First Battle

Aristotle appeared in a fury of pixels in the middle of ACDC Net.

"Ready Sir Charles?"

"Always ready Aristotle..." Sir Charles responded.

[Battle 1 STARTTTT!]
Aristotle didn't make it far before he happened upon a pack of Metools. The viruses were busily pickaxing away at one spot on the ground for some reason, and didn't notice the Navi until he was almost on top of them.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Aristotle.EXE: 100 HP

[[color=green]Battle 1! Here we go![/color]]

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Aristotle literally stared down at three Metools, randomly hacking away at one random panel. As he opened his book, drawing the sword, the metools still refused to accept his presence. Aristotle stared at them questioningly.

"What do you think they're doing Charles?" Aristotle asked his op.

"Why would I know Aristotle," Charles replied, "but bust them before you attempt to find out."

Contemplating this idea, Aristotle did pros and cons. He desperately wanted to know what was under that panel, and busting those virii seemed the only way to do it safely. "Ok, i accept your proposal," Aristotle stated, "but once it is over, i am going straight to check was is in that panel."

"Agreed," Sir Charles said. "What chips would be to your liking."

"I believe that the most effective method would to take out two with one shotgun, and then go for a cannon shot." Aristotle said as he analyzed the situation.

"Once more, agreed. Slotting in shotgun now."

Aristotle brought up his sword towards the virii as the sword slowly began to warp in shape. Before long, a shotgun sat in the place of where his sword was. He slowly brought up the gun, aiming between the two in front of him. As he fired, the bullet sped out of the barrel, heading perfectly towards the enemy. However, the bullet soon split, showering two metools with pellets. As Aristotle watched a cloud form over his two previous victims, his sword slowly warped back into its original shape in his hand.

"Great shot Aristotle, now slotting in the cannon."

As Aristotle dashed around the cloud formed by his handiwork, he suddenly began to slow. As he stopped, he saw the cause. His original, extremely light, sword had transformed into the heavier, more bulky, cannon chip, slowing his progress towards the virii. Aristotle slowly brought up the cannon chip, struggling under its enormous weight. As his hand steadied for just a few seconds, a miniature explosion occurred in the barrel of the mortar, firing out a bullet that easily broke the sound barrier. Dust was thrown up as the bullet smashed towards the final metool. However, Aristotle, not to be fooled, prepared to dodge any attacks thrown his way. As all this unfolded, Sir Charles began to applaud Aristotle's efforts

- - - - -

1. Shotgun < MetoolA (50 dmg) < spread1 < MetoolB (50 dmg)
2. Cannon < MetoolC (40 dmg)
3. Dodge

Five Elements: Air READY
((Le Bump))
((I'd watch the autohitting. The Shotgun blasts reads like its actually hitting the Mets, which can't be assumed. Not sure if that was your intent.))

Aristotle hits a Met which a Shotgun. Another virus is struck by the blast due to it being in close proximity. Aristotle fires one more blast from his Cannon, which eliminates the final enemy.


Aristotle.EXE: 100 HP

Rewards: 250z
((Ok, thanks for the tip. And no, it was not intentional))

Sir Charles sat with his mouth gaping open, shocked with the good results. "Wow..." was the only thing that came out of his somewhat deformed mouth.

"Sir Charles," Aristotle asked, "are you doubting me?"

Charles quickly sat upright. "No... not at all Aristotle..." As Aristotle began to walk away after picking up his zenny, Charles let out a contented sigh. He had barely gotten away with that this time. "Onward Aristotle?"

"Onward Sir Charles!" Aristotle replied.

[Battle 2 Start!]
Two Bunnies sit in the middle of Aristotle's path, giving him blank stares. Behind them, three Oldstoves move about in straight lines, randomly changing directions. They seem a bit stronger than the last three, so this might be tricky.

BunnyA: 50
BunnyB: 50
OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
OldstoveC: 50

Terrain: all normal

Aristotle: 100

Battle 2 Go
Aristotle stared down the Bunnies in his path. "Any ideas for this one Sir Charles?"

"I've got one Aristotle," Sir Charles replied, "try the shotgun on the Bunnies, and don't be afraid to try out that new attack."

"Agreed. Slot in Shotgun chip now?"

"Ok. Slotting in." Sir Charles took out his shotgun chip and quickly slotted in into the side of his PET.

