I spy...

Miyu grumpily arrived on the net, her form rising from the ground with bats swirling around her. Unaccustomed to her apparently new entrance, she stood for a moment taking in the change. "That's an interesting change, Leon. Trying to tell me anything?"

"Of course not. Just wanted to give you a wider array of entrances, that's all. You might need to switch them up if we ever start doing 'business'" Leon winked at the end of the sentence, hoping Miyu would take the hint correctly.

Miyu noddded. "I guess that makes as much sense as you ever do. Anyways, I'm heading..." she closed her eyes and spun quickly in a circle, abruptly stopping and pointing in a random direction, "that way!" Wasting no time, she stretched her wings and started walking in her chosen direction.

"I'll keep an eye out for any net police and netmafia... and other suspicious characters" she said to Leon.

"Good call".

[Geezer battle 1]
Starting off, Miyu comes accross only three viruses. Two Melodies bounce around the field randomly while one Spooky just floats a few yards away, staring.

MelodyA: 80
MelodyB: 80
Spooky: 30

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200

Battle 1 Go
"Those are some...interesting viruses" Leon said absently as he watched the Melodies bounce around like kids that had far too much sugar. "Of greater concern is that spooky though. Plus the way he just sits there eying you is freakin' weird."

Miyu nodded. "Yeah. its creepy. Like serial murder stalker creepy." She kept track of where the viruses were hoping around the field, trying to get a sense of their pattern, if there even was one. You could never really tell with viruses anymore.

Leon, meanwhile, snatched up the Area Grab and Thunder chips, slotting them in. "I think you know what I have in mind?"

"Yeah. One zapped ghost coming up."

Miyu formed her hammer-scythe and wasted no time activating the area grab, quickly fading from existence, only to reappear behind the spooky with her scythe pointed at the spooky and the Thunder chip ready to fire. Not one to miss a golden opportunity, she fired the charge as soon as she had fully rematerialized.

She made a strategic withdrawal from the area of the Spooky's potential death, and spun around for a quick scan of the area. "Now what are those other two viruses up to..." She managed to find the first of the viruses, and decided to make it their new target.

Miyu targeted the Melody, and waited for it to make another bounce. As soon as it did and she could tell which way it was headed, she flared open her wings and dashed towards the virus with all her speed. Shy brought her weapon back, morphing it fully into a large hammer, and took three wild swings at the virus' body.

She stepped back and kept her eyes peeled for any surprise attacks from her new friends.

1. AreaGrab behind Spooky.
2. Thunder1 (40 Elec Homing) at Spooky.
3. Tactical Movement with Gust towards MelodyA.
4. Hammer Rush on MelodyA. 30 Elec x3.
Miyu warps behind the spooky and shoves a ball of electricity up its bu-, er, wispy tail. Not like ghosts have anything distinguishable below the waist. She then uses her agility and ability to rush up on the Melody and smash it to bits. The other Melody attempts to hop on her a few times but with all her dashing around the battlefield, it doesn't seem to be able to keep up.

MelodyB: 80
Spooky: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200
Miyu was pleased with the results of her battle so far. The spooky was done ogling her and there was one less annoyance bouncing all over the place.

She used her speed to dash to the left towards the melody, turning abruptly and flaring her wings and dashing quickly to the right towards the melody, and then turning and dashing straight towards the virus for the rest of the distance.

While Miyu was dashing around the battlefield, Leon slotted in their Kunai. "I hope this is good enough for you."

Miyu's weapon absorbed into her body, and in it's place she formed 3 kunai in her left hand. She slid to a halt on the battlefield facing the remaining enemy and flung the three kunai at it, making sure to adjust the winds for a more favorable attack.

1-3. Tactical Movements
4. Gust assisted Kunai at MelodyB. 30 Slashing x3.
Miyu manages to chase down the last virus and slay it with a handful of throwing knives. With that, her current task is complete.

Spooky: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200

Rewards: 145z
Miyu was ready for another attack but found none coming. Instead she found the last virus disappearing into nothingness in a stream of zeros and ones. A small amount of data hardened and dropped from the final virus, which she walked over and picked up.

"145Z..." she said somewhat disappointed. "I guess I can't ask for much. Those were incredibly weak."

"Yeah, they were."
Leon had a somewhat bored look on his face, but motioned for her to continue her trek. "Keep it movin', slacker."

