I can has delivery mission

Shinokami landed in a kneeling pose, quickly getting to his feet afterwards. His mind, or rather thought process, was running wild. He would have to report to Hisai soon. That meant he would most likely end up being told to hurt Kamoku. The bigger question, though, was if he could do it. In the few days spent together, he had grown ... emotions for Kamoku. Such a thing confused him. He didn't have these feelings for Hisai, but at the same time, he felt compelled to do Hisai's bidding. It all made no sense.

"Shinokami?" asked Kamoku, wondering why he was standing still.

"S-sorry ... The mission said to head towards the Internet City portal, right? Let's get on with it."


Shinokami was taken aback, but kept it inside. Kamoku's quieter nature had changed already. It was the first time, but she looked ... happy with Shinokami by her side.

Now he definately couldn't do it.
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It seems as if the recipe data is malfunctioning. It keeps emitting the aroma of freshly baked cookies.

The smell has attracted some viruses!

Hungry Hungry MetoolA: 40HP
Hungry Hungry MetoolB: 40HP
Hungry Hungry MetoolC: 40HP
Hungry Hungry MetoolD: 40HP
Starvin' Spooky: 50HP

Shinokami.EXE: 100HP
Shinokami stopped dead, looking around. At first, only one Metool was seen to him, but he soon could tell that it wasn't alone. He slowly turned around full-circle, the gravity of the situation hitting on him. Surrounded. He had to get out before the situation got worse.

"Shinokami! Watch out!" shouted Kamoku, one hand clutching her PeT, the other clutching some battlechips near her chest.

"I see them, Kamoku ... I'm ready."

Shinokami brought his hand up high, then slammed it down on the solid floor beneath him. From the impact, black liquid spread outwards in three directions, before pooling together in one spot. Shooting upwards, the shadows reformed themselves, becoming more and more like Shinokami himself, eventually being almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Sensing the chance to escape from the trap, all four Shinokamis leapt into the air, then shot out in different directions.

"Can you hit..." started one Shinokami.

"...What isn't real?" another added. "This is not time for games."

"It is time for battle." said a third.

"A battle for survival." added the fourth Shinokami, before dashing forwards and slashing at the Spooky, however the blade of Kafziel simply slashed through with no effect. A feint? Or a special attack?

"Shinokami! I'm sending a Shotgun and Heatshot! Use those!"

All four Shinokamis nodded in response, each holding out their hand and pointing it towards one of the Metools. At the same time, each of them unleashed their attacks. Two launched fireballs, two launched invisible forces, before returning to circling. The shadow clones were useful, but their perfection was at question. Would they see through the ruse? Every scenario of battle flowed through Shinokami's computing cycles, dulling his senses. He shook his head, attempting to release him from the endless computation. Hesitation was a sure way towards defeat.

((1 - Haguro [Created 3 clones]))
((2 - Shotgun [50] @ MetA [Aim splash to B]))
((3 - Heatshot [40] @ MetC [Aim splash to D]))
The hungry viruses were suddenly confused by the now small unit of Navis before them. Which one held their delicious treats? The viruses close their eyes, and take a big sniff.

And all turn RIGHT at the real Shinokami!

Luckily, having one's eyes closed still isn't a smart idea, and most of their attack fly away wildly. Two Met-Shockwaves hit Shinokami, but the rest all spiraled off in who knows what direction.

Shinokami feeds some of the Mets, WITH SHOTGUN AND HEAT.

Hungry Hungry MetoolA: DELETED
Hungry Hungry MetoolB: 15HP
Hungry Hungry MetoolC: DELETED
Hungry Hungry MetoolD: 20HP
Starvin' Spooky: 50HP

Shinokami.EXE: 80HP
The three clones vanished into smoke and shadow, leaving the real Shinokami alone in battle. Well, minus the surviving enemies. The attack that hit grounded him, but he wasn't hurt majorly. He glared up at the viruses, regaining his train of thought.

"So, you were able to find me through scent. I must commend that achievement, but I wouldn't get complacent down, if I were you."

A flash of white light and the sound of metal slicing metal. Shinokami wasn't where he should have been, instead kneeling down behind the Spooky, having just attacked in the literal milliseconds during the flash.

"Shinokami, I'm sending more chips!" shouted Kamoku, hurriedly fumbling through her stock. "Which ones ... RageClaw, Cannon and Guard?"

"Kamoku. I can end this battle soon. Please send attack chips. Save the Guard chip for dire situations."

"H-hai! I'm sending them now!"

Shinokami shot upwards into the air with a flap of his wings, flipping over and dashing towards one of the Metools, spinning around and attacking with a vortex of claws, ending with his outstretched hand in the face of another Metool. But what the Metool may not have realized in time was that Shinokami doesn't need the Cannon in his hand to use it. Another invisible force shot outwards from Shinokami's hand, the recoil flipping him over and back onto his feet on the ground.

((1 - Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin (60) @ Starvin' Spooky))
((2 - RageClaw (40) @ Hungry Hungry MetoolB))
((3 - Cannon (40) @ Hungry Hungry MetoolD))
I guess their hunger made them weak.


