Aidan boasts he can fight

Before Aidan knew it, he found himself in another place. Huh? He stopped to take a look around. Ah, he thought to himself. He had overreacted. It felt like it had been so long since he'd had a good battle, and now this dumb broad was telling him about... editing writing? Taking dictation? Had he awoken at a different universe? It was enough to make the sanest man go mad, he comforted himself. Where was his old life, with brawls every day, missions of utmost importance (he assumed it was important anyway; his employers were usually too secretive to let on), and an adoring lady or two...

"Well," Sohee said. "It says you're in the ACDC Net. I suppose I said I'd let you roam around. Amuse me with what you can do, since I think I guess rightly when I say you don't have much experience with my line of work...

"What IS it you do, Aidan? You know, what did you you do with your previous operator?"

He turned around and stared ahead, right into where Sohee's eyes would be looking on the screen. He flashed his dagger with a crisp sound of metal against leather and flexed his arms. "My lady, I fight."
Mets Ahoy!


Aidan :100


Sohee tried to stifle a laugh at her navi's bravado. "Fight what? Mets? ... Even my previous navi could do that, and she was not much in the way of fighting, I assure you..." But before she could finish her sentence, she saw Aidan flash from one side of the screen to the other, a cruel-looking dagger drawn to his side and his eyes sharpened on some hidden target. She had hardly registered a blurry movement from out of the corner of her vision when she saw a second dagger suddenly appear out of Aidan's second hand. Twirling it once with expert dexterity, Aidan threw it in the direction of the hidden target.

Instinctively, Sohee screamed at the flash of thrown metal. "What are you doing?" she yelled, but Aidan had already changed his stance, rushing at the target, aiming to slash with a wicked hook of the arm. Then, jumping over some hidden entity in a shrubby area and crouching to recover balance, he appeared to stab into another target low in the ground, pouncing back as if preparing to lunge again.

Action 1: Ligera Ventaja. 15+55 damage. MetA.
Action 2: Buster. 8 damage. MetB.
Action 3: Dodge.
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One met is owned, while another is hurt. Another attacks, but Aidan boasts. The nimble warrior speeds out of the way, never putting himself in harm's way.
Blargh, my rhyming sucks. It is full of muck.

MetB: 32
MetC: 40

Aidan: 100
"What's this?" Aidan mumbled to himself as he recovered his balance. He stared incredulously at the surviving Met. The buster had hardly scratched the met. He had envisioned a giant explosion more than a... Hmm... Now that he thought about it, he seemed... weaker somehow. Slower? Less powerful? He started backing away from the mets, resting his aim on the one closer to him. He couldn't think too much about it now; he had to end this quickly so he could figure out what had happened to him. "Sohee, sweetie, be a dear and grab the Rageclaw chip, will you?" he yelled over the noise of his buster firing.

"What?" Sohee asked, taken aback that she was expected to participate. A glare from Aidan told her that he meant business. She picked up the pouch from the PET and dumped out its contents... The strange pictures were alien to her. Rageclaw? Her clumsy fingers dropped the chips as she attempted to flip them over in search for writing. Aidan fired another shot at the approaching Met. "Ah, just put one in for goodness' sake."

Sohee cringed. "All right," she muttered, and flipped in a chip, watching tensely as it downloaded the modification. "All right then, it's in?" yelled Aidan. "I'm going in for the kill then; watch this!" he laughed as he attempted to jump over the approaching Met to lunge dexterously at the second Met behind it. He raced to about ten paces in front of the next Met as he felt his arm transform. Ah, yes, that was the old feeling. He raised his arm to slash when he let out an uncharacteristic yelp. Rather than the claws of doom he fully expected to see, he saw a cannon attached to his right arm. "Dammit, Sohee," he cursed under his breath as he half-lost his footing trying to stop his momentum and stabilized himself to aim at the virus which was a little too close to him for the comfort of his cannon. He stepped back and aimed the cannon. Would it be enough to blast it away?

