Eau's First Outing

A large drop of water fell from the sky, and crashed against the panels below. After its descent, the liquid pulled itself inward and rose up from the ground, eventually giving shape to Eau.EXE. The liquid navi looked around, and crossed her arms, confused.

"This isn't at all how I pictured Beach Net," Eau said. "I thought it'd be more... beachy."

"You're in ACDC Net right now," Pam explained. "I decided it would be best, I've heard the open areas of Beach Net can be rough for someone starting out."

"That makes sense, I suppose," Eau said, idly stretching out. "Let's see if we can't find anyone out here to make friends with." Eau then began her trek through ACDC.

[Ready for Battle 1]
Venturing into the always fun, always active ACDC network, it didn't take long before the navi would stumble upon a trio of hard-hatted viruses just waiting for someone to play with, and it looks like she was it!

Metool A: 40HP
Metool B: 40HP
Metool C: 40HP

100% Normal

Eau.EXE: 150HP

—Intro Battle 1, Start!—