The Water Dragon Rears Its Head!

Mizuryu jacked in, and looked around,"Eh, still the same as always... Boring~" He said as he walked around. He then said boredly to his operator,"Oi, Kizuna, anything else to do here besides busting? Kinda works to bust gradually stronger viruses as we make our way deeper into the Net..."

A sigh comes from his operator as Kizuna said Afraid not, looks like the only thing we're doing is exploring and busting for now...

Mizuryu just nodded as he gave a feral grin. And shouted,"Very well! COME ON, VIRUS! LET MIZURYU BUST YOUR A**ES TO KINGDOM COME!"

(Short post, I know, Battle 1 Please?)
The sea serpent navi slithered across the terrain of ACDC, looking for prey to catch, and prey he found.

Three black blobs with a pair of feet, pickaxes, and donning yellow construction helmets are the things that appeared before Mizuryu. They let out a small, but fierce, "Meep" as they prepared for battle.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mizuryu.exe: 100 HP

"Mets huh? Can't say I'm too fond of them." Mizuryu.exe said as his sword materialized on his right hand.

He smirked as he dashed at the first Metool and swung his sword in a horizontal arc, before shouting,"Oi, Kizuna!"

Kizuna smirked, before saying Right, Cannon, is it? He said in the Real World as he grabbed his Cannon chip and slot it inside his PET.

Mizuryu smirked, before pointing the now formed Cannon at another Metool and fired a blast at it.

Looking at the third one, Mizuryu decides to play it safe and jumps back to catch a small, quick breather.
Action Summary:

- Custom Weapon Attack @ Metool A (8)
- Cannon @ Metool C (40)
- Dodge
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Mizuryu's sword clashed against the Metoo's hardhat, which didn't sound too effective at all. However, the next attack proved to be very effective when it managed to destroy the middle virus. The metool who was attacked not so long ago swung its pickaxe in a fuss, but the navi easily evaded the attack.

MetoolA: 32 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Mizuryu.exe: 100 HP