It's a wonderful day in the ADCD Net hood!~

In some random spot in ACDC net, a sound is heard above. Six decorative swords fall from the sky, flying straight down to the ground in a circle formation. One by one, the swords land, making a large CHING! sound each time. After all of them have landed, a white flash occurs and Hitokiri appears, dressed in his usual apparell. The six dazzling swords quickly whip out of the ground and in to Hitokiri's sheathes in order, until each one is fastened where it should be. Hitokiri does a few quick stretches, and readies himself for battle. Finally, he begans walking around the Net while whistling a familiar tune, and then began singing in a low voice: "It's a wonderful day in the ACDC Net hood! The ACDC Net hood!..."

((Battle please))
(I call Battle 5.
Also, Kuj, Guard is spelled as such. Not Gaurd.
Also, you bought an HP +50? Not a bad choice. I applaud your decision.)

As Hitokiri enters the net, who else would he find but...
Wait, there aren't any Spikeys? Guess they're finally choosing to leave him alone, then. There's a heck of a lot of OTHER viruses, though.

PulsebatA: 80 HP
PulsebatB: 80 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP

Hitokiri: 150 HP

(You call battle 5? Ooh. Somone has something in store for me.
If I make it that far.
And I got the 50 for free. Got it when the RE:CN/RE:RN transition was going on.)

"Ah. A good warm-up. A few PulseBats and Bunnies. Although... I thought there would be Spikeys.." Hitokiri looked around to make sure there weren't any. "Heh. It's probably for the better anyways." He shudders at the thought and Glenn decided to start off with a Shotgun. Strategies processed through Glenn's head as he pushed the small Shotgun chip in the slot. "Try to break through, then carve up the PulseBats." Glenn explained. A white light enveloped Hitokiri's left hand, and a small blaster appeared, loaded and ready. It was nice to be back into a battle he could actually win, Hitokiri thought. That big war? He didn't stand a chance.

The Shotgun was quickly aimed at a Bunny as soon as it appeared on his hand. Making sure to aim but also making sure to give the Bunny no time to react, he launched the bullet at the Bunny, hoping it to pierce through the small virus and hit the other. As soon as he fired it off, his left hand was covered in that same white light, and the Shotgun was gone, replaced with his hand. Glenn, in the real world, was slotting in a Sword chip. Hitokiri's favorite. Instead of appearing on his hand, one of his six blades, the one in front and center, began to glow a white light. That meant Glenn had put a Sword chip in. His navi smiled. The fun was just starting.

Glenn quickly lifted up the sword without even placing a hand on it. It rose into the air, and was ready to slice the PulseBat in half. Hitokiri, moving his arms in some odd fashion, commanded the sword to show the bat the meaning of pain. It whipped through the air at the PulseBat, and slowed down. When it neared Hitokiri's enemy, it slashed the virus horizontally and quickly flew back to the circle of blades around Hitokiri. It still had the faint white light around it. His swords stayed in their places above his head, as he readied for a counter-attack.

1)Shotgun - BunnyA (50), pierce to BunnyB (50)
2)Sword - Pulsebat (80)
One of the bunnies get blasted, while the sword slices cleanly through the first Pulsebat. The other Bunny attacks Hitokiri in rage, but he quickly shifts to the side, avoiding the crackling ring of electricity. He is, however, subject to the incoming sound waves emitted by the remaining Pulsebat.
You think you'd feel sorry for those ears. >:

PulsebatA: DELETED
PulsebatB: 80 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Hitokiri: 120 HP [Sword]
((I'm baaaaaack....))

After a quick finger-shove into his ears, Hitokiri spins his sword around near him, looking at the virii. "Not bad. Not bad." The glow on the sword still radiated from it, and Glenn knew he was not finished with his favorite chip. The floating blade twisted and turned, synchronized with Hitokiri's hand movements. It could stab, mutilate, chop, slice, dice and rip, all at Hitokiri's graceful moves. He then moved his hands more toward his chest, and the sword moved backwards, pointed at a PulseBat. He then thrust his right hand forward, sending the glowing sword flying through the air at the PulseBat with violent intentions. After the sword returned to Hitokiri's possesion in his sword circle above his head, the glow from it faded.

Glenn decided to try out one of his new chips, and slotted a Cactball in. It loaded, and a white ball formed in Hitokiri's hand. He looked at it, dumbfounded, then it turned into a ball with a bunch of spikes and a face on it. "AAAH! What is that thing?" Hitokiri was also wondering how it wasn't hurting his hands. Out of a scared impulse, he hurled the ball at the remaining Bunny. It bounced along, as happy as a cactus ball weapon could be, hurling itself at the Bunny virus. Hitokiri still looked at it, confused as ever. "That's a weapon? A cactus ball!?" he asked Glenn in a ticked off manner. "I guess so. It'll do the job though, won't it?" he shrugged.

