RE:RN Chat Announcements

---Updated Code---

The code the RE:RN Chatroom runs on has been updated. Hopefully this will put an end to the problems experienced by many members who frequent the chat.

To any Guests reading this announcement: You must register as a member to access the chatroom.

Thanks goes to Twi for providing the chatroom, and also for the code used to update.
---Error Reporting---

To all members using the RE:RN Chatroom (clicky): If you ever experience a strange error related to the chat, such as the chat not loading, the chat box blacking out, the chat or PM windows freezing up, the buttons breaking, the user list not loading, the PM system not loading, or the thing just plain crashing or acting screwy, then there are some things I want you to do.

1: Take a screen capture of the error in progress. Save it as a PNG file.

2: Go to your forum PM inbox and compose a new forum PM.

3: Write a brief description of the problem, if you can.

4: Put a link to the saved screen shot of the error in the message.

5: Include what operating system you are using and what browser you are using in the message.

6: Address it to >PaladinGC< and >Twi<. Title this PM some variation of "chat error".

7: Send it.

Yes, we want a Forum PM about the problem, not a Chat PM.

I don't mind if this means getting a ton of PM messages in my inbox. Just don't repeatedly report the same error over and over again unless you are at a different computer when the error occurs. The more we know about any troubles you guys are having with the chat, the more likely we can get moving on a fix. Yes, you should take this to mean we are aware of the increasing chat problems you have been experiencing, and we won't stand for things remaining messed up. You gotta let us know things are broken first, though, or our hands are tied.
---Getting passed the load error: A Work-around---

Anyone experiencing trouble with the chat not loading, please know that this happens with all browsers, and that it can be gotten passed. When it happens, please simply refresh the chat page. It may take up to 3 refreshes to get passed the error and use the chat. I deal with this particular issue every single time I load the chat for the first time after booting up my computer, and this is the work around. Thankfully, there IS a work around. :'D

Unfortunately, in this case, switching away from your favorite browser is just punishing yourself, as it will eventually happen in that browser too. We've tested it on all current net navigation platforms, and the problem occurs in all of them. :<

Twi has notified ParaChat of the problem. Stay tuned for updates.

Also, a thank you to the two people who wrote forum PMs to us about the chat problems. Writing us means we will have documented instances of the error that we can show ParaChat tech support. This is very very helpful in solving chat related problems, so thanks again.
That chat load error I talked about in the previous post... it looks like this:

Yes, this happens on all browsers. All browsers means all browsers. Lunascape, Sea Monkey, Google Chrome, Fire Fox, Opera, Netscape, Ubuntu (built-in), Internet Explod-- I mean Explorer, etc. etc. Those of you that don;t experience it... lucky you. We have no idea why it happens to some and not others. To those it does happen to, it's going to happen to you no matter what browser you use. Which... sucks. I'd know, I'm one of those people it happens to.

Still, it's just annoying and not serious. You can get past it. To get past it, refresh the chat page until Java, your browser, and the hosting service all get their act together. This may take up to 3 refreshes, tops. And yes, it can blackout on you even after you've logged in for over 1 minute. Don't sweat it, just refresh and it will stop blacking out.

If this happens to you, let me know via forum PM.