Faction Mission: Grand Theft Vandalism

In the serene town street of ACDC, every navis seem to have their own business as they casually walked about. However, in the midst of all the navis, one normal navi stood with his back against the wall, constantly searching through the crowd to find a certain someone.

"Is the kid here yet?" A voice of unknown source whispered at the waiting navi's ear.

"No sir. I have yet to find him around here." replied the navi without averting his eyes.

"Keep on looking...*Chomp chomp slurp*"
Nitro appeared in a flash of green light, in the middle of the street. Looking around, Nitro began searching for the Navi that had given him the mission.

"So, did this 'Honeydew' tell you where you were to meet them?" Chris asked. "Or even give you a basic description of what they look like?"

"Honeywell, not Honeydew," Nitro corrected. "And no, I'm afraid not." Paying more attention to his conversation with Chris than where he was going, Nitro accidentally bumped into a Navi that had been standing against a wall. Nitro stumbled slightly, then turned to apologise to the Navi he ran into. "Sorry about that," he said.

"Real smooth, Nitro," Chris said over the mic.

"Shut up," Nitro snapped. "You aren't exactly the most coordinated guy I know."

The navi simply stared down at Nitro when he bumped into him, not even giving the usual "Don't worry" or "What the e-ff was that for" statements. Instead, the navi seemed to recognize who Nitro was and began to walk along the streets. "Come along, Teksqp." He waved his hand towards himself as a gesture to follow his lead through the bustling ACDC street.

They walked no longer than a block from where they stood and got into a narrow passageway between two buildings. Filled with empty plastic bins, garbage bags, and thing here and there, it made it difficult for Nitro to navigate through while the other navi had no trouble whatsoever. In the midst of the dark, cramped passage, a red door was at the very end of the passage. "Honeywell is just beyond this door." With no more instructions, the navi began to walk away from the door and left Nitro alone in the passageway...

Before he could reach for the door handle, a loud, obnoxious voice began to shout out from the other side of the door.

"Password?" Nitro said as the voice blared. "Nobody said anything about a password!" He took a few steps backward, his foot tearing through a garbage bag. "Great." He gave his foot a shake to get rid of some of the garbage stuck to his boot.

"Hey, what's going on over there?" Chris asked.

"Apparently, there's a password, and nobody told me what it is."

"Hmm..." Chris decided to take a quick look at Nitro's surroundings. "Maybe there's some grafitti on the wall that has a hint or something."

"You really think that they'd do that?"

"Hey, I always leave a few hints around in case I need to remember a password."

"Alright, let's see what we can find." Nitro put his back to the door and began scanning the walls for graffiti, hoping that some of it would lead him to the correct password.
Nitro went on to search the back alley for some type of clue for the password needed to enter into the room...However, there was no graffiti or anything that stood out from the usual street props. "Del, what in the world are you doing." The unknown voice whispered, but the magnitude of his voice began to shake everything inside the backstreet. "G-gah...I'm caught." After a few seconds of awkward silence, the door swung open by itself, followed by the voice. "Come on in, Teksqp recruit..."


The room inside was quiet small, but surprisingly lavished in golden velvet sofas, curtains, accompanied by the dim, atmospheric light and a soothing piano piece played over by a refitted recorder. At the end of the room stood one small girl almost half the size of Nitro and a shadow of a large adult casted through the layers of curtains. The girl wore a dress with a mishmash of bright colors, a small hairclip that had a design of an apple, banana, and a mango placed on the corner of her forehead, and a long, pink puffy hair that could remind one of cotton candy. "...Welcome, Nitro.EXE. My name is Delmont." The navi introduced herself with a mundane tone. "And this is Mr. Honeywell, your client."

Delmont bowed her head and began to step away, now leaving the mysterious figure behind the curtain and Nitro alone in the room. "Welcome kid. You would have to excuse Del. Her jokes may be too much for those who are not use to it." The shadow's voice was much calmer than it was just a moment ago, but it still lingered with a charismatic tone. "Now...Would you like some sweets, Nitro?" With the clap of his hands, 5 pillars suddenly emerged out from the ground, each holding a bowl of hard candy, pastry, a bowl of chocolates, a fruit arrangement, and...a bowl of honey. "Enjoy yourself. Make yourself at home."
Nitro was startled by the sudden sound of the stern voice. Quickly turning around, he saw that the door was open, and that he was being called inside. Taking a quick look around, he walked into the door.


