The City of the Dead walks amoung us

Four skeletal arms appeared in the fresh, data ground. They ripped through, softening the fall of Necropolis, the City of the Dead. "Time to rip and rend."

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Also, battle 1, please.))
Necropolis wanders through the atmosphere of ACDC Net, emitting a rank stench as he searches for his first prey.

Three metools with their shiny, yellow construction helmets flip out of their hiding places and approach the zombie navi, brandishing their pickaxes dangerously.

Guess, Necro's first victim was a group of "harmless" metools who just happens to be frolicking around the peaceful ACDC area. They turned to see the navi and joyously skipped towards the navi, not knowing what will happen to them.

Oh, the horror.

It was time to fight.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Necropolis.exe: 100 HP

((That was the most hilarious thing I've ever seen in a while.))

Necropolis observes the metools. "Heh." He pulls back one of his sleeves, revealing a zombified, stitched up arm, looking like it just came out of the ER. The fist of the arm clenches as though the arm does not react to it at all. Chuck thought fast, and inserted his Rageclaw chip. What was flesh, bone and sinew is now a hairy, massive claw. Necropolis grinned behind his hood, pulling his arm back, and pouncing forward.

His cloak whished and moved as he dashed forward, pulling his hood back and revealing a horrifying zombie-like face. His grin would turn most away at first, throwing up their lunch. His mouth watered as he reached one of his prey, and grabbed at it with the large claw replacing his hand. Making sure that he snatched onto a Metool, he threw what he hoped he had grabbed onto at a nearby Metool. H Necropolis tried to take advantage of the confusion and dash in, clawing at the second Metool with the Rageclaw. The robed zombie smiled and grinned all through the heat of battle.

Thinking that the damage was done, he leapt back away from the Metool force, to try and null any attempts to harm him. He was a killer, but a zombified body can't take too much of a beating. Necropolis then noticed his hood was down. Growling, he quickly shifted it back up with his non-bear-like-claw arm. The Rageclaw still remained in place of his actual arm. "Wow. That was pretty amazing." Chuck rooted him on in mind, as he knew Necropolis didn't like to be disturbed during battle. Chuck knew this, but he would still do it sometimes. He always loved a little fun.

T1: Pick up MetoolA, toss it at MetoolB - 20dmg to both
T2: Rageclaw attack MetoolB - 40dmg
T3: Dodge
In a blink of an eye, the happy-go-fun time for the Metool was utterly shattered with the help of Necro. With the Metools thrown against one another and one clawed to death, the metools were scared out of their minds. They retaliated by wildly swinging their pickaxes, but it was of no avail when the navi easily evaded all of them.

MetoolA: 20 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Necropolis.exe: 100 HP
Necropolis had a twisted grin about his face. He was proud of the carnage he had caused. Although, he was a little dissapointed. No retaliation? He'll never get to pull of his "special trick" if they never hit him. But, the fight wasn't over, and he still had a monstrous bear claw. Chuck was getting very excited seeing his navi in action. It wasn't every day that Necropolis gave it his all in battle, though he had been getting better at it each fight. The robed death wasted no time letting the Metools recover their wits.

Instantly, he raised the massive claw, and began to run at his victims. Chuck thought fast, and said in a loud-toned voice "Shoot 'em!" He put a Cannon into the chip slot and it materialized on Necropolis' offhand. Moving quickly, he raised his now armed off-hand and blasted at a still-standing Metool. The motion forced his hood off again, a bad idea incase any nearby navis were to see him and get a little scared. Necropolis didn't mind. Frightening others was something he took large pride in. The cannon shortly after dissapeared from his arm, so that his bare and stiched arm was in view.

He reached the other Metool who was previously unharmed, and when drawing near his tongue began to hang out of his mouth. He was in a bloodraged frenzy, howling and roaring. Necropolis raised his large monstrous claw and made a small hop into the air, smashing down at his target. Landing, he made another attempt to smash the Metool into oblivion. Necropolis then hopped back a few steps, and cackled madly. His claw began to dissapear. It was no matter. These Metools, if not finished and done with, shall be dead very soon. "Pathetic."