Action 1: Buster. 8 damage. MetB.
Action 2: Buster. 8 damage. MetB.
Action 3: Cannon. 40 damage. MetC.
Well, you have taken out one more of the mets, and the other one is now at below half strenght!
MetB: 16
MetC: dead

Aidan: 100
Aidan let out a sharp sigh of relief as he felt the heat of the cannon reflect and saw the met dissolve. Regaining his confidence, he stopped his forward momentum with one foot and dexterously bounded back for the last met, holding his dagger behind him and lunging forward. "Leftovers," he laughed, winking at Sohee's general direction before ducking and hooking the dagger at the met, and doubling his arm back to slash back in the opposite direction for a total of two attacks. He smirked as he appeared to carve a little scribble on the met's helmet as he nicked it playfully with his dagger.

Action 1: Buster. 8 damage. MetB.
Action 2: Buster. 8 damage. MetB.
Action 3: Random defacement of met for insult's sake. 1 damage. MetB.

MetC: dead

Aidan: 100

Get: 250z
They watched as the last met zapped out of view. Aidan sheathed his daggers and threw off his jacket, spitting in disgust. Sohee watched with wry mirth at the dejected navi. "Well done," she whispered. Aidan sullenly pulled out one dagger and twirled it about, alternately letting the dagger precariously slip out of his hand, then grabbing it with a tense flexing motion of the arm. On the seventh or eighth time, he suddenly pounced at the dagger and threw it moodily at a nearby tree, hitting it squarely with a satisfying twang. His serpentine eyes turned accusingly toward Sohee's direction.

"Lady, what have you done to me?" he asked.

"Hmm?" Sohee asked, absentmindedly.

"I mean... What... What is this?" He ran around a bit, making feints, jumping, and throwing punches. Sohee tried not to laugh at the earnest, overly active show her navi was putting on.

"I don't see what you're trying to say," Sohee replied dumbly.

"I... feel... slower. Downright weak, even," came the awkward reply. Aidan sat down and brooded for a while. He gave himself a slap in the face and looked up at his bewildered operator. "My apologies, Sohee, I don't mean to be a lark. I'm just... a bit... confused..." He stared at his clenched fist. "I don't seem to know my own... ability... anymore."

"Do you feel different from before you were with me?" Sohee inquired.

"Different? Hah, that... that doesn't do justice to how great I was!" he declared proudly, jumping up. "I don't know how to say it... I feel... downgraded!" His face seemed to flush with a child-like indignation. Sohee cocked her head to one side, uncertain of whether to believe her rather unmanageable braggart of a navi.

"Well, if you'd like, I could run an investigation into the people who had worked with you before me, although I can't make any promises of what it'll turn up." Sohee condescended, then added schemingly, "I'm awfully busy these days though... You're going to have to help me with my work if I'm going to be able to do anything to... help you."

"Agreed!" Aidan consented heartily, seizing at the idea. "Today was..." He laughed, turning his head to hide the color in his face. He muttered under his breath, "Can't even dispose of a damn met too well at this rate."

"Just let me fight, Sohee, and find out what's happened to me," he bargained smugly. "I'll do anything you want so long as you do that."

Sohee nodded. "You got yourself a deal. Now, I do in fact have something I'd like you to look into right now in the way of research..." But before she could finish, Aidan, who hadn't heard a word after "deal," clamored, "Ah! You're a fair one, Sohee! Let's go for drinks. Really. I feel like celebrating. It's been such a long time since I've gotten in a good rumble or seen some fine ladies."

Before Sohee could protest, he had backflipped to the tree to pull out his dagger with a cheery yank, and taken off in search of the nearest bar. "Haha, if I'm lucky, maybe I'll even get another fight in... I've got to whip meself back in shape," he laughed, leaving Sohee wondering how in the world she had gotten herself involved with such a temperamental navi.
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Aidan runs into more viruses.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
Spooky: 50 HP

Aidan.exe: 100 HP

-Let's go-
What seemed like a blast of cannons alerted Aidan to another enemy threat. "Curses!" he yelled. "What was that?" Off in the distance he saw a few viruses of the cannondumb variety. Seeing that he'd only have a split moment to prepare, his face hardened instantly and he shot Sohee a grave look.

