I could have swore there was a squirrel statue...

Appearing on the network floor, DNR looked around. He had no idea what would happen... who this Coda person is... not even what he's supposed to look for... he felt rather fortunate to have his shield program on him... "Hmmm... well... this should be interesting then?" DNR said with a mischievous smirk, wondering what will happen...

Once DNR was in the network, a custom female doctor Navi looked up from where she sat upon a virtual park bench. The young lady doctor wore glasses, which she pushed up onto her face with one hand, and a doctor's white lab coat. She lowered the clip board she was looking at; laying it upon her lap as she raised her right arm and silently beckoned DNR to take a seat next to her. Her expression remained neutral.
"Hmhmhhmmmm...well well... things have gotten even more intriguing..." the doctor said to himself as he walked up to the lady, but not before he bowed towards her with grace. His face quickly looked rather serious, calm but not apathetic as he sat down. "So... you must be the aquantience correct? I'm intrigued enough about the manner in which we have met, but even more of the scientific business that this will probably deal with..." DNR said, loosening up with a smirk.
"Yes, I am your contact for this mission." The lady Navi said in a formal, business-like tone. "Normally, we wouldn't even consider a new member such as yourself, but we don't have many options at this point...." Her voice trailed off as she lifted the clipboard to look at it once again. From where DNR sat, he could actually see the data displayed upon the board. However, what he could see he couldn't actually read. The data displayed upon it was series of lines of ever changing code written under an encryption key he wasn't programmed to understand.

The Navi waved her hand over the face of the clipboard, causing the jumble of encrypted data to disappear, only to be replaced with the image of a young male doctor Navi. "This is Dr. Neuro, a surgeon Navi on staff at Chauliac Memorial Hospital. You will be posing as him in an effort to gain entry into Sci-Labs' international data server. We want you to get inside and find out anything you can about the server. We want you to do that while at least pretending to do whatever tasks Dr. Neuro has been brought in to take care of."

The Navi then flipped up the picture of the doctor Navi, and allowed DNR to see the IDctag and red colored card key underneath. "You'll need these to complete the mission. The data ID will help identify you as Dr. Neuro." She paused for a second, then indicated the red data card key, which, upon closer inspection, had the letters S C R Y printed upon it. "We were able to get our hands on this card key before it arrived at the hospital. We don't know what it's for, but we do know Dr. Neuro was supposed to take it with him into the server. Assume you'll need it."

The female Navi then handed the clipboard to DNR, and stood up. "The mission takes place tomorrow morning at 10:00 AM. Be sure your Net Operator logs into the network from the hospital, or Sci-Lab security will catch you." She took a moment to stretch, then turned around to face DNR. "If you make it back, meet me here again the day after the mission at the same time you met me today. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Till then..."

The Navi jacked out.
"I see..." DNR said as he took the ID and card key from the mysterious lady. "So... this'll be interesting..." DNR said with a wider smirk as the navi logged out, returning to the PET himself.