Summ Online

A purple card floated towards the ground, landing face up. Upon contact with the ground, it expanded and released a burst of light, which took the shape of a humanoid.

It soon solidified and gained color, becoming SummonerMan.

The Navi glanced around, and picked a random direction to head off in. "Not like it matters." he thought. He then wandered forward looking for something to do. The large card hovered about a foot off the ground, trailing him.

Rose was too busy with her paper to pay attention to what he was doing. She kept an earpiece plugged in so she could here chip requests, but otherwise she was occupied.

[Battle 1]
[[Bump, I suppose]]
Two OldStoves and a Powie come up to SummonerMan, itching for a fight. The Powie expands and reverts rapidly, showing its eagerness.

OldStoveA: 50 HP
OldstoveB: 50 HP
Powie: 60 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

SummonerMan.exe: 140 HP

SummonerMan encountered the battle, and wasn't happy with it. "This is nothing. If I can't kill these all in seconds, I clearly need to reevaluate my mental facilities."

Requesting two chips, which Rose quickly if half-heartedly sent, SummonerMan grasped the cards in his hand. Pulling the first one out in his other hand, he activated it and watched as it floated in front of his hand. It then sent a large blast of energy barreling down the field, in the general direction of the Powie.

As that card disappeared, he pulled out the other and activated it, too. This one was a far slower chip, though it activated quickly enough. After activation, a large log materialized in front of it, which then began rapidly spinning. Upon hitting the ground it rolled itself at the two stoves, which would, SummonerMan could only hope, be enough to end the battle.

"Too easy." the confident Navi remarked, as he turned his back on the enemies and idly manipulated his floating card with his foot.

1. Hicannon at Powie [80 dmg]
2. Ringlog at OldStoveA & OldStoveB [50[color=green] wood[/color] damage, may hit multiple enemies]
3. Turn around.
4. Ignore battle.
[[Bumps Again]]
The Hicannon blows up the Powie which causes much pain unto it. The ringlog rolls along all nice and neat, plowing through both Oldstoves. As they realize that the element they're strong against is what has cut them down, they realize that they are not true men. As their data breaks apart, they curse your name which you never told them in their weird virus grumbles.

OldstoveB: DELETED!

Terrain: 100% Normal

SummonerMan.exe: 140 HP

Rewards: 275z

"Hah, no problem." SummonerMan remarked to himself as he grabbed up the rewards and sent them back to the PeT.

As Rose still seemed occupied, and that hadn't been nearly interesting enough, he pressed onward, with his card in tow.

[Look, mom, no inhibitions! I can mod, too!]

As Summonerman continued his travels out of the shallow end of ACDC (naturally, with his silent and unassuming little card-thing in tow), he came upon something odd. A really big bush -- no, four Shrubbies -- were being herded to and fro by a pair of growling Spikeys. The trembling little viruses and their canine shepherds were heading away from Summonerman, toward the depths that the Navi was on his way to explore. The Spikeys nipped at the Shrubbies' leaves in a ravenous fashion. Apparently times were tough for viruses, too.

ShrubbyA: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP
ShrubbyD: 50 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP

Summonerman.EXE: 140 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

((OOC: Yeah, I'm sorry, but I'm a loser. I should've pointed this out before, but I wanted the SP to be out for all these battles so far. I undertsand that I can't have it placed into the battles that passed, as it's unfair, since it could've

SummonerMan, after a few thought about how lame and strange the enemies were, prepared himself for battle. However, before he did anything major, he sat down.

He had just been notified through PeT standard systems of an E-mail, and as he typically did, he looked at the sender and opened it up. "Oh, that brat again." he thought, opening up the message.

After reading it, a moment of rage filled him. However, he got over it and decided to respond in a cruel yet face saving way. So, while the Viruses ran off in said direction, SummonerMan sat casually on the ground writing a response.

It didn't take long before he had finished, being a rather brilliant and speedy writer. So, upon completion, he stood up. Unfortunately he hadn't wuite decided on what to do, so he decided it may be easier to just wait and see what happened. "They were running in the opposite direction, perhaps they'll ignore me and run off?" he suggested mentally.

No matter what happened, though, he was relatively prepared to avoid any assaults now, less occupied with the letter writing business.

Summ's Actions:
1. Sit down
2. Write E-mail
3. Stand up
4. Wait/Autododge

Card's Actions:
1. Float/Autododge
[Softlock engaged, however those things work.]

Through some kind of magic or luck or something, the group of viruses completely failed to notice Summonerman at all. The Spikeys kept herding the Shrubbies in the same direction. It probably wouldn't have been much of a stretch to say that the wolflike viruses shared the heightened sense of smell that their Real World counterparts enjoyed. Their noses must have been too full of the scent of leaves and fear coming from their captives to notice the Navi just a few leaps and bounds away.

