Failureman mills about

"Alright, are you in one piece?"

"Everything seems okay."

"Good, why don't you take a few steps?"

Failureman was surprised by how light he felt with such a small change. Of course, the action-reaction timing of his legs also had to be readjusted to accommodate the new position of his feet, but it seems like such a little thing. It was almost like flying compared to before.

Failureman was distracted for just a moment and lurched as he misstep.

"Whoa. Careful." warned Albert. "But that looked pretty good. Let's jog to the park and we can try the swing timing again too."


{{Battle 1}}
A few viruses seemed to be drawn to the odd clanking of the navi's footsteps and converged on his position. Luckily they were small and slow and didn't really pose much of a threat. It was time for a real world application of Albert's programming skills and Failureman's functionality!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Failureman.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Begin!]
"Oh, this doesn't look good. But I think you should be alright. I mean, we practiced a bit, right?"

Failureman nodded.

"We run through your subroutines all the time. Remember I wrote that automated test suite because of advice I read on the net? Just hold still when you fire the cannons. Alright, so... shotgun first."

Failureman looked at the viruses while he tried to remember what kind of attack would be coming. He seemed to recall that it would be white.


In front of him was white!


Failureman tripped over himself in his surprise and fell to his right as he realized a white wave of energy was headed his way. Landing on his arm, the partially buffered shotgun discharged accidentally and sent random data and pellets flying all over the place.

"It's okay! Try it again, try it again! You've got a cannon!"

Lifting himself to a kneeling position, Failureman pointed his buster at the viruses and fired.

1. Dodge
2. Shotgun MetoolB (50 damage + spread 1)
3. Cannon MetoolA (40 damage + knockback)
One Metool launched a piercing shockwave at Failureman that he just barely managed to avoid by tripping over himself. His accidental Shotgun blast struck a nearby lamp post, causing it to topple over. It collapsed right on top of a Metool, crushing it on the spot and alerting the other two. With their attention drawn away from him for a moment, Failureman managed to right himself slightly. He fired a fully formed Cannon and managed to delete another Metool in a more straightforward manner.

MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Failureman.EXE: 100 HP
"Good shots!"

Albert was relieved when he saw where the lamp post was falling.

"You're going to have to get close to use the next one. I'm slotting in RageClaw."

Failureman headed toward the final virus at a steady pace as the data flowed in. Pieces of his arm rotated and slid into place as it slowly rearranged itself into a large bear claw.

"You don't have to be so cautious. The virus can't attack while it's helmet is down."

"I am going the a-at the maximum speed achievable with my walking function. I do not want to fall."

"O-oh... right," stammered Albert, slightly dejected.

Failureman got into position and swung with all his might when the Metool finally popped up.

1. Rageclaw MetoolC (40 + slashing)
2. Dodge
3. Dodge
As Failureman carefully wobbled his way towards the Metool, he tripped and lurched forward with arms outstretched. Fortunately, he was in the proper range and his vicious clawed hands raked down across the Metool's face, deleting it in an instant without him realizing it. He got up to find that only a few zenny and some battlechip data were left behind.

Oha lucky!


Terrain: 100% Normal

Failureman.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 1 - Victory!]

Get: 200z + Guard1
"Great job Failureman. What was that they dropped?"

"It is 200 zenny and a Guard1 chip."

"Oh! Those are the ones that can bounce back damage right? Those are great. I guess you're still not used to the new running yet, so let's practice some more."

{{Battle 2}}
Failureman made it to ACDC park in one piece but found among the slides and jungle gyms, four CannonDumb turrets had spawned. They were damaging the equipment while other navis fled from the scene. Something had to be done!

CannonDumbA: 50 HP
CannonDumbB: 50 HP
CannonDumbC: 50 HP
CannonDumbD: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Failureman.EXE: 100 HP

[Battle 2 - Begin!]
"Viruses have taken over the park? We've got to do something."


"Okay Failureman, just like before. I'm loading in Shotgun."

Failureman stared at the four Cannons looking for signs of attack as his chip loading routines initialized. He went through the sequence as fast as he could.

"Okay, open a default sized buffer, load as much data as will fit, check if the Cannons have moved, now open a larger buffer, link it to the first...," he thought to himself.

Finally the chip loaded and Failureman pointed it at the nearest virus and fired.

"Hey! Don't forget to aim!" Albert exclaimed. "But I think you got him. I've already sent you the Cannon chip."

Failureman overwrote the old data with the Cannon and targeted the next virus. After carefully lining up the shot, he fired.

1. Dodge
2. Shotgun CannonDumbA (50 damage + spread 1)
3. Cannon CannonDumbB (40 damage + knockback)
The array of armaments, still focussed on destroying the landscape, were taken by surprise by Failureman's Shotgun. It blew apart one of the Cannondumbs before they could react. Failureman managed to hit another with his Cannon but it was too weak to completely finish it off. While the others kept firing away at a squirrel statue, one of the Cannons changed targets and locked its sights on the navi. It fired but completely missed due to Failureman's erratic movements.

CannonDumbA: DELETED
CannonDumbB: 10 HP
CannonDumbC: 50 HP
CannonDumbD: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Failureman.EXE: 100 HP