Vitoldo finally let me go today. Took him long enough. Upon making it into the net floor, I stretched a bit, basking in... What turned out to be a rather droll-looking terrain. What a shame. Maybe I'll find something to tear down, at the very least. My claws could use sharpening after all...

(Battle 1)
((Bump, just in case this was taken as an April Fool's joke, which it isn't. XD))
Suddenly! Three jolly ol' Metools appeared in front of the navi and they seemed to be picking a fight! They took their pickaxes out and wildly swung it in the air to provoke Espino away...They don't look any different than any other metools...I wonder what's up with them?

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
MetoolC: 40

Terrain: 100% Normal

Espino: 100 HP