Dark Boy jacked into the Net and immediatly ran around his HP Once and then out the link. When he got onto the Net, he noticed it was peace and quiet. But not for long! Dark Boy started running around for viruses like mad! He didnt want much, but he really wanted to get some battle chips.

"Come on Dark Boy, slow down. You'll run out of energy." Trillian said.

Oh Im built for speed...live with it. I like running around!

"Ah well."

((Lets battle soem viruses! 0Make it simple Im still a newb0))
Dark Boy encounters stuff; to be specific, two ghosts, and a mask-wearing raccoon. Simple? Maybe...

SpookyA: 30
SpookyB: 30
Bandcoon: 50

Dark Boy: 100

Terrain: 100% Normal


Spookys....Im pretty sure they dissapear, right? Lets take out the Bandacoon first.

First, Dark Boy knows that Bandacoon steels chips, so he starts running around and around Bandcoon to confuse it. After he runs around a bunch of times, he slots in the ShotGun. Dark Boy, still running in circles, sneaks up behind the Bandacoon...right as its open, and fires right from behind at the bandacoon with an immense ShotGun! Being so close the force of the shot pushed Dark Boy back pretty far...Looking to see if the Bandacoon was it.

Am I allowed to do this? If not ignore it.

Dark Boy meanwhile started Shooting all of the panels on the ground around him...disabliing most movements!

Dark Boy then got out a Cannon and fired at SpookyB! The shot seemed to hit but he couldnt be sure...

And then he just fired another cannon shot at the other Spooky! Waiting for the smoke to disapear, he stould there....bracing himself for all attacks coming out of the smokescreen.

EDIT: Hold on we can only usse cannon 1ce per turn right? So nvm change that to
a buster chot.
Turn Overview:
[ShotGun 50] Bandacoon
[Cannon 40] SpookyB
[Buster 2] SpookyA
((You can't really shoot at all the panels to disable movement, since you can only fire 1 shot at a time. You may be able to eventually make a signature attack that has a similar effect, but not much can be done right now.))

The Bandcoon takes the brunt of the shotgun blast, getting deleted nearly instantly. Dark Boy then fires his cannon at one of the Spooky viruses, punching a large hole in its side. He then fires a weak buster shot at the last Spooky virus, causing it to disappear! Dark Boy spins around, trying to locate the spectral virus. He continues to look around, and turns 180 degrees. His eyes meet the eyes of the spooky, a mere 5 inches from his face. Dark Boy's face shows an expression of surprise and dread as the Spooky licks him with its corrosive tongue. Gross.

SpookyA: 28
Bandcoon: DELETED

Dark Boy: 90

Terrain: 100% Normal
Dark Boy, stunned by the lick and toughness of the tounge. Ran about 30 Feet out of the range. Planning his next move, he started his old tactic of confusing the virus. As he was running around, he slotted in his Rageclaw1!

As he was running, the virus was spinning trying to lock onto him. Then, he came to a complete stop, the virus still spinning. He fired his charged buster shot straight at the virus!

Then, he got his rageclaw, ran up to the virus, and slashed at it as many times as he could (3 right?). Then, he got out his gun again. Preparing for his signature attack.

Dark Boy, Maximum Power! DEATH VULCAN!


Dark Boy fired his gun 6 times, homed shots, straight at the virus! Each shot did 10 Damage each! In a cloud of dust, he waited for the results of the match....


[Charged Buster]> 20
[Signature Move]> 60 [MAX]
((First off, it takes 3 actions total to fire a charged buster; two to charge and one to fire. Secondly, Pretty much every melee chip {unless specified by its description} is 1 attack per action. So one action of RageClaw = one slash. The only thing that makes it different from other chips is it can be used repeatedly before breaking {15 swings for a RageClaw} or is overridden by a Mod.))

In a fit of rage, Dark Boy attempts to annihilate the final spooky virus, and is mostly successful.


Bandcoon: DELETED

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy: 90
Rewards: 150z
No battle chips.....????

Let me have some more!
((You'll get more. Patience, young one. Note the zenny change, it changed from 50z to 150z))
Ok. Waiting for viruses!
((You're suppose to make a statement RP-wise to go to the next step. So you have to make Dark Boy go further into the net if you wanna fight more

Hope it helps~))
((You can add whatever RP stuff you want, then just type something like "((Requesting Battle #2!))," etc. at the end.))

Dark Boy searches out some more viruses, and finds a fairly tame looking group: a few Metools and a couple Beetanks. No problem, right?

Viruses Identified

MetoolA: 40HP
MetoolB: 40HP
BeetankA: 50HP
BeetankB: 50HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 90HP

<(Battle #2: Bombs away! Ready, Fight!)>
Beetanks, huh! Well, lets start the busting!

Dark Boy immediatly started running around, not trying to confuse the viruses, but to dodge while he thinks for ideas. Then it hit him! He thought he could take out the Beetank in 1 chip!


Dark Boy got out the rage claw, and ran across the viruses holding his arm out. He sliced as many times as he could! Then,



Dark Boy got his gun out as usual and fired 3 homed shots at the MetoolA and 3 and the MetoolB.

In the cloud of darkness emitting from his gun, he started running around avoiding possible attacks awaiting the results.

MetoolA - Sigmove - 30
MetoolB - Sigmove - 30
Beetank - Rageclaw - 40
Rageclaw - 40 - BeetankB
[EDIT: Darn it, Grim, you ninja'd me.

Erm...Dark Boy, you're in error. Your Signature Attack's description tells me that it inflicts 60 damage to one enemy. You can't split this into two hits of 30 on the fly, and you can't spend four actions in a turn when you only have three. It's up to Grim whether you should fix it and he should re-mod that turn, or whether he should let it go for now.]
Dark Boy opens fire on the Metools, spraying them with dark vulcan rounds and forcing one to retreat under its protective helmet. Darkboy then charges the two Beetanks, delivering a grating slash to each one. The three viruses open fire, but one of the Beetanks misses by a long shot. The Metool's shockwave and the second Beetank's bomb hits their mark though.

MetoolA: 10HP
MetoolB: 10HP (Under Helmet)
BeetankA: 10HP
BeetankB: 10HP

Terrain: 100% Normal

Dark Boy.EXE: 70HP
((Its my fault for not catching it, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and let it slide. Also according to his signature attack description, it isn't very specific as to whether or not it strikes one or multiple opponents. "Dark whips out his Darl Gun and homes and fires six times at 10 Damage each at the enemy (a figure of speech referring to something plural like an army, squad, etc.)!" That can be interpreted as multi-targeting.))
((Your battle isn't finished yet. All 4 viruses are still alive! Finish them off!))
Dark Boy was standing there, looking at all the viruses in a row. He got an idea!


And Dark Boy shot straight at the virus in the middle of the line attempting to make the spread of it hit the other virues on each side.

"STAY STILL! OR DIE!" Dark Boy yelled

As he fired the gun straight at the virus!

Then, he got out a canon chip and fired at the remaining virus.
There was 1 virus left, so he was NOT risking getting hit so he started running around LIKE MAD causing black holes that honest to god reall do nothing.

Sorry for teh short post. And Im not sure what to do for a Turn Overview for this. I wasnt sure what viruses where standing together and what not.
[For your turn summary, just account for your actions during the turn. You used a Shotgun, a Cannon, and a dodge, so your summary would look like this --

1. Shotgun at ____
2. Cannon at ____
3. Dodge

If you're trying to do something specific with an action, such as hitting all of the viruses because they're in a line, just give the extra information after that action so that the mod can keep up.]