T1: Shoot MetoolA with a Cannon - 40dmg
T2: Hit MetoolC with Rageclaw - 40dmg
T3: Hit MetoolC again with Rageclaw - 40dmg
Necro takes out his cannon and fires, the recoil luckily not being enough to rip off the arm from his decaying body. The blast hits, taking out the met and leaving Necro alone with its ally. He rushes into close quarters, delivering two blows with his Rageclaw. This proves more than needed, and Necropolis proves victorious in his battle.


Terrain: 100% Normal

Necropolis.exe: 100 HP

Rewards: Guard1, 100z
Necropolis instantly calmed down after seeing through the destruction of his foes. He instantly cloaked himself to make himself seem ominous, yet inconspicious. "That was awesome! Are you ready for round 2?" Chuck said from the real-world sidelines. Necropolis grinned, though Chuck could not see it. "I suppose so.... will it be as boring as this fight?" he lied.

((Battle 2, please.))
Boring?! Will it ever be!

This time was a group of Bunnies, nearly emulating the horrible massacre that occurred not so long ago. However, they seemed to show some sign of fighting spirit as their ears sparked violently when they saw Necropolis face to face.

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
BunnyC: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

Necropolis.exe: 100 HP

"Ah. Maybe.... a bit more... of a challenge?" Necropolis was still in a calm state, but Chuck himself knew that soon he would return to his madness and give in to the crazy voices in his head. Or... something along those lines. Necropolis began to walk slowly towards the Bunnies, being prepared for any oncoming attacks. Chuck thought quickly, and put in a Shotgun chip for Necropolis to do what he pleased with. His right, decayed arm began to dissapear behind a small, compact Shotgun. Necropolis raised it so it was pointed at his attackers. The weapon is gonna spark his frenzy. I just know it. Chuck said to himself in the confines of his mind. And that it did. That it did.

Necropolis instantly ripped through the air, and emitted a shivering scream. Chuck could tell Necropolis was enjoying this way too much. The Shotgun roared as it launched a small projectile directly at one of the Bunnies. He neared his foes, and Chuck thought fast, slotting in a Rageclaw, which replaced the now depleted Shotgun. Necropolis took a double-take at his new arm attachment, hopped in the air and attempted to land the massive claw on a new Bunny target,trying to crush it under massive force, and landed.

The cloaked navi began to run back from the Bunnies, incase they may throw a retaliation attack back at him. He quickly thought for a second, and said "Chuck... please slot in our... new chip..." Chuck gladly thought this would be a good test for it, and put in the new shiny Gaurd chip that he received from the data found in the previous fight. He made sure to insert it onto Necropolis' offhand, so that he could keep the Rageclaw for the remainder of the battle, which depended only on how long the Bunnies could last against his relentless, mad assaults. Covering his left decayed arm was now a massive yellow shield, with a green cross on the middle. Necropolis grinned at it, and put it infront of him, waiting to block and deflect any oncoming attacks.

T1 - Shotgun shoot BunnyA, hit BunnyB - 50dmg to both
T2 - Rageclaw smashes BunnyC - 40dmg
T2 - Gaurd chip, defending self.
((This might be a stupid question but... where are you getting a sword chip from? Of the four chips listed in your sig, Sword isn't one of the ones I'm seeing.))
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Necropolis flings into action as he wildly sends a shotgun blast at one of the Bunnys, deleting it, but his second target bounced away just in time.

Approaching another virus, the zombie... necromancer... thing... smashes his Rageclaw into the third Bunny, making it wibble in pain, giving Necropolis puppy eyes that might've made him let his Guard down...

...before Chuck sent in the Guard as the bunny tried shocking the navi with some electricity. The attack rebounded off the yellow shield and made the virus face deletion at the hands of its own attack.

Haha, what a lame end. Time for that other one, eh?

BunnyB: 50

Terrain: 100% Normal

Necropolis.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]