.
◾ Deals Wood Damage when used w/ Panel Shot.[/color]

Action2: Firehit- A Accuracy 60 120 Fire + Impact + double attack @ Metool B

Action3: Firehit- A Accuracy 60 120 Fire + Impact + double attack @ Metool A

M Hp: 100
Merrill blasted one of the two Metools away with a Shotgun, before setting down some grassy terrain. The last Metool threw its metock at the Navi, but missed. Then a powered up flaming punch burned away the last virus, and the grass. And at the end of that great battle, there was some money left over from the deleted Metools.


40% Normal
50% Grass
10% Soil

Merrill: 100HP [RageClaw1: 5/6] [Grass]

~Battle 1: Victory!!~
Rewards: 270z
Merrill did it. He won.

"Great Job Merrill! You did it!".

"We did it, you mean."

Xypher nodded. They did.

Merrill picked up the Zenny.


Xypher's eyes widened.

"Money? Are you serious?".

Merrill turned and lifted the Zenny up for him to see.

"... Wow. So that's why dad was a Virus Hunter...".

Merrill said nothing, waiting for Xypher to speak.

[Requesting Battle 2!]

The howl of a wolf interrupted Operator and Navi as a large, spiky, gray canine bounded into view. Fire danced from its jaws as a quartet of ghosts appeared around it. All of them looked on the Navi hungrily; the ghosts even going so far as to let their long, drooling tongues roll out of their mouth.

A twinkle caught the Navi's eye off to the east. A green crystal sat unattended and unclaimed on the side of the road, resting in the grass.

Spikey: 90HP [Normal]
SpookyA: 30HP [Normal]
SpookyB: 30HP [Normal]
SpookyC: 30HP [Normal]
SpookyD: 30HP [Normal]

GMD: 25HP [Grass]

40% Normal
50% Grass
10% Soil

Merrill: 100HP [Grass]

~Battle 2: Start!!~
Merrill didn't have any time to waste, as the viruses appeared.

"Well. Xyph, we have company."

Xypher looked at the corner of the screen. Sure enough, there were a new group of viruses. More of them too. Bigger, and more. No matter, he knew Merrill could handle it.

"Shotgun chip, and cannon, downloading. Sending you a Firehit for later."

Merrill nodded, and turned towards the new group of viruses. He aimed the shotgun at the lead virus, the Spikey. However before he fired, Xypher spoke up.

"Merrill... There is something over there in the grass! Can you see it?

Merrill turned his head and looked behind him, and sure enough, he saw it. a tiny, rotating green diamond, the top just barely peaking out of the grass.

"Want me to get it after the viruses are gone."

"Of course! It's mystery data! We might get some goodies from it. Dad mentioned in his journal that we need to collect as many of them as we can!"

Merrill nodded. Without missing a beat, he turned and relocked on his targets.


He fired the shotgun, trying to blast both the Spikey and the closest Spooky. Without missing a beat, he fired the cannon at the Spikey as well. He then felt Xypher download another chip. But before he could use it, Xypher spoke.

"Save that for next turn! Make sure you block anthing/everything to protect that data!"

Merrill nodded. He planted his feet, and waited to see how the other viruses would respond. He wasn't ging to let anything damage that data, even if it meant taking a hit or two.


Action1: Shotgun + Spread1: A Rank ACC, 50 dmg, at the Spikey/Spooky A

Action2: Cannon @ Spikey, 60 dmg + knockback. A Rank ACC

Action3: Downloaded Firehit1 for Free use next turn.

Merrill HP: 100

The Navi blasted the Spikey with a powerful Shotgun blast, wounding it heavily, but failing to strike the Spooky behind it. A follow up Cannon shot strikes the Spikey full on just as it breathed a fireball at Merrill. Fortunately, the fire attack missed. As it would have been amplified by the flammable grass the Navi was standing on.

The Spookys teleported around the Navi and began giving him a tongue lashing. Two managed to smack the Navi with their tongues, leaving trails of slime over his body and a semi-queezy feeling. Although now they were also on the easily flammable grass.

SpookyA: 30HP [Grass]
SpookyB: 30HP [Grass]
SpookyC: 30HP [Grass]
SpookyD: 30HP [Grass]

GMD: 25HP [Grass]

40% Normal
50% Grass
10% Soil

Merrill: 80HP [FireHit1 Loaded!] [Grass]
Merrill couldn't help but take a deep breath as the Spikey was defeated. The fireball that targeted him was blasted way off target, missing both him and the GMD.

"So far, so good..."[i][/i]

However, he had no time to relish in his victory. The spikey may have been defeated, but the Spookies were upon him, two of them covering him with slimy tongue licks.


He managed to evade the other two, but damage had still been done. He gripped his shoulder and touched the side of his face as he checked the damage.

"You okay Merrill?"


Xypher nodded, taking Merrill's word for it. He downloaded a chip as his response, staying quiet. He trusted Merrill to remain in control.

Merrill felt it in his system. He recognized the RageClaw, and prepared to use it. However, realizing that the closest two Spookies were standing on grass, he changed his mind, and blasted at them at near point blank range with his previously downloaded [Firehit1.] As soon as he made his movements, a white light surrounded his body. Xypher grinned, as Merrill's regenerative properties kicked in, just as he was designed.

From there, his left hand became a bear claw, which he charged energy through. He dashed forward, and using what accuracy he had, tried to cleave each of the other two Spookies in half. the white light continued to envelope him, healing the skin and damage from the slime.

Merrill made sure he stood well in front of the GMD, doing everything he could to keep the Spookies, IF they survived, to himself.