Rewards: 400Z


The recipe data still smells like fresh cookies.
"Hmph. Another distraction in our mission, it seems. Though I am surprised they are programmed with a sense of smell. Let's keep going, Kamoku. We should be close, now."

Shinokami made his way onwards, clutching his arm to stem the flow of data out of his body. His destination should be near, but interruptions are commonplace on the net...
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Shinokami made his way slowly through ACDC Net, and has he got closer, the area gradually became more populated.

Suddenly, Shinokami's wounds suddenly started to sting, and an acrid, burning smell assaulted his own sense of smell. A wave of heat rolled over his body. Had the cookies spontaneously burst into flame?


NormalNavis dove for cover as what looked like a grease fire rolled down the path. In its wake was a long line of charred earth. It lurched mindlessly towards Shinokami...

Flame Avatar: 90
Shinokami stood straight, staring towards the flaming ball. Kamoku's face appeared on a screen, floating near Shinokami's right shoulder.

"Shinokami. Is this who we're supposed to deliver the data to?"

Shinokami kept his gaze on the enemy, steeling himself inside.

"No. This can't be it. Whoever that is, they're too destructive. They aren't here for e delivery, they're here to spread chaos."

Kamoku looked somewhat shocked. Even after the previous encounters, she still hadn't come to terms with the fact that many people preferred a state of chaos to the law and order of the world.

"Why ... why would they do this?"

"I'm afraid I don't know, Kamoku. But if it's all right with you, I wish to stop them from causing further harm to others."

Kamoku nodded, a newly ignited resolve beginning to spark in her eyes as she dug out her Battle Chips.

"Okay, Shinokami! Please, be careful."

"I will try, Kamoku."

Shinokami started out at a walking pace, gathering speed until he broke out into a sprint. In the real world, Kamoku quickly pushed in a Cannon chip, loading it into her PeT then sending it straight to Shinokami. He had a plan in mind, but it was a bit of a gamble, and possibly a waste of a good attack chip. But the ends justified the means.

Shinokami thrust his hand downwards, ascending high into the air with a loud bang and a cloud of dust and debris. The Cannon had served its purpose, but there was still another part to the plan. Reaching to his neck, Shinokami clutched the purple jewel around his neck, whispering a mantra with his eyes closed in prayer...

"I pray, aloft in the Heavens and in the thresholds of battle..."

With a sharp pull, the jewel now left its binding to Shinokami, beginning to glow slightly.

"... Soaring over the enemies unknown, yet assured of their wrong-doings ..."

Shinokami pulled back his fist, opening his eyes as his words became more forceful.

"... As I pray, I call to the greatest of the great! I call unto thee..."

The glow of the gem became more and more forceful, the jewel glowing violently in his tightly clenched hand. With a powerful punch, he thrust it forward, his fist disappearing into thin air as if thrust into a liquid, distorting and rippling an invisible surface.

"...Lend me your immeasurable wealth and strength!"

Shinokami sharply twisted his arm, as if turning a key, then forcefully threw his arm downwards, ripples in the invisible surface giving way to hundreds upon hundreds of different bladed weapons.

"Hero-king of Sumeria! Gilgamesh!"

Gravity too its toll, returning its effect to Shinokami, now at the apex of his launch. He thrust out his empty hand, white flames erupting outwards and behind him, dissipating to reveal his shining white scythe, Kafziel. Both weapon and master shot downwards towards the fiery being, aiming towards their mark, as did the masses of weaponry summoned earlier. Pincushion the enemy, then follow up with a powerful strike. That was the plan. Kamoku hoped and hoped it would work, wishing Lady Luck to be with them...

((1 - Cannon @ Ground [Launch high into the air/Chip-assisted Dodge]))
((2 - Gate of Babylon @ Flame Avatar [4 x 10 damage, all Homing]))
((3 - Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin @ Flame Avatar [60 damage]))
Shinokami's weapons flew true, dissolving into data as they pierce the fire-blob, their purpose served. The blob recoiled, apparently learning some caution from this unforseeably powerful Navi's furious assault. Without a second thought, Shinokami plunged downward, plunging his weapon into the virus-like creature's body.

It lurched.

And splattered.

And burned.

Flames-- moving, writhing, living flames-- blocked the path. Great.

FlameA: 20 [Growing!]
FlameB: 40 [Growing!]
FlameC: 60 [Growing!]
FlameD: 50 [Growing!]
"Hm? So it was prepared for this onslaught..."

"Shinokami! Be careful!"

Kamoku sounded afraid, somewhat, as the flames grew and grew with every passing minute. Shinokami glanced towards the screen she witnessed the battle through, then back to the flames in front of him.

"Worry not, Kamoku..." he started, holding his hand into the air, reaching upwards. "...The Hero-King smiles upon me. That is the blessing I need."

Something small fell into Shinokami's hand, which he clutched onto and brought down to his chest. With a swift motion, he clipped it back onto the chain around his neck, returning to a neutral stance, revealing the object to b the purple jewel he had used previously.