"This coming from the guy who sleeps till noon everyday..."
she muttered under her breath. She continued to walk along the net to her destination far away. Whatever that happened to be.

[Grandpa battle 2]
Miyu comes upon a larger group of enemies, this time comprised of fire viruses. Two Oldstoves fumble around the field traveling in straight lines as if trapped in a grid system. Three Spikeys that had been laying idle get back on their feet and begin moving closer to Miyu, growling. The flooring is common, not giving either side an edge.

OldstoveA: 50
OldstoveB: 50
SpikeyA: 90
SpikeyB: 90
SpikeyC: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200

Battle 2 Go
Miyu took a few steps back as the Spikies began to close in on her. "So... you know how I always said I wanted a pet..?"

"Erm... No. I can't say that I do..."
Leon said, clearly expressing his confusion at her random question in his voice. He pick up his chips and slotted in what he felt were the most appropriate for the situation, waiting for Miyu to finish her train of thought and possibly make some sense.

"Right. And you shouldn't, because I don't like the idea of having a dog following me all the time."

Leon shook his head. That was quite possibly the most lame thing I've ever heard someone say. And I used to hang out with Wes and Soulman... so the bar isn't exactly low... Like father like daughter, I suppose.

Miyu received the chip data and sorted it out. Bubbler... Area Grab... Rage Claw... and.. a Flameline? She let out a slight sigh. "Fighting fire with fire, huh? Can you get any more cliched?"

"Of course I can. I'm old. I can find cliches cornier than your worst nightmares"
he said matter of factly. "Anyways, there was a plan, thanks. Bubble the Spikies, then flame whats left, and finish anything left with a teleport and a rage claw."

"I... guess that's a good enough plan, coming from you."

"Why thank you, Ice Queen."

Miyu scoffed. "Whatever, you're just jealous that I'm cooler than you are~" She took a moment move and to line her bubbler up with the lead spikey and one of its friends. She thrust her arm palm open and forward at the virus, unleashing her bubbly wrath at the fiery dogs.

Leon winced a bit. "Worst. Pun. Ever."

Miyu continued the assault on the viruses using her superior agility, or rather the Area Grab because she was lazy and not sticking to the plan, to move behind the stoves and into a position where she could potentially hit both of the semi-retarded stoves and the untouched spikey in one go. As soon as she had reappeared and had an acceptable opening, she brought her arm up from her side and raised it to the air, summoning a ball of fire to tear through her targets. Fearing that he aim was off, she used used her wings to create a small wind to try and guide the flames towards the spikey, since it was the farthest away and had the least likely chance of being hit.

Having little left to do, she activated the rage claw and charged headlong at the remaining spikey. She did weave a bit to try and keep it form outright pouncing her or shooting a fireball of its own, but the moves weren't too exceptional. As she neared the spikey, she lept into the air and raised her left arm above her head, readying it for what she hoped would be the decisive blow on the spikey. She began her descent and swiped with her massive clawed hand...

1. Bubbler 50 Aqua. Spikey A and B.
2. AreaGrab behind old stoves in a manner to line them up, if possible, and with Spikey C, if possible.
3. Flameline 70 Fire. Old Stove A/B. Attempt to use gust to guide into Spikey C.
4. Rage Claw 40. Spikey C.
Miyu takes a shot at two of the dog viruses but only the primary target gets hit. She then warps behind the other three enemies and lets loose with some flames, her wind powers allowing her to engulf the entire trio. As the Spikey staggers back from the attack, Miyu rushes up to it and delivers a fatal punch. The last Spikey takes a minute to relocate the teleporting navi.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: DELETED!
SpikeyB: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200
"Way to go there. With the plan and all that. That you didn't follow" Leon said sarcastically.Oh by the way, you've got a friend."

Miyu turned to face the spikey that was closing in on her. "Don't get angry because I didn't stick to the plan. It still worked out fine, right?" Miyu moved closer to the spikey, circling around with her rage claw ready to strike. She made a few fake lunges towards the virus before pouncing in earnest and letting out a shrill shriek, hoping to catch it off balance.

She let loose a torrent of slashes and rips and slams with the claw as she let out a hint of maniacal laughter, too caught up in the moment to care if she had actually landed on the spikey or if she was just beating the crap out of the pavement. The rising dust and blood, either from the spikey or form bashing her fist into the ground so much, didn't help matters any either. She was clearly enjoying her act, but had it paid off?


