No, wait, it's just BeastOuts again. Only they don't suck now. And you don't have to grind through 20 battles to fight a Cybeast anymore either. Just FYI.

To fight a Cybeast, merely reference a pinned Cybeast Den topic. Drauchen's is in Hades Net, Squalo's in Sharo Net, Riccio's in NetVegas Net, and Kuman's in Yumland Net. As said there, just request a Cybeast battle in that forum instead of a battle 1 to fight that area's resident Cybeast. Sounds too easy? Yeah, I wouldn't bet on that. I highly recommend fighting Cybeasts in teams. Only the topic creator gets the BeastOut upon victory, but for their selfless act of bro-osity, teammates will receive a healthy dose of FXP.

BeastOuts really have little in common with their former selves, so read up on them to see what's different. For the 3 people who already have a BeastOut through the old method, you will need to re-register your BO to fit the new rules.

BeastOuts now also include special BO-exclusive sig effects, which can be viewed in this here section of the sig effect list.