Rhythm (Prg/1) - New Deeps & Half-Crucifixions.

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Ch. 1.


The transfer was complete. As if falling from a void of light, Rhythm hit the panels kneeling. Traveling as fast as an electron kept gravity on its toes, and, lo and behold, in some minute notion, he had to be the guinea pig that kept it in line.

... That thought cracked Rhythm up.

He stood, peering at the scuffle of strangers about the vibrant neons and ambient algorithms of the ACDC network.

"It's a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, isn't it, buddy?"

Evan responded. "Less chat, more progress, Rhythm."

Rhythm sighed as he dashed forward, pressing on through the first hub. "Put on a record, man. You need to chill."

"I perfer to focus."

"Let me do the focusing, and you can just-, hello!"

Rhythm grinded his feet to a halt at the approach of moving shadows.

"They don't look friendly."

"Good observation; aren't you a regular Sherlock Holmes?"

"Well, let's take a warm-up round. Battle Routine! SET!"

Not too far from the pair, a bit of a conversation would likely be heard.

"...I'm telling ya, Davis seriously has it going on for Jeane. You should see the data their Navis pass along."

"Davis and Jeane? No way, Firewolf, you're full of it. You should listen to the rumors around the water cooler. Jeane's got something under the table with Ha-ello."

Seems to be a wolfish NetNavi and his Operator, but the Operator's viewing screen seems to be looking towards the other duo and the approaching shadows. The NetNavi, though, gives a toothy grin as he lowers himself a bit.

"Awesome, not even ten minutes into the first patrol and we get some action!"

The Operator chuckles, fishing into his shirt pocket for some BattleChips as his other hand pushes a button on his PeT, causing his NetPolice ID to show in the net near Firewolf. Seems the Operator's called Matt Cage, but a pretty rank-and-file guy within the NetPolice.

"Not just yet, Firewolf, you know the SOP. Warning first."

Firewolf sighed, shaking his head with a bored expression.

"Oh yeah, forgot... jeez... Okay, come on out of the shadows, say 'hi' or whatever and tell us what you're up to... This had better not be a virus, or this whole drill's a waste of our time."

"I don't write the rulebook, Firewolf, I just make sure you stick to it."
Rhythm glanced rearward, his visor depicting a shady anthromorphic canine. The prior warning was futile, the shrouded characters would not comply. Ironically, intimidation flushed at this new bystander, but the Net Police insignia adjacent to the Net Navi cemented any given fears.

"I don't know about you, sir, but I got a pretty good idea why they're not going to respond."

Evan jerked to face the other operator view screen, noticing the cap-garbed young man. Indentifying the insignia, he acknowledges them, chuckling at the prior regard.

"And you're a cop? I hope your idea of protecting the innocent isn't letting these things pass." Idling back at Rhythm, Evan inquires: "Ready, partner?"

"Well, promoting anarchy ain't my thing, but, sure." He glances at the wolf. "I don't mind doing your job for ya. Unless, of course, you're here to assist."

That would have to be affirmed quickly, as the shaded figures began to advance.

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Enemies approach, but they appear to be simple metools. However, there's a couple more than usual...

Will the heroes prevail? Find out on the next episode!

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40
MetoolD: 40
MetoolE: 40

Firewolf: 140
Rhythm: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

Battle Routine set! Execute!
Matt raised his eyebrow at Evan while Firewolf readied his buster with a grin.

"Hey, like I said, I have to follow the book. Anyway, let's go, Firewolf. Battle Ro-"

"Hey, Matt? You don't need to say that every time. You know I have that running in the background."

Matt chuckled, picking out a chip to start off with.

"True. Still, let's start off nice and simple. It has been seven years and all. I'm sending the first chip."

Matt pushed the chip into his PeT, with Firewolf holding his arm out ready as the data transferred to him. His hand morphed quickly into his buster and was ready.

"A Cannon? You think we're that rusty?"

"Best to play it safe, Firewolf, this is only the beginning. Once we iron out some kinks, we can go all-out."

Firewolf grinned, dashing off to the side of one of the approaching Mets with his cannon ready.

"If you say so, Matt."

Firewolf kept running around the group, not very fast mind you, keeping his eye on them before singling one out. He grinned, pointing it at one of them and letting loose a blast. Matt was already transferring the next chip to Firewolf once that was gone.

"Alright, don't let up now, Firewolf."