1. Tactical Movement (circle around with spikey, fake lunges)
2. Pounce with the Rageclaw! 40 Slash
3. Slash the crap out of the spikey with the rageclaw! 40 Slash
4. Slam the spikey against the ground with the rageclaw! 20 Impact
Miyu punches the Spikey... and punches it... and punches it... and for the sake of not making this take any longer than it really, absolutely needs to, this simpleminded tactic works to fell the creature. The enemies leave behind some spoils to collect but hopefully the greatest reward Miyu gets is the the hot feeling she gets from beating up on losers due to her sadistic nature. Huzzah.

OldstoveA: DELETED!
OldstoveB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu: 200

Rewards: Heatshot, 150z
As Miyu beat the virus into submission with her sadistic and happy grin, she began to calm down a bit. At least externally. She composed herself a bit and licked one of the minor scratches she had sustained in her reckless attack on her way to collect the data from the felled enemies, and did so with a slight spring in her step.

Meanwhile Leon just stared blankly at the screen with his jaw dropped at the scene he had just witnessed. I... guess she's like her mother too. Just to a much stronger degree. Then again, Ayumi didn't start to be anywhere near this bad till the corruption was quite deep into her and-

Leon's thought process was interrupted by the PET receiving the data Miyu had finally gotten over to collect. She was still walking along merrily, deeper into the net. Leon looked over the spoils and was pleasantly surprised to see a Heatshot among the loot.

"So, Leon. I guess this might not be a complete waste of time after all."

He agreed. At least they had gotten a chip out of it so far. And he hoped that was what she had been referring to as well.

"So... um... do you ALWAYS get that riled up while you're beating someone senseless?"

she shrugged. "I was raised in the undernet, ya know? Kill or be killed. No time to hate or resent or hesitate over what you're doing, so you might as well learn to like it so you don't have to worry about it."

Leon averted his eyes from the PET's screen. I guess I never thought form that perspectiv... but still... it seems a bit extreme to get that much pleasure out of hurting something. He sighed. I guess only time will tell what she really is like under all those layers she's built around herself.

[Giggity number 3][
As Leon considered Miyu's "It's me or them" approach to life, a new battle presented itself.

Somehow, out of nowhere, a number of Bunny viruses ambushed Miyu, trapping her within their circle.

They had her surrounded. Surrounded was never good in a battle.

With a quick glance around she'd be able to notice that there were six Bunnies in all, forming this ring, each one hopping frantically and erratically, though the circle remained.

Battle Summary:
Enemies: (In ring around Miyu)
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP
BunnyD: 50 HP
BunnyE: 50 HP
BunnyF: 50 HP

Miyu:(In center of Ring)
Miyu: 200 HP

100% Normal [Everywhere]
"Oh hey, you're psycho killer pounce on that spikey looks like it attracted some friends." Leon said in an angry sarcastic tone.

"Get over it. It's a bunch of Bunnies, how hard could it be?" Miyu had already formed a large glowing ball of electricity in her hand, the energy from it arcing all over the place. She reeled her arm back and tossed it at the bunny in front of her, and quickly turned to run towards the bunnies behind her.

Would you like some help, or are you just going to blow yourself up?" Leon spun a chip between his fingers, waiting for her answer.

"Yes, help would be nice." Her voice was muffled and the PET screen flickered and became static for a moment as the lightning bomb reached its target and exploded. The energy was released in large, cutting bolts of electricity, lashing out at anything even remotely near the area of impact with what sounded like loud chirps.

Leon slotted in the Lilbomb and shotgun. "Toss the bomb to your right and shotgun the left."

Miyu simply did as he said. She formed a dark blob in her heft hand and lobbed it over her head at the bunnies to her right. It hit the ground near them, exploding into a respectably sized cloud of pain. She stopped and took aim at one of the bunnies to her left, pulling a shotgun out of the air . She used her wings to create a small gust of wind, hoping to blow one of the other bunnies on the left into alignment with her main target. She fired it, knowing that if she waited any longer to try to hit two of them she could be there all day, getting pummeled in the process.