Nitro marveled at the room inside. He hadn't expected it to be so well decorated. Chris was somewhat impressed as well.

"Huh, it looks like a speakeasy," Chris noted.

"A what?" Nitro asked.

"A speakeasy," Chris repeated. "They were these places where people could drink back during the times of prohibition. I guess it makes sense too, because speakeasies were a common meeting place for mobsters and the like."

"Thanks for the history lesson," Nitro replied. He then looked down to see the small girl, Delmont, introduce herself and the one that had given him the mission. As she exited, Nitro stood where he was, examining the place a little better. He then heard the figure behind the curtain's comment regarding Delmont. "Oh, that's alright," Nitro replied. "I'll just have to keep that in mind next time I see her." With a few more words from the figure, Nitro watched the pillars holding various sweets, fruits, and candies rise up from the ground.

"Enjoy yourself. Make yourself at home."

"Don't mind if I do," Nitro said. He eyed the spread before him intently, and selected a few of the pasties and chocolates before sitting down on one of the golden sofas that sat within the room. Chris, however, was unimpressed with Nitro's conduct.

"Nitro, don't you think you should be asking what your mission is, rather than stuffing your face?" Chris asked, a little annoyed.

"Leddim tek his time," Nitro said with a mouthful of cake. He swallowed before he continued. "Besides, he offered me this stuff, it'd be rude of me not to have some."

"Suit yourself," Chris said. Pressing a button on his PET, a screen featuring Chris' face appeared within the pseudo-speakeasy. "Hi there, I'm Nitro's operator, Chris," Chris said, introducing himself. "If you don't mind me asking, what is it that we're going to be doing today?"
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"What you are going to do today? Simple...You're going to provide me entertainment." said Honeywell with a smile under the golden veil. With another clap of his hands, the pillars holding up the sweets descended down into the ground once more and Delmont appeared once more with a case on her hand.

"When you get older...The sophisticated things you once loved gets tiring and you start to enjoy the simpler things. Simple things like chaos and mayhem." The girl dropped the case beside Nitro on the sofa and began to roll the password dial to open it. "I heard about what you did in order to get into the Mafia, I was quiet impressed. But explosions aren't quiet my thing...Maybe except pop rocks, hahaha." With a loud click, the case opened and revealed an array of...things. One side was filled with spray cans, the other carried a rather small crowbar, and all sorts of items usually used for vandalism.

"Today wa-*pop*-s a good d-*pop*-ay, right? Lot-*pop*-s of people outside and-*pop pop pop*...Ooh, that was a good one." Before anyone knew, it looked like Honeywell began to eat some of the pop rocks he just mentioned before. "I apologize for that, but I can't help myself to satisfy my craving like that...Anyhow, I want you to go out there and 'make some noise'."

"If you can look over here..." Delmont stood by a wall covered by the golden curtain, but with a push of a button, it began to slide to the side to reveal the wall of screens that showed a live feed of the town. "You are going to do what ever it takes to make Mr. Honeywell entertained. Do what ever you want, make some graffiti, break some vending machines, but we would like for you for you to not use that signature explosives of yours.", "If I wanted explosions, I would go watch a cheap movie or go to a center of a war! Hahahhaa"

Delmont took the case and shoved it against Nitro's chest, shoving the navi back to the door with a rather powerful force. "Well? Don't leave Mr. Honeywell and I...I mean, just Honeywell bored! Go on, shoo shoo!" Without any more instructions, Nitro was out into the backstreet once more, completely left out in the open to do what ever he needed to do...

Mission Objective: Vandalism

Nitro received:
- Crowbar
- Spray paint can x3
- Leather Glove
- Walkie-talkie
Nitro stood in the alley for a moment, processing Honeywell's last statement. "Cheap..." Nitro repeated. "Oh no. He did not just knock explosives."