"Hey, remember who you're talking to. I never let up until the very end."

A flame flickered inside of Firewolf's buster, preparing the Heatshot with a grin.

"Oh, now we're talking."

He kept running, his weapon ready to fire as he tried to hit the two closest Mets with one shot. If it worked, great. If not, the newbie got some more practice.

"That's the last chip, Firewolf. We'd better let the new guy have a bit of practice. You know what to do."




1/ Cannon @ MetoolE
---> (40 + Knockback)
2/ Heatshot @ MetoolD (+ MetoolC if possible with spread)
---> (40 + 5 (Fire-type Bonus) + Spread 1 + Increased Spread Effect (Break-subtype bonus)
3/ Dodging
Rhythm scoffed: his visor, black as smoke, bore a navy streak as his optics shone through.

"Looks easier than I expected." Rhythm boasted.

"Think you can take them?"

Rhythm broke his idle stance and charged agressively. "With an arm tied behind my back."

"I'm afraid you'll need both of 'em for the recoil. I'm sending chip data now."

"Show time."

Rhythm ceased his vocal receptors, blasting the first song on his external audio playlist in place of his own voice. -- Battle 1 Theme: The Biggest Fight - Hironobu Kageyama -- It seemed fitting.

Rhythm lessened his pace; "Moderato," he thought. "Let them underestimate you." He could feel the data transfer nearing its completion; his hand was no longer tangible, numb to the itch for combat.

Evan clamored as Rhythm's right arm digitized into an unfamiliar arm cannon. "SHOTGUN!"

"It's ready." Rhythm stopped no more than three feet away from his initial target, sliding into an offensive stance, left arm bracing the right cannon. Noticing that the blast could bleed through the adjacent Metool near his target, Rhythm took aim and fired, the blast bleeding from a large bolt into a horizontal spread. Rhythm broke no seam of concentration, and without looking twice for effectiveness, dashed about four feet behind his second objective, the adjacent Metool target.

"I'm severing our audio connection! Breach sattelite!" Evan commanded.

The arm cannon altered again; this time with a saucer appearance, with a receptor antenna in the center of the cannon. The auditory frequencies began to fluxtuate, its climax to severity. With a steady aim, and without hesitation, Rhythm fired:


A visible electromagnetic ripple seethed out of the blast, but not before the deafening frequency would pierce his opponent. Firing this would require a recharge before a second blast, but Rhythm did not heed any concern for long.

Rhythm ziplined past the competition. One Metool was left to cause havok to. He could feel it: Evan had already transferred the data. Rhythm's breach sattelite had formed into a RageClaw melee variant. The target seemed dormant enough, so with a backward swipe, Rhythm struck, hoping for a worthy outcome.



1) Shotgun @ MetoolA (Spread at MetoolB?)
DMG: 50 (Shot) + Spread1.

2) Signature Attack: Modal Buster @ MetoolB
DMG: 10 (Shot) + Stun. 1 TCD.

3) Rageclaw @ MetoolC
DMG: 40 (Melee) + Slashing.
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Firewolf's cannon shot found it's mark, and destroyed the Metool before it could utter a single *meep*. He then shifted targets and let loose an explosive heatshot, which caught two of the closely packed metools in a large fireball. As Firewolf tried to evade incoming fire, Rhythm pressed the attack by spraying one of the metools with shrapnel from a shotgun blast. However, the last Metool managed to remain unharmed by the blast, but a paralyzing blast of electromagnetic and acoustic force stopped it dead in it's tracks. With no other target left to destroy, Rhythm finished off the stunned metool with his clawed hand.


Firewolf: 140 Rewards: 250z, 1FXP
Rhythm: 100 Rewards: 50z, Guard1, 1FXP

Terrain: 100% Normal
Firewolf grinned, sort of bouncing on the spot and shaking his hands to loosen up a bit after the battle.

"Alright, not too hard." Firewolf commented. "You get much outta that, Matt?"

"Well, one score for the boss, at least. And cash isn't a bad idea. You still up for some more rounds?"

Firewolf grinned.

"Oh, you know it. Not even a scratch on me."

Matt nodded and grinned, turning to face the two.

"You handled yourself well. You probably read my ID, but I'm Matt and that's Firewolf. We're supposed to be on patrol, but if you don't mind, it might be beneficial for the both of us if we team up."

"'Course, it could prove worse, because that's always when the bad guys strike. Hardly ever when you're alone, come to think of it..."