Oh well, right?

As Summonerman just sat there, watched, and was generally nerdy by writing an e-mail when he should have been deleting some fools, the Spikeys headed further and further away with their captive Shrubbies. They rounded a corner and vanished from sight.

A fair distance away, from the direction in which the viruses had gone, came howling from many Spikey throats.

Would Summonerman continue on and ignore them, or would he head down the side path and see what was up?

Summonerman: 140 HP
Card: 40 HP

Terrain: 100% Normal
SummonerMan looked around quickly. "Hm, I guess they did wander off." He thought.

After considering for a moment, he rotated about 45 degrees on his heels and began walking off in another direction. "Whatever, they aren't my problem anymore. Why should I go chasing down that weird group of viruses when I'm just as likely to find another one without having to put extra effort into tracking them?" He mused, as he walked on. "There must be millions of viruses online. I'll find some more soon."

Around this point in time Rose paced the last few finishing touches on the Paper, and posted it up. "There we go, first issue." She said. "It's not the greatest, but it's a start. Maybe I'll get some more help for my next article now that people can see that I really am publishing these..." She thought aloud, quietly.

SummonerMan wasn't all that interested in what she was saying though, so he didn';t acknowledge her.

Summ and Card:
1-4. Continue on and ignore them?
[Softlock disengaged.]

Quite contrary to what the average Navi would do, Summonerman continued on instead of sidetracking to chase down the viruses he'd seen. Well, his logic was sound, but who knew what kind of trouble those undeleted viruses could get into?

All of a sudden, that didn't matter. This development was because Summonerman had just come to the crest of a little hill. Below him was a shallow bowl in the Netscape, almost as if it had been carved out by the (nonexistent) weather. The base of the bowl was scarred and cracked. This was because there were a bunch of Beetanks in the bottom, launching bombs willy-nilly and looking like they were having a load of fun.

On the far slope of the bowl, three Canodumbs sat at different heights. They were almost like sentinels standing guard over the Beetanks' frolicking. As soon as Summonerman appeared at the top of the rise, the Canodumbs' gun heads swiveled up to lock onto him.

CanodumbA: 50 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]
CanodumbB: 50 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]
CanodumbC: 50 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]
BeetankA: 50 HP [in the bottom of the bowl]
BeetankB: 50 HP [in the bottom of the bowl]
BeetankC: 50 HP [in the bottom of the bowl]

Summonerman.EXE: 140 HP [on the high ground]
Card: 40 HP [on the high ground]

Terrain: 85% Normal (the bowl), 15% Cracked (various patches at the bottom of the bowl]

But does he have the moral high ground!? HERE WE GO!
SummonerMan quickly "flew" into action, though his actions were far from the literal sense of said term.

The first thing he did, noting the enemies on the far edge of the bowl was to pull out another card and flick it to the ground in front of him, summoning a large wall.

"Weird again." he thought, noting the bowl, "Some sort of strange giant NetMeteor hit here or something?" He didn't dwell on this topic long, though.

He requested two chips, which Rose, now done making her NetPaper, gladly supplied.

Almost immediately after they had appeared, SummonerMan stepped out from behind his wall to chuck the two cards at opposite sides of the Circle. Upon hittong the ground, each one summoned a giant log, which then proceeded to roll down the side of the bowl. Hopefully, this two-pronged assault would be enough to take out the troublesome Hercules Beetle style tanks at the bottom.

SummonerMan ducked back behind the wall, where he pulled out yet another card. Leaning barely around the wall's edge, he held it out. The card floated out until it was hovering just beyond his palm, following his will. He quickly targeted it towards the Canodumbs, and activated it. It released a shot: the physical form of the Shotgun chip. He then once more ducking back behind the wall.

His ever-so-useful card hovered before him, in the shadow of the wall.

Summ's Actions:
1. Summon: Wall [40 HP object]
2. Ringlog1 At BeetankA, BeetankB, and BeetankC [50 [color=green]wood[/color] damage] (Left Side of Bowl)
3. Ringlog1 At BeetankA, BeetankB, and BeetankC [50 [color=green]wood[/color] damage] (Right Side of Bowl)
4. Shotgun at CanodumbB (Possible Splash at one of the others) [50 dmg, Spread1]

Card's Action:
1. Wait/Autododge
Summonerman went bowling, seriously. But first he called up a Wall in front of him, which was busted through with two Cannondumb shots, the third one attacking his Support Program, who drifted over the blast, avoiding it.