"Focus Nitro," Chris said. He had closed his window as Nitro was being herded out of the room. "We've got hell to raise."

"I should leave a bomb right outside this door, see if he thinks explosives are just for cheap- huh? You say something?"

"I was just saying that we should get a move on with this mission."

"Right, the mission, right. So... where should we start?" Nitro had never really caused property damage with tools like crowbars and spraypaint. Without explosives, he was a little lost.

"Well, you've got the tools, look for something to smash or deface."

"Alright, alright." Nitro put the case under his arm and walked out to the mouth of the alley, searching for potential targets for his spree of hooliganism.

[Search for vandalism opportunities]
As soon as Nitro got out from the narrow street, several points drew his attention...

First was the small park in front of him, barely populated by anyone except a few navis who wanted some peace and serenity from the busy city life. It was the regular run of the mill park, grassy turf all around with trees, benches, and drinking fountains placed here and there. Even if one wasn't experienced with vandalism, a innocent park such as this was still a easy target.

The other was an arcade store at the corner of the street, filled with navis of all types having fun with the entertainment. The place was run down, but it looked like it kept its shelves updated with the latest games that kept people coming over time to time. It didn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this place would be difficult to vandalize, especially with so many people around...but Nitro was doing this for entertainment purpose. The more danger and excitement he puts up, there might be a chance of an extra bonus for this mission, since it looked like Honeywell was the last person you would suspect to be penniless.

Finally, a single vending machine stood just beside Nitro. For whatever purpose it was there in the first place, besides giving out refreshments to passerby, only God knows...But maybe it had a bigger part in this mission than one would suspect...
Nitro described his surroundings to his operator, then waited for his opinion on the matter.

"Hmm..." Chris pondered. "I think we should just go to that park and tear the place up."

"What?" Nitro questioned. "But there's barely anyone there! How am I supposed to put on a show if there's no one around? I say we go to the arcade store."

"There's no way in hell am I gonna let you wreck that place," Chris said. "That place is a sacred temple, and I will not support the reckless destruction of innocent games."

"Oh, knock it off, will you?" Nitro said. "It's a game store, not a church. Besides, I might be able to grab a couple games while I'm in there. How's that sound?"

"... Alright, you can go to the store. But work over that park a bit first, we'll do the store one the park's nice and wrecked."

"Gotcha," Nitro said. He pulled out the crowbar and lightly tossed it in the air. He caught it, then turned to face the vending machine to his side. Hooking the back of the machine, he gave a hearty tug and pulled the machine down onto its front, then jumped on top and gave it a few strong whacks with the hook of the crowbar facing down.

"What'd you do that for?" Chris asked.

"Just warming myself up," Nitro said. Hopping down from the machine and looking to either side to make sure the street was clear, Nitro darted over to the park to start raising hell.

Summary (Because I'm assuming that this stuff is going to take actions):
1: Topple Vending Machine (??? dmg)
2: Assault Vending Machine with Crowbar (??? dmg + Break)(Smash activated)
3: Look both ways
4: Cross street, Enter park (Movement)
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Nitro began to bash the poor defenseless vending machine as a small warm up for the chaos he was about to brew up. He was constantly receiving dirty looks from other passerby, but they seem to ignore it and not even bother calling security. The machine eventually coughed out 3 soda cans at the navi's feet, but upon inspection, it was obvious that they were on the verge of a fizzy explosion.

[Nitro Gets: 3x Explosive Sodas]

After arriving at the park across the street, targets for his vandalism was shown out there in plain sight. A few park signs were posted around, warning people of the consequence of littering, respecting the park, and things people really don't bother to read at all. The standard drinking fountains, benches, and trashcans were also laid out along the park's road, circling around the entire park, but they were particularly white and almost speck free...except the trashcans, which most of them were already up to their brim with trashes.