"Quiet, you. Never mind what Firewolf says. He's just been itching for a battle for quite a while."

"Well, it was you who decided to run off after that whole Infernos deal."

"Hey, you were there too, y'know. The EJO kicked in, remember?"

"Uh-huh, and I'm not like I was back then."

"Tell me about it. I've upgraded your programming so much that the old data's virtually incompatible. We're lucky my sister's Navi had data that could be uninstalled and installed in you instead. You're back to square one, now."

Firewolf scratched his neck with a twinge of an annoyed look at Matt.

"Hey, you don't have to put it like that, y'know..."

Matt chuckled, then looked back to the other duo.

"Sorry, we tend to ramble on a bit. If you're in, it's just a simple wander around the ACDC Network for a bit and I report in. You up for it?"
Evan responded, "It's tempting, but we have problems of our own."

ENEMY DELETED. Rhythm's targeting HUD on his visor glared a bright green; affirming through a final sweep of the sensor protocols that the targets were destroyed. There was no way that these Metools could conceal their coordinates, so, breathing a sigh of relief, he turned away from the Netpolice duo, relinquished his combat stance and digitized his equipped RageClaw into his generic right arm.

"What do you know," Evan scoffed, "You've still got it, old friend."

"Yeah..." Rhythm huffed, "... It felt good to cut loose."

"Keep in mind, this is child's play compared to the objective-,"

"Don't! ... Don't remind me."


"... Evan, you know-,"

"Yes, I do. Stanza was as close to you as Linda was to me."

"Then why do we have to do this?!" Rhythm's distress was cumbersome. "This isn't some kind of game, some sparring match, and you know it! We've nothing to prove! I know Stanza, she'd never do it! It's a trick! Linda's trying to haze you into doing this! I won't hurt her, I won't-"

"Rhythm, this is beyond Stanza now! Don't you remember what happened a year ago?"


It was hazy, but the notions were far from forgotten. It was a simpler time; Rhythm was in his prime, and Evan didn't have that awful blemish of a scar on head. Evan was a popular artist at Dentech back then, gaining a following for his Jazz Mantras and Fusion roots. The songs were certainly easier to layer, though -- that's for sure. It was just one year ago, Evan and Rhythm had gotten what they had both wanted for so long: A muse -- that special someone. For Evan, all that it took to make his writing hand itch with the sensation of a masterpiece would be the smile of one girl: Her name was Linda. She had quite the stout attrition, being only about 4'11'', but was very athletic, and well-developed. Rhythm scoffed: Well endowed might had been the better assertion. Her long brown hair, lingering down to her legs, kept straight, lacking any loose ends, but her bangs, to Evan's dismay, were often so long that they would cover her piercing blue eyes, which would glow the brightest Cyan shade, even in the blackest of night. She wasn't as complex then: Her pleasures were few: long walks and 45's seemed to be her pastimes, but she wasn't prone to sit out of a chance to NetBattle, as being competitive as she was, she would do so often with her Navi. Then the image receded: Rhythm couldn't shake it, all he could think about was Stanza. She was the most beautiful being he had ever laid eyes on. Her eyes as bright and striking as her operating counterpart, could be seen in clear view, as her angelic white hair were of a want of bangs. Her jumpsuit, as pallid as her hair, stood out only by the black streaks that would encompass her limbs and torso: fabric lines that would compress along her chest into a G-Clef symbol, idling across her curvaceous figure. Even though she was quite the sparring partner, back then she would never really hurt a fly. She was a pacifist by nature, but still she remained disciplined, following her operator's every request. Their relationship spanned what seemed like eons; the spark between them was electryfying. They went everywhere together, sightseeing, conversing, laughing... He chuckled as his senses struggled from the gripping hold of reminiscence; his half-circled blue eyes faded to black, and he bowed his head. What could he do? Stanza was the first girl that Rhythm ever opened his auditory guard to.

One day, something went horribly wrong. Linda stopped calling as often; Evan couldn't discern why they stopeed seing each other as much. She was distant; something didn't add up. Rhythm went looking for Stanza one day, looking for an answer; he hadn't heard from her either. Surreptitious to the scene, he found them, to his surprise, attacking a squad of stock navis in Internet City. Linda confronted Evan after her notice, scoffing at the last eleven months like they had never happened. She mocked him repeatedly, stating that all this time had been no more than a lie: She was simply using him, hoping his spanning career as a musician would graft enough zenny for her to snatch for herself, being no more than a crook: A lackey for the CSS -- Chip-Stealers-Syndicate, and at that, a wanted woman. To her dismay, he wasn't worth her time. Demanding Stanza to destroy Rhythm, Evan started the battle routine. Both combatants were reluctant to strike, until sirens ensued: The NetPolice were coming.

