Training... some more

Houndman appeared from the sky and floated down to the ground. "The usuall?" Houndman asked. "Yea." Quentin said. Houndman began to walk looking around for some virii to beat up.
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
Canondumb: 50 HP

Houndman: 100 HP
"Finnaly I get to try my new chip." Houndman said. "Alright, let me send it in." Quentin said. Suddenly a light appeared in Houndmans hands and it came out to be a heatshot. He pulled it up and aimed at one of the virii and shot. After he shot he pulled out a shotgun and ran over to the side of the virii and aimed again shooting at a different virii. "Alright lets see if we can take out the last one." Houndman said. He pulled out a cannon and this time ran up to point blank range to shoot just so he might not miss but he knew it was still very risky. He pulled the trigger and stepped back.

They die! Boom!

MetoolB: TORCH'D
Canondumb: HOLEY

Houndman: 100 HP

Prizes: 100z, Guard1
"That was faster then I thought it would be. Well time for more battles." Houndman said. Houndman began to walk again for battles.
"DRAMATIC ENTRANCE!" shouted a voice from above, and lo and behold, a column of black light crashed down onto the net near Houndman, exploding in a burst of black rose petals.
"Hark yonder navi! For I am BlackRose! Agent of Neo Requiem!" BlackRose called out. Her hair was black, and her hairband adorning her hair was Dark Blue. Her eyes were forest green. The navi has a black bandanna it is wrapped around her head, covering the top part of her face, above her nose, and has two eyeholes so she can see.
Tied to her shoulders is a flowing black cape. On her arms are black sleeves that go to her elbows and her main body is on a black one-piece swimsuit with the Requiem symbol on her chest, a gravestone with a music note on it. Her pants are black shorts, and she wears black sneakers.
"May I accompany you on yonder busting spree?" BlackRose inquired, curtsying.
"Um... well... of course." Houndman said while scratching the back of his head. He turns to his side and starts to walk signaling Blackrose to follow. "O, and by the way the name is Houndman." he said smiling
"Alright then! Henceforth, we shall be allies!" BlackRose announced, pumping her fist in the air.
"To battle!" BlackRose exclaimed, punching towards a direction that Houndman was going and started walking in that direction.
"I'm Ace by the way," "Ace" said, a screen popping up revealing a figure who's eyes were covered in a black hood.

((Battle 1 please))
(Son of a ***** my internet messed up and didnt show the post revised and i put so I redid it trying to remember what I put and after I posted it, it showed the posts. So if you can ignore this post and I'm very sorry.)

(Also, Battle 1, if you will, I'm sure Lee would like it.)
Schizophrenic post much?

Viruses come, to battle Rose and Houndman!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP

BlackRose: 140 HP
Houndman: 100 HP

"Hark! Evil viruses approach!" BlackRose exclaimed, pointing one of her roses at the incoming viruses.
"Err... yeah," Ace commented lamely, his face now hidden behind a fuzzy screen that refused to show his face. "Anyway, we should attack," Ace said, stating the obvious.
"Of course!" BlackRose stated, turning to Houndman. "I will now show you the great power of Neo Requiem agents! Entrapping Nectar!" the black masquerader shouted, throwing her rose, stem first at the Spikeys. It exploded in front of them, sending out waves of a sticky substance to try and bind the wolf-like viruses.
"Now! To attack! Chips please!" BlackRose shouted, holding her right hand up to the air, as if waiting for some divine intervention from god.
"Alright! Wideshot! Slot-in!" Ace shouted, sending his navi the chip.
"Drown in the glory of Neo Requiem! Wideshot!" BlackRose cried, as she whipped out another black rose, how many of these does she have anyway? The heroine of justice pointed her weapon right at the viruses, and fired, sending a wide arc of water at the Spikeys, attempting to destroy them in one blast.
"Oh ho! Now to take precautionary measures!" BlackRose mused, jumping back and scanning the opponent's side for any sign of attack, which, if they did attack, she would be ready to jump elegantly out of the way, like a raven in the night.
"Alright Houndman! Show me your stuff!" BR cheered while singlehandedly manipulating the wind in the netscape in an attempt to disorient the remaining viruses.