"All right, Sohee. As fun as it is to run around stabbing these guys for target practice, the way I am now I'm going to need a little help."

"What do I need to do?" asked Sohee, a little flustered at the onslaught of viruses. Did she detect a tinge of impatience? Sarcasm?

"Listen carefully. I want you to take a look around where you found the other chip, and find the one that's for the shotgun. You can't miss it."

"Well, I don't... know what I'm looking for..."

"Sohee, just look. How hard can it be? Read what it says, look at how it's labeled. And, er... no mistakes this time, eh?"

And with that, he dashed off, running in a zigzag pattern over to the nearest cannondumb, trying to outmaneuver the rotational speed of the virus. He pulled out the murderous dagger blade with the hook and charged at what appeared to be a blind spot, crouching down and pouncing up at the last minute to slash vertically across the cannondumb's chassis. Withdrawing his blade with a forceful jerk, he stabbed deeply at the cannondumb, hoping to lodge the blade at some of the core functions of the virus.

Sohee, meanwhile, bent over the three chips to make out their pictures and etched labels. "I think I've found it," she exclaimed, as she picked up a chip for the shotgun effect. How could she have missed it before? It had been clearly marked, and if not for her panic... She chastised herself harshly in her head. She felt a little self-conscious at her inability to support the navi.

"Sohee? The chip?" Aidan prompted her, pulling out the second dagger from his person and stabbing a second time at the same cannondumb, trying to immobilize its rotation. Sohee fumbled with the chip and equipped it on the PET. "Okay, Aidan; be... safe..." she mumbled, realizing how stupid that sounded. She cringed. She wasn't cut out for this kind of action.

Aidan retrieved the dagger and felt his hand transform; the dagger itself seemed to morph into the shape of a short-barreled shotgun. Aidan felt himself crack a smile of relief as he felt the old familiarity of his body taking shape. He quickly twirled his shotgun into position with an adept single hand as he spotted a second cannondumb pointing toward him. Attempting to situate his body behind the first cannondumb as a shield, he aimed across to the second cannondumb, and shot the lethal projectile across the distance with a fantastic explosion. He braced himself against the recoil—a huge grin cracked his face. "Now that's what I'm talking about!" he laughed, and somewhere in the mirth Sohee thought she heard a hint of good-natured gratitude... and... was it congratulation? Perhaps Aidan had approved... She had performed her duty as an operator. Sohee smirked despite herself.

Action 1: Ligera Ventaja. 40 dmg. CannondumbA
Action 2: Buster. 8 dmg. CannondumbA
Action 3: Shotgun. 50 dmg. CannondumbB

(This is Battle 2.)
((I'm assuming you used a SHOTGUN instead of a CANNON. Oh, and I meant when you're going from battle to battle, not every post. My bad.))

Aidan screws over some viruses. The Spooky takes its chance to retaliate with a slap of its tongue on Aidan's face.

CanondumbA: 2 HP
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: 50 HP
Spooky: 50 HP

Aidan.exe: 85 HP
A whisp of air curled around Aidan's face and materialized into a stinging slap. Painful, but tasting deliciously of battle, the sting on his cheek jolted him to attention. He recovered from the sudden stun, pulled his dagger out of the Cannondumb and slashed viciously at the direction of the ephemeral ghost. "Sohee, what other chips you got of mine?" he asked through clenched teeth as he tried to drag the dagger across the surface of the translucent enemy.

Sohee slipped out the expended Shotgun chip and felt around for the folder she had discarded after the previous battle. Outside, the sun had gone down, and she lay sprawled on the floor of her apartment; only the soft electric glow of the PET display lit the room. In the darkness, her fingers reached within the folder--nothing. Panicking, she tried again... She didn't want to lose her brand-new investment of a navi on the first day; but then again, there was something more... Yes, she didn't want to see the navi, so human-like and fighting so spiritedly, to somehow come to harm. A motherly sense of protectiveness came over her...