"I'm so sorry, Rhythm..." Stanza shed a tear, as she fired the M-Cannon data recieved from her operator, as she jacked out. They were never heard from again.


"For Linda to contact us... Something just doesn't seem right."

Rhythm tried to snap himself back to reality. He noticed Firewolf, anxious for the duo to join their escapade. "What are we going to do about these cops?"

"Nothing, I suppose."

"Are you sure? I say we explain our situation."

"We don't need help, Rhythm. This bout is between me and Linda."

"No! It's between me and Stanza! I won't have her hurt!"

"You'd rather have her captured?"

"Get your head out of your *ss Evan, she'll have chips you and I have never laid eyes on! I'll be done for!"

Evan contemplated the decision... His visual monitor turned back to Matt and Firewolf.

"Wait! ... I have something more exciting than a patrol that you may be interested in hearing about."

With that, Evan explained the predicament before him.

"Check your Police records: This woman has comitted offenses throughout Internet City, Dentech, Electown... You name it, I know she's done it. I only want her and her navi detained. We make quite the team, I think it'd be child's play for a team like us. You interested?"
A sound in the distance distracted the two navis before Firewolf and his operator had a chance to respond. The noise had sounded like a thunderclap and the obvious source was standing erect in the distance. As the navis approached, the perpetrators did not run or react; they couldn't, because they were all rooted to the ground, held fast in a line. The enemies were all CannonDumbs, an infamous rank of annoying turrets spread far and wide across the net. Two metools stumbled out from behind the CannonDumbs, striking their pickaxes against the ground and implying that they were out for revenge.

CannonDumbA: 50 HP
CannonDumbB: 50 HP
CannonDumbC: 50 HP
CannonDumbD: 50 HP
MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP

Firewolf: 140
Rhythm: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal

"Oh, great, they're back for more!" Evan yammered.

"Hold that thought." Rhythm guestured to Firewolf; the conversation would have to wait. His visor blipped and fizzed, while his eyes glared a bright gleam of blue. "Two mobile Mets, and a bunch of immobile turrets... "

Evan remarked. "Let Firewolf take care of the small fries, and we'll use that lack of mobility on the CannonDumbs to our advantage."

"Roger." Ceasing conversation, Rhythm's vocal receptors blasted another song from his external playlist: -- Captain Thrill - Kenii Yamamoto. --

Rhythm bolted directly for the rightward Cannons, hastening his rearward pace to prevent the Dumb turret from targeting an accurate strike.

"Shotgun! Slot-IN!"

Rhythm fired, hoping his tactical assertion bled the shot to not one, but two targets: the shrapnel smearing from the blast blurred his visuals of any tangible graft of the shot hitting, but nonetheless, assuming the cannons would have the same ordeal of perception, he used the shotgun's blast to his benefit and sprinted around the targets, his position now lying behind the CannonDumbs. He pooled the electrical energy of his body, attempting to graft a magnetic field about his lucky candidates, and before long, dashed behind the two leftward targets and released his ample palm to the ground. His electric eyes amplified by his cry overlaying the music: "MAGNETIC ULTIMATUM!"

The panels seemed to glow. Random particles, charged of dauntless positives and negatives, mingled violently across the terrain. Now, the Cannons were truly grounded. "Hopefully, this will keep 'em stalled, as they already can't move."

For good measure, Rhythm couldn't leave anything to chance. Evan slotted in a Cannon chip. If only to shake things up, Rhythm shot the leftward CannonDumb point blank, flanking the virus with its own weapon.



1) Shotgun @ CannonDumbC (Spread at CannonDumbD?)
DMG: 50 (Shot) + Spread1.

2) Signature Attack: Magnetic Ultimatum @ Panels of CannonDumb A and CannonDumb B.
Small-Area Terrain Effect (Alters 1-2 Panels to Magnetic; Possible Loss of Mobility or Stalling, Ceases one Action of Non-Elec.) 1 TCD.

3) Cannon @ CannonDumb B
DMG: 40 (Shot).