As I was saying, Summonerman went bowling, and the Ringlogs kind of came down on the Beetanks, squishing them together, while the middle one tried running away, and tripped over the colliding logs and feel flat on itself, launching a bomb somewhere, and cracking more panels.

Summonerman then took care of another Cannondumb, blasting it to bits with a Shotgun blast. The virus fell comically off the side of the wall before bursting into fragments of data and flying up into the air.

CanodumbA: 50 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]
CanodumbC: 50 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]
BeetankB: 30 HP [in the bottom of the bowl] (Fallen and can't get up)

Summonerman.EXE: 140 HP [on the high ground]
Card: 40 HP [on the high ground]
Wall: SHOT

Terrain: 82% Normal (the bowl), 18% Cracked (various patches at the bottom of the bowl]
SummonerMan, seeing how things were going, and noting his mysterious lack of protection, decided to try and speed up his victory.

"I should be able to wrap this up quickly..." He thought, as he looked over the remaining enemies.

Rose sent him three new cards, which appeared in his hand. He looked them over approvingly. "I suppose I can make due with this."

With a flick of the wrist, he tossed one of the cards out, allowing it to sail over the fallen Beetank before attempting to activate it.

Once activated, the card summoned a humongous weight, which dropped from the card face.

SummonerMan then took the two remaining cards and split them between his two hands. He made them float before his palms, and aimed them at the two remaining Canodumbs. Focusing on putting more of a push behind the weaker Cannon chip in his right hand, he activated both that card and the HiCannon Card in his left.

Two orbs of energy were blasted from the cards, which caused the cards to recoil back at his hands, but he dismissed them so they dissolved into the air anyway.

SummonerMan, now content with his destruction, Jumped back and surveyed the field, fully ready to collect his rewards and be done with this battle.

The Card remained floating idly behind him, as SummonerMan didn't have much to do with it. He was focused enough to move it out of the way of attacks, though, so it should be fine. "This thing's still so useless. I'm really hoping that it does get much better as time goes on, for its sake." SummonerMan thought of his Card SP.

SummonerMan's Actions:
1. Quake1 at BeetankB [100 Dmg]
2. Cannon at CanodumbC [40 dmg]
- - -Untapped Power [+10]
3. HiCannon at CanodumbA [80 dmg]
4. Autododge

Card's Actions:
1. AutoDodge

The Beetank saw the Quake coming, and tried stopping it by blasting it with a LilBomb, but while it weakened the fall, the poor thing was still crushed, making holes appear in the bottom of the dome.
Summonerman then called on two gun chips, blasting his Cannon with a bit more effort and also releasing the HiCannon effortlessly, though he did go back a bit with the recoil.
The Cannondumbs, not really being able to dodge, blasted their own attacks into the incoming Cannon shots, one succeeding a bit more than the other in prolonging its imminent deletion. It was kind of futile, but the Cannondumb really couldn't run away or anything.

CanodumbA: FUTILE'D
CanodumbC: 20 HP [halfway up the far side of the bowl]

Summonerman.EXE: 140 HP [on the high ground]
Card: 40 HP [on the high ground]
Wall: SHOT

Terrain: 82% Normal (the bowl), 15% Cracked [various patches at the bottom of the bowl], 3% Broken
"Damn, they're not dead?" SummonerMan asked, rhetorically, aloud. "Some sort of long range chip, Ma'am. I want to finish this ay-sap."

"Sure thing." Rose responded, sending him one of his only remaining efficient long range chips. He had apparently been far to wasteful with his chip usage so far. She'd have to bring that up.

SummonerMan pulled this last card out and made it hover in front of his palm. He targeted it at the remaining Canodumb and activated it. Upon activation, a decently sized fireball appeared in front of the card, which then shot off at high speed in the direction that SummonerMan had the card faced.

"And that should do it." The purple-clad navi said, clapping his hands together. He then waited a moment, for the mystery data to form.

"I'd call him cocky." Rose thought, "But it is only one virus. I suppose I'll let him get away with it."

Summ's Actions:
1. Heatshot at CanodumbC [40 [color=red]Fire[/color] dmg, Spread1]
2-4. Nothing
Card's Actions:
1. Float/Autododge
The heatshot hits easily enough, ending the battle. Yay and stuff.

CanodumbA: FUTILE'D
CanodumbC: DELETED!

Summonerman.EXE: 140 HP [on the high ground]
Card: 40 HP [on the high ground]
Wall: SHOT

Terrain: 82% Normal (the bowl), 15% Cracked [various patches at the bottom of the bowl], 3% Broken

Rewards: 460z, 15 bugfrags