The resistance on the blade felt heavy, but Aidan couldn't sense if it had connected to the spooky. "Erm, love, a little help?" he threw out, hopefully, but rather resigned to the probability that help wouldn't be forthcoming. "I'm on it," mumbled Sohee, as she overturned the folder onto the floor and started feeling in the dark for a chip. Her fingers caught onto something flat and hard, cool to the touch. Yes, this was it! She held her breath as she slotted it into the PET.

Aidan felt himself transform once again, this time to wield a large pair of electric claws that crackled dangerously in the ether. Sensing the spooky still near and catching a flicker of visual disruption that indicated its presence, he slashed quickly with double strikes across. The glow and the faint hum of the blue claws intensified as the claws gained speed and pulled through the thick air. Aidan couldn't tell if he had hit, and instinctively backed off as his hands returned to normal, pulling out a third dagger from his leg and jumping back into a defensive position. Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a third cannondumb he hadn't seen before. Curses! He turned himself slightly to face both the cannondumb and the general direction of the spooky. He could only hope that he had done enough damage to survive the extra enemy.

Action 1: Buster. 8 dmg. Spooky.
Action 2: Rageclaw. 40 dmg. Spooky.
Action 3: Dodge.

CanondumbA: 2 HP
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: 50 HP
Spooky: 2 HP

Aidan.exe: 85 HP
Aidan couldn't be certain if he had finished off the spooky, but the new contender demanded his attention. He tried to estimate the strength of his dagger against the sturdiness of the cannondumb. Ah, what the hell. He licked the edge of his blade with his tongue for luck; he could taste the metal as he ran toward the machine that was gearing up to blast. He'd have to reach it in time before it got off another hit. Running directly toward the cannon, he threw the blade right into the chute, praying for his characteristic perfect aim. As he released the blade he jumped out of the way of the cannondumb and crouched to retrieve his fourth blade, taped to his ankle. He was down to his last dagger, but he smiled through the sweat.

Sohee watched as Aidan's new dagger flashed in the light as he bared it and started lunging to the cannondumb for a second hit. Without another chip, she calculated, it was uncertain how much damage the small blade would be able to do against the tough shell of the virus. The poor navi... She thought of the cannon chip that she had deployed on accident in the previous battle. Would she be able to use it again for the new battle? Would Aidan have recharged his ability to accommodate the chip? She looked at the cannon chip where it dropped after being expended in the previous battle. "Aidan, I'm going to try using the cannon chip again," she told him nervously, but Aidan wasn't listening. He was too busy attempting to tackle the cannondumb from behind and dig into it with a dagger. She slotted in the chip and waited...

Aidan was pulling back his dagger with relish when he felt his hand transform yet again. Horrified at the ill-timed transformation, he threw his dagger into his other hand as he stumbled backwards to gain some distance. A cannon, during close-range combat? Tsk. He pulled back just enough to clear himself of any reverberating effects from the cannon he might feel, then took aim at the cannondumb. Bam! He felt his arm recoil and was blinded temporarily by a flash of light.

(Am I allowed to use the cannon chip again since it's a new battle?)
Action 1: Buster. 8 damage. CannondumbC.
Action 2: Buster. 8 damage. CannondumbC.
Action 3: Cannon. 40 damage. CannondumbC.
((Yes, it's how it works in the games.))
The Canondumb is promptly gunned down and sliced to bits.
The Spooky takes its chance and slaps on some damage to Aidan.

CanondumbA: 2 HP
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED
Spooky: 2 HP

Aidan.exe: 70 HP
Aidan watched the cannondumb shatter brilliantly into a thousand pixels. Shrapnel hurled to the floor and twinkled before slowly releasing the bits back into free memory. As he watched the disintegration with an air of pride, he felt some shadowy presence materialize and whip at his arm. Damn! Let his guard down too soon. He knew by its familiar crackling pain that the spooky he had left for dead had somehow managed to collect itself. He only had