Aristotle continued staring down the Bunnies, wondering about a strategy. However, Aristotle suddenly saw a glint of light out of the corner of his eye. As he looked down, he saw the shotgun already sitting in his hand, eager to be fired. Aristotle brought up the shotgun steadily, aiming straight between the two Bunnies. "This hopefully brings down two of them," Aristotle slowly commented as the trigger suddenly clicked. Inside of the barrel, sparks ignited and a bullet flew straight out of the Shotgun straight towards the two Bunnies. The bullet suddenly split, as many pellets flew towards the Bunnies.

Quickly, as the shotgun dissipated, Aristotle brought out his book. The sword that now sat in his hand once more vanished, but this time into his book. Turning to the second page, Aristotle spun the book in the direction of the cloud in front of the virii. Suddenly, a cyclone burst out of the book, straight into the cloud. "If we're lucky, that will hit, maybe even blow one back into the another one of the virii. And hopefully that will also blow away the cloud."

"Yeah," Sir Charles replied, "hopefully..." Truly, there was a lot of maybes in that statement.

- - - - -

1. Shotgun (50 dmg) < BunnyA < Spread1 < BunnyB
2. Five Elements (50 dmg) < aimed at OldStoveA < knockback possibly into OldStoveB
3. Take back out sword (dodge)
Aristotle engages the enemy quickly with a burst of shotgun fire at the Bunnies, deleting them without consequence. Soon afterward, the magician-type navi sent a cyclone of air at the first Oldstove and deleted it as it made one of its companions stop, probably due to the first Oldstove being pushed back suddenly. The third of the virus trio manuevered slowly toward Aristotle, spewing a straight jet of flame at the navi, but Aristotle managed to move back. The fire attack had weakened the ground so Aristotle might want to watch his step.

OldstoveA: DELETED
OldstoveB: 50
OldstoveC: 50

Terrain: 97% Normal, 3% Cracked (In Front of OldstoveC)

Aristotle: 100
As Aristotle saw the Oldstove freeze in it's path, he screamed out, "Charles, cannon!"

But Sir Charles had been quicker. As Aristotle screamed this out, he was already beginning to feel the sword in his hand morph. As he brought up this storm of data, it slowly began to take form as Aristotle looked down the shape at the Oldstoves. Finally, as the cannon itself had settled, it was once again disturbed, by the small explosion in the barrel of the mortar. A bullet was hurled out of the end of the barrel, speeding towards the Oldstove. But Aristotle had already moved on, taking down his blade and beginning to charge.

It was only when Sir Charles warned Aristotle, "Stay alert Aristotle!" that Aristotle rose, ready to dodge.

- - - - -

1. Cannon (40 dmg) < OldStoveB
2. Charge
3. Dodge

Aristotle fires his cannon and finishes off the weakened Oldstove. He then charges his buster. He is interrupted by an attack from the Spooky before he can finish and his weapon remains only halfcharged.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: DELETED!
OldstoveC: DELETED!
SpookyB: 30

Terrain: 98% Normal 2% Cracked

Armoury: 100 (buster halfcharged)
"Only one left now Aristotle." Sir Charles encouraged Aristotle.

Aristotle, having been interrupted by the virus, continued to charge his buster. Quickly, the sword began to almost ripple with energy. Aristotle spun the sword in his hand, grabbing it with the tip pointing towards the ground. As he ran it into the ground, a ripple of energy fired out of the ground straight towards the virus. Aristotle then took out the sword, quickly prepared to dodge any attack the virus might dish back in case it even managed to survive his blow.

"Nice moves Aristotle..." Sir Charles slowly commented.

- - - - -

1. Charge
2. Buster Charged shot (32 dmg.) > SpookyB
3. Dodge
((Le Bumpage))
Aristotle finishes powering up his attack and pulls out his sword. He manages to catch the ghost virus off guard and takes it down to end the battle.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: DELETED!
OldstoveC: DELETED!

Terrain: 98% Normal 2% Cracked

Armoury: 100

Rewards: 400z
Sir Charles yawned as Aristotle leaned over to pick up the zenny.

"Aristotle, i'm going to bed for a bit." Sir Charles said.

"As you wish Charles. Jack me out?" Aristotle asked.

"Got it." Sir Charles confirmed Aristotle's inquiry as the navi disappeared from the net.