Free Action1: Regenerator- Merrill heals 3 Hp.

Free Action2 (Via last Turn): Firehit1, 60 dmg, A Acc. + impact @ Spooky A/B

Free Action3: Grass: Merrill heals 5 HP per action.

Action1: FireHit1 60 dmg, A Acc. + impact @ Spooky C/D

Free Action4: Grass: Merrill heals 5 HP per action.

Action2: RageClaw1 40 Dmg, Slashing, B Acc. @ Spooky C

Free Action5: Grass: Merrill heals 5 HP per action.

Action3: RageClaw1 40 Dmg, Slashing, B Acc. @ Spooky D

Free Action5: Grass: Merrill heals 5 HP per action.

M Hp 100/100 [By the End of the Turn.]
[Clarification: Double Attack is not the same as Spread or Variable Targeting. I understand that it is somewhat unclear, but Double Attack allows you to use the attack again with a separate action, not attack two targets twice. Also, Free Actions don't count towards the "Heal 5HP per Action on Grass Terrain."]

His first blast of white fire missed the teleporting Spooky. But his second strike set one of the ghosts on fire. It gave off a wounded cackle before it vaporized in a puff of smoke, leaving behind a patch of burnt soil.

The three remaining viruses surrounded the Navi and began licking him. But only one managed to hit him before he cleaved through the other two with his bear claw, leaving only one virus standing. Well... floating.

Oh, and Merrill was regaining strength from photosynthesis during the whole time.

SpookyA: 30HP [Grass]

GMD: 25HP [Grass]

40% Normal
45% Grass
15% Soil

Merrill: 88HP [RageClaw1: 4/6] [Grass]
[Understood. Thank you for the Clarification. Sorry about that.]

"Finish him Merrill. You've got this!"

Without wasting any time after being attacked, Merrill charged directly at the remaining Spooky, summoning a white blade out of thin air. He then used his hand to summon a barrier, in case his plan failed. He slashed at the poor creature from only a foot or so away, in an attempt to slice it in two with the white blade. Following that up, he used the clawed hand again to try and "Seal the Deal."



FA: Regenerator: Merrill heals 3 Hp

Action1: Summon Energy Aura [20 Hp Barrier summoned around Merrill]

Action2: Vampiric Slash @ Spooky A

Vampiric Slash. [24 SP]
Merrill draws the Sword, a white energy swirling between the fangs at the tips. Merrill then fires at his opponent, and upon contact, steals life energy from them, returning and giving him increased vigor.
Damage: 12 Null + Life Drain; Shot Attack
Accuracy: A

Action3: RageClaw1 40 Dmg, Slashing, B Acc. @ Spooky A
Merrill slashes through the Spooky with his white blade of vampiric power, draining the poor virus ghost of some of its data. The ghost licks the barrier, unfortunately not doing enough licks to get to the tasty center of a Navipop. And is summarily executed by a claw slash for the crime of not getting to the center of the Navipop. Mr. Owl does not take such an offense lightly.


GMD: 25HP [Grass]

40% Normal
45% Grass
15% Soil

Merrill: 100HP [RageClaw1: 3/6] [10HP Barrier] [Grass]

~Battle 2: Victory!!~
Rewards: Heatshot, 360z

As Merrill finished off the Spooky, Xypher raised his hand in the air in victory.

"Great Job Merrill! You did fantastic!"

Merrill smiled lightly, wind blowing gently in the silence that followed.

"Thanks. However you were did incredible yourself. You sent me the chips I needed perfectly. We make a great team."

Xypher nodded as Merrill looked around the battlefield.

"OH, Merrill! Get that GMD!"

With out hesitating, Merrill turned, and dashed over to the GMD. He slowly and carefully reached out to touch it in an attept to open it.

"I wonder what's inside?"

The GMD popped open, revealing ZENNY!

Rewards: 900z
[OOC: Sorry for the Delay. Life decided to kick me in the butt. Requested information on HeatShot to update my profile.]

Merrill and Xypher both let out an air high five, after the GMD opened to reveal zenny.

"Wow! That's awesome!"

Merrill nodded.

"I know! Between deleting viruses for money and collecting the mystery data, that's not a bad job..."

Xypher nodded.

"Yeah.. No wonder dad and his mysterious navi worked collecting mystery data and deleting Viruses all the time, even not while at work..."

Merrill resumed walking along the grass, studying the navis that passed by, at the new city, and everything else that was to be offered...

[[url=]Note: Battlechip info can be found here.[/url]]

As Merrill continued on, a Bunny hopped up to the Navi. This Bunny didn't seem like an aggressive virus though. It was carrying a wicker basket with many eggs inside. The Bunny stopped near Merrill, stuck a ear into the basket, and presented the Navi with a green mystery data in the shape of an egg.


After delivering the present, the Bunny hops off.
Merrill's face lit up in surprise. He wasn't expecting that. He smiled and gave the bunny a little bow, in thanks.

"Happy Easter!" He managed to speak, before the bunny vanished. Xypher too, managed to also speak.

"Happy Easter, Easter Bunny!" Xypher said quickly.

Merrill slowly raised his hand to the GMD, in an attempt to open it.

The GMD opens to reveal...

... A battlechip!

GET: LeafShield

Quote (LeafShield)

Protection: Next non-fire attack, heal for half damage
Accuracy: S
Description: Leafy barrier deflects next attack and heals, destroyed by fire.
Duration: Until destroyed or hit.
Element: Wood
Special: Status Guard: This chip blocks debuffs.