At the center of the park was a stone water fountain, shooting a jet of water straight up in to the air and letting it drizzle down to its puddle. It had few coins dropped in from many wishful believers as well. On the far end of the park was a giant wooden gazebo, holding a group of female navis having a nice little talk under the cool shade. It looked antique, but didn't look like it was going to give out any time soon.

"*Yawwwn*...Looked like you picked something easy." Honeywell stated through Nitro's private frequency...Which he was somehow able to get his hands on. "Well, do what you can do best. Let's see if you can raise enough hell to keep me interested!"

- Park Signs (x4)
- Drinking Fountains (x2)
- Benches (x3)
- Trashcans (x5)
- Gazebo
- Water Fountain
"...Manliness Guaranteed..." Nitro examined one of the soda cans as he picked it up. "Huh, I thought that they only made energy drinks. Ah well, might as well take these, they might come in handy later." Nitro sent the purple, pressurized cans to a temporary cache, as he had done with his vandalism tools, save for the crowbar. No sense lugging around a bunch of stuff around in his arms, where they'd get in his way.


Nitro was a little startled to hear Honeywell's voice in his ear. "Hey, how'd you get-" Nitro began to ask, but he got the feeling that Honeywell wasn't listening anymore. Shrugging, he turned his attention to the park's many opportunities for mayhem. Rubbing his hands together, he began thinking of what he could do to really cause a ruckus. "Well, tipping the cans is a given, and I could tag a sign or two..." Nitro's eyes fell upon the gazebo, and its attendants. "Oh yeah, I could really tear that thing apart."

"You could," Chris agreed. "But those girls inside might cause some interference."

"Yeah, how do I get them out..." A little lightbulb flicked on in Nitro's head. He took out one of the soda cans he collected from the machine earlier, and opened it slightly, so that a loud hissing sound could be heard, but no soda escaped. Taking aim, he lobbed it towards the gazebo and, with any luck, the can would land in the middle of the group of girls, rupture, and drench them in sticky, brown liquid. Hopefully, that'd be enough to spook the girls out, and Nitro could set to work. Nitro bolted towards the gazebo as the soda can closed in, kicking over a trash can and whacking a drinking fountain with his crowbar as he passed.

1: Toss Explosive Soda at Gazebo
2: Kick over Trash Can
3: Assault Water Fountain with Crowbar (???Dmg + Break)(Smash activated)
4: Run to Gazebo
Nitro used what he was best at, explosives...somewhat. The sodas exploded the moment it hit the wooden floor of the gazebo, hitting the group of navis with a splash of red soda and ran off shrieking. That dealt with with the group rather easily...

[Nitro Loses: Explosive Soda x1]

The navi was rather open about causing destruction and chaos, not even thinking twice about the other navis within the park. After kicking down the trashcans and even landing a dent on one of the fountains, Nitro went on to the Gazebo, unaware that a few left the park and headed out to seek out the security...

- Park Signs (x4)
- Drinking Fountains (x2) [1/2 Damaged]
- Benches (x3)
- Trashcans (x4) [-1]
- Gazebo
- Water Fountain
Nitro slowed to a stop as he came up to the now vacant (and slightly dripping) gazebo. Taking a quick look around, he noticed that a few Navis had run off.
"Huh," Nitro said. "Looks like I spooked a couple of Navis."

"Yeah," Chris said. "Stay on your toes, they could be getting security or something."

"That's something I really hadn't considered..." Nitro said, with a hint of worry in his voice. Putting the thought out of his mind, he turned his attention to the structure before him. "Welp, let's get cracking!"

Nitro began using the crowbar to pry apart various planks and boards, in an effort to reduce the gazebo to a pile of assorted wooden pieces. As he was tugging on a particularily stubborn floorboard, the possibility of a confrontation entered his mind once again. He remembered that Honeywell had accessed somehow accessed his private frequency, so he tried contacting him through that, in order to keep his hands free. "Hello, Mr. Honeywell? Are you there?" He asked. Whether he recieved a response or not, he continued. "Listen, am I allowed to use explosives if I need f
to defend myself? Like, from security personel or, should it get to that point, NetPolice officers?"

All Actions: Destroy Gazebo