"However, a situation like this requires planning, as well as the favor of the Gods. I'll require you to observe, for a while. However, please be aware at all times. I'll need you by my side once more, Kamoku."

Kamoku stared at the screen as he spoke, unsure of what was going on. Shinokami's focus took her by surprise, but she knew that this was the Shinokami that she had bonded with during the battle against Uni with the knight-like Navi. It seemed to her that Shinokami was becoming her knight in shining armor.

"Of course, Shinokami. I'll always be by your side..."

Shinokami smiled, then returned his focus to the flames. He needed a way to extinguish them, even if temporarily. Bladed strikes only seemed to agitate the situation...

"Kamoku. I think I may be able to pull this off. I need the Shotgun."

Kamoku reacted as quickly as she could, fishing out the chip and transferring it to Shinokami. He knelt down, holding his empty hand behind him at a slight angle. His other hand angled Kafziel until the blade was vertical.

"I pray this works, or this will be a waste..."

A blast rang out behind him from his outstretched hand. His plan? Use the force of the blast to spin around on the spot, using Kafziel as a fan to blow out the flames with a shockwave.

((1 - Angle Kafziel vertically))
((2 - Shotgun @ No-one in particular [Create large kickback to spin on the spot]))
((3 - Dodge))
The Shotgun's recoil is a bit disappointing. The good news is that Kafziel makes for a good fan.

The flames flicker in protest as they're blown back, and the smallest one goes out-- the rest, however, quickly begin to grow again.

FlameA: *extinguished*
FlameB: 20 [Growing!]
FlameC: 40 [Growing!]
FlameD: 30 [Growing!]
Shinokami's eyes darted to the now extinguished flame.

"That's it! Kamoku, leave this to me. I think I can handle this."

Shinokami re-angled Kafziel, holding it as steady as he could. A blinding flash, then Shimokami was no longer standing before the flames, instead close to one of the others. With a quick spin around, he repeated the maneuver, again using Kafziel as a fan to extinguish the flames.

"Shinokami!" shouted Kamoku, beginning to worry. "The path is clear, isn't it? Let's go!"

"I'm sorry, Kamoku, but I can't allow myself to do that. The Hero-King smiles upon me, and I must become that hero. I cannot allow myself to flee from this chaos, until order has been restored."

((1 - Angle Kafziel once more))
((2 - Musou Tenshou Yoku no Jin @ Flame C [Not aiming to damage. Aiming to create shockwave]))
((3 - Fan @ FlameB))
[Woulda been nice for you to explain that sigatk of yours a little better.]

The spin maneuver wasn't quite as effective without the Shotgun blast to help, but a few more moments of frantic fanning, and Shinokami extinguished another fire. The fire-fighting operation was going splendidly, and some NormalNavis came out of hiding to applaud Shinokami's efforts. His next attack on the fire annihilated it, leaving only one remaining.

FlameA: *extinguished*
FlameB: *extinguished*
FlameC: *extinguished*
FlameD: 45 [Growing!]
"Kamoku, the people smile upon me, as well as the Hero-King. I don't mean to lecture you on these matters, but I believe a lesson is to be learned from this, is it not?"

Kamoku nodded as Shinokami spun around twice on the spot, again using Kafziel as a fan. He glanced at the NormalNavis that had emerged, yet kept a thought in his head for their safety. Should things go sour quickly, he would have no hesitation in telling them to flee. The Hero-King smiles upon him. It is only just that Shinokami follow in his footsteps.

"I ask you not to get too close." he said, addressing the crowd. "This is not over yet, I'm afraid. I worry that something unexpected may occur at any moment..."

((1 - Angle Kafziel))
((2 - Fan FlameD))
((3 - Fan FlameD))
No such thing occured. Shinokami extinguished the fire, cheered on by the bystanders. The way to the meeting point was laid clear.

Before he could go very far, however, a high-quality Navi wearing a suit tapped Shinokami on the shoulder. "I know you NetBattlers don't get paid for this kind of thing," said the Navi quietly, "So here-- take it, I insist."

With a quick move, the Navi pressed something into Shinokami's palm, then disappeared into the crowd. Shinokami was about to get moving again, when he was interrupted a second time, by a Mr. Prog.

"HEY!" It said loudly, levitating through the crowd as fast as it could, "IS THAT THE RECIPE DATA? GIVE IT HERE! THANK GOODNESS YOU MADE IT!"

[1.5kz get]
Shinokami sighed with releif, looking around at the crowds and smiling. He checked the item he received from the well-dressed Navi, transmitting it to Kamoku, before beginning to move away. However, the Mr. Prog addressing him stopped him in his tracks.

"Ah, you must be the recipient. I do apologize for the delays. I was delayed somewhat by some unforeseen interruptions."

He fished the data out of his pockets, handing it over to the Mr. Prog.

"I'm afraid the data may have been malfunctioning also, as it attracted virii with its scent. I do hope it's still of use, to you."

Kamoku's head appeared into view over Shinokami's shoulder, bowing apologetically repeatedly and speaking quickly, as if trying to apologize a thousand times over.

"I'm sorry about the wait. Please apologize to your operator on my behalf. So sorry about the wait."