Glenn slipped in a quick Gaurd, just to be safe, and a large yellow shield with a green cross, the design of a Met hat, formed on Hitokiri's arm. He crouched down, hiding behind it to reflect any returning attacks. The navi also rammed a finger into his ear, to stop the still continuing pain.

T.1) Sword - PulsebatB = 80dmg
T.2) CactBall - BunnyB = 3x20x2 (Elemental weakness)
T.3) Gaurd chip
Boom, they die. Any questions?

PulsebatA: DELETED
PulsebatB: DELETED

Hitokiri: 120 HP

Rewards: 200z
"A nice warm up. Who's next, virii?" Hitokiri sneered, stretching his arms. His swords returned to their sheathes, ready for the next battle.

Virus Attack!

Five enemies approach Hitokiri, plain and simple.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
FishyA: 90
FishyB: 90
FishyC: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Hitokiri: 120

Battle 2 Begin

"That was quicker than expected", Hitokiri said. His swords just began to slip out. In a heartbeat, there they were. Each and every one gleaming as though they had never endured a battle. Glenn thought they were a bit of programming genius, but he had seen better. He just wanted an excuse to see his navi above all others. Programming genious or not, a personality error made him seem so unperfect. Glenn was bugged by this, being a perfectionist. (Eh. It keeps him happy.) Glenn thought to himself. But what could be pinned under that joyful emotion?

Immediately, a blade began to shine white among it's bretheren. Hitokiri knew that the sword chip had just been slotted in. Glenn didn't need to let Hitokiri know, because once he got his hands on it, he knew what to do. The sword began to move into motion, swinging around. It stopped infront of Hitokiri, and then pointed inbetween two of the three Fishy virii. Hitokiri commanded it with his mind, and with a small command, it flew. Twirling in a neat circle, it curved to the right, at an attempt to take out two stones with one bird.

The blade then reached its target. The attack was nearly at it's climax. The blade swung itself at the Fishy's, and then returned to it's master. It neatly replaced its former place amongst the swords of Hitokiri. They then each floated with eachother. Hitokiri then readied himself for the oncoming attack from the virii.

Sword to FishyA - 80 dmg
Sword to FishyB - 80 dmg
Hitokiri takes the sword data and strikes two Fishies before backing off again. One of the Metools take a shot at him, but the attack misses. Then the only unharmed Fishy dashes forward and rams into Hitokiri, knocking him to the side.

MetoolA: 40
MetoolB: 40
FishyA: 10
FishyB: 10
FishyC: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Hitokiri: 105
Hitokiri falls to the ground from the impact of colliding with the Spikey. He hops up, returning to his circle of swords. The result of the attact was just was he was looking for.

"Now for the master plan to come into affect".

Glenn was a bit puzzled. He hadn't been paying much attention, reading a small manga book. Hitokiri screamed

"What the heck are you doing!? Get your head in the game!"

Glenn, who had his legs up on his desk and was leaning back, jumped in his seat and the chair tipped backwards. The navi heard a loud "CRACK!" as it hit the floor. "...Sorry.." Glenn apologized.

"It's just that, you do really well in battles that I don't feel I need to assist you except to slot in."

"That's nonsense" Hitokiri reassured him. "Now let's do this like a team."

"Alright." After a quick scan of the area, Glenn knew Hitokiri's plan. A shotgun was put in the chamber in no time, and it was already materializing on Hitokiri's arm. He aimed, prepared for kickback, made sure not to miss, and fired. The bullet sailed through the air, towards his enemies. The intention was to hit one of the previously hit Fishys and pierce back to the other. Glenn then began to imput the code for Hitokiri's signature move: Blade Wheel.

Each sword shone brightly in the air, reading the code and reacting to it. They floated down to Hitokiri's hight, moved outward and began spinning. Hitokiri pointed his finger straight in the air. A grin spread quickly across his face, and each blade was spinning, as well as orbiting around him. "Take this! BLADE WHEEL!" He pointed at the nearest Metool. The blades responded to this command, rising up lightning fast and flying towards his adversary.

The blades return to Hitokiri, slowing down, and halting mid air above Hitokiri in their former place. He prepared for any retaliations once again. A safe navi is a good navi.

Shotgun to FishyA - 50dmg (Pierce to FishyB - 50dmg)
Blade Wheel to MetoolA - 60dmg
Hitokiri loads up his Shotgun and fires off at the Fishys, deleting the two of them, before spinning his blades in the form of the wheel in the air. Taking deadly aim at the Metool, the swordsman strikes, chopping the virus into pieces before retrieving his swords. The final Fishy does a direct-on ram, but the samurai dodges, before getting caught by the Metool's shockwave. That kind of... tickled.

MetoolB: 40
FishyC: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Hitokiri: 95