1. Arc Lightning Bomb (25 + Blast4) in the vicinity of Bunny A.
2. Run away from bunny A (tac move, dodge, whichever)
3. Lilbomb 50 + Blast2 towards BunnyC.
*Gust BunnyF toward BunnyE
4. Shotty 50 + Spread1 at BunnyE and F
Miyu throws her bomb, which manages to hit three of the bunnies before they're really ready to go. After this, the group begins shifting around, making difficult targets. However, dispite this, when the second bomb is thrown, two of the viruses get caught in the blast radius and thus have their existences ended. Miyu then uses the wind to grab one bunny and chuck it into a second one. Both are frozen by surprise for a split second, which proves adequate time for Miyu to get her shot in. As she does this, however, the bunny at full power gets behind her and whirls a ring of electricity her way, knocking away a bit of HP and stopping her movements for a moment.

Battle Summary:
Enemies: (In ring around Miyu)
BunnyA: 25 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Miyu:(In center of Ring)
Miyu: 180 HP (Stun, -1 action)

100% Normal [Everywhere]
"Nnngg!" Miyu winced as the bunny's attack shot electricity shooting through her body, causing her muscles to spasm and lock for a brief moment. Once the pain and zapping had subsided, she fell forward a bit, shaking her head and letting out a sigh. "I should've payed more attention..."

While Miyu was grumbling at herself, Leon snagged his Bubbler and Cannon chips, slotting them in. "Hey, don't worry about it. It was only a scratch, right? Anyways, here's something to finish them up with."

As the chip data reached Miyu, her eyes narrowed and she spun to face the full-powered bunny. She made sure to keep moving, and not in a straight line, to keep the bunnies from getting a free shot like last time. She raised her arm towards the bunny and started running towards it. As she did, her hand became liquid, and shot a stream of bubbles at the enemy.

She wasted no time to watch the bubbles pop, instead turning to the weakened bunny and eying it closely. She grabbed what looked like a handgun with a wide barrel out of the air in front of her, and she aimed it at the hopping fiend. With a pull of the trigger she sent a massive blast of energy traveling towards it. She hoped that this would end this encounter for good...


1. Stun ;~;
2. Tac Movement to get some distance from the bunnies.
3. Bubbler 50 Aqua at Bunny C
4. Cannon 40 at Bunny A
Miyu, after shaking off a bit of stun, chases down the bunny that struck her. Taking careful aim, she sends a blast of water its way which takes it out. She then focuses on the last Bunny who, being only at half strength, isn't moving quite as fast as its allies were. Because of this, Miyu is able to line up a shot and put it out of its/her misery. Now no one is standing in her way anymore.

Battle Summary:
Enemies: (In ring around Miyu)

Miyu:((was) In center of Ring)
Miyu: 180 HP

100% Normal [Everywhere]

Rewards: Zapring1, 150z
"Good work, Miyu. You seem like you've improved a bit since our last time out." Leon smiled warmly at Miyu, while she walked over to the data that was left and picked it up. "Oh! And a Zapring. That could come in handy, eh?"

The PET shook slightly as a window popped up on the screen, telling Leon that he had recieved an e-mail. He looked at the sender and shrugged it off. "You're brother sent you an e-mail back. Why not check it before we continue?"

Miyu smiled a bit and proceeded to read her e-mail. "He says that they're going to the shop and then they're free. Would you mind spending some time with them?" she asked with puppy dog eyes.

"Eh? Yeah, sure. Just stop looking at me like that. It's a little unnerving..."

"It's supposed to be. Break your spirit and give into what I want and all that. You don't know much about women, do you?"

"I know that they're a pain.

"Harhar. I could say the same about you. Jerk."
Miyu began to walk again, heading down the long road again. "I'll give them a while to get their stuff. I figure one more battle should be enough time, right?"

Leon shrugged. "How should I know? I don't know how fast they're moving or if the metro is running on time today. Sounds like a plan at any rate."

[Numbah 4]
Miyu runs across some HIGH SPEED enemies while chatting about her brother. They look like they want to just bulldoze everything over.
It seems that they're not alone thought, a wolf pack growls as they follow up the rear of the flying Fishys. This might be something challenging for once.

FishyA: 90 HP
FishyB: 90 HP
FishyC: 90 HP
FishyD: 90 HP
FishyE: 90 HP

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Miyu.exe: 200 HP