Turn Summary
1. Caramel Stickiness to Spikey group [Stuns so they cannot move nor dodge]
2. Wideshot to Spikey group [80 Aqua DMGx2 = 160 Aqua DMG]
3-4. Dodge
*Gust: Disorient Metools. [Makes attacks and dodges less effective]
Houndman stood in amazment in what he just saw Blackrose do. "Alright, well time to see what I can do. Cannon please Quentin." Houndman said. "Right sending one cannon." Quentin said. A cannon appeared in Houndmans' hands and he lifted it up. Then once he thought he had the shot he pulled the trigger. "Another one please." Houndman said. "No problem. One more cannon coming up." Quentin said. Another cannon appeared in Houndmans' hands. This time Houndman ran over about 20 feet and shot again. "Alright, now something to do, oh the guard. I need the guard." Houndman said. "Well, this is a nice way to test it out. Ok let's do this." Quentin said. Houndman pulled up a big shield. "Oh and by the way my name is Quentin, nice to meet you." Quentin said.

Stuff goes boom, stuff dies via water, and the met misses...

MetoolA: dead
MetoolB: dead
MetoolC: 40 HP
SpikeyA: dead
SpikeyB: dead
SpikeyC: dead

BlackRose: 140 HP
Houndman: 100 HP
"You thinking what I'm thinking?" Ace asked BlackRose.
"Oh yeah!" BlackRose cheered, jumping a good distance away and in front of the Metool.
"Firehit1, Minibomb! Slot-in!" Ace shouted, sending his navi the chips.
"Time for some special effects!" BlackRose exclaimed, clenching her right fist and bringing it up in front of her face in an uppercut like postion.
"I'll join in too!" Ace stated cheerfully.
"OK ready?" BlackRose asked.
"Yeah!" Ace replied, smirking.
Suddenly, the view turned to widescreen, BlackRose was still in the same position. A loud roar, a great battle cry, came from both the navi and the operator.

"THIS HAND OF MINE IS BURNING RED!" Shin and Red shouted, the navi lighting her hand on fire. "IT'S LOUD ROAR TELLS ME TO GRASP VICTORY!" they shouted yet again in unison as BlackRose pulled her fist back and charged at the Metool.
"Take this! All my love, my anger, and all of my Sorrow!" the pair shouted as Red jumped into the air in an arc towards the remaining Metool.


The loud yell echoed through the netscape as the dark hero slammed her fist towards the Metool. Whether or not she hit, was up to god to decide.

"And now! THE END!" the navi and op shouted as BlackRose thrusted a Minibomb at the Metool after her Firehit, causing it to explode in an attempt to utterly finish off the virus.
The navi took a backflip, backing a good distance away from the opponent.

"In the name of the KING OF HEARTS!" the navi and op pair shouted, emanating a great aura around them. BlackRose then got ready to dodge. The wind of the netscape seemed to be ready to help her out o the way of any attacks as well.

Turn Summary
1. Epic Chant
3. Minibomb to MetoolC [60 DMG]
4. Dodge
*Gust: Dodge
"Oh my god!" Houndman yelled as his mouth droped to the ground.

"Wow I wish we were that good." Quentin said.

While the smoke was still around the metool Houndman pulled up a shotgun and shot into the smoke. Then a rageclaw appeared over his hand and Houndman ran foward and jumped into the smoke slashing where he thinks the metool is. Houndman then ran out of the smoke taking a position where he thinks he could dodge easily.

"By the way Blackrose, you are awsome!" Houndman said.

Ok... the met seems to have commented seppuku after Blackrose's little.... Well... Um.... I think the met was embarrassed by her actions...

Zenny: 175 to both

Quote (Lee)

"By the way Blackrose, you are awesome!" Houndman said.

"Right?" BlackRose asked excitedly, blowing a tiny kiss to Houndman.
"Well more navis to save and all that," Ace said. "Look for Neo Requiem on the BBS soon."
"See ya later!" BlackRose said, twirling upwards and disappearing upwards in a burst of black rose petals and a stream of black light.

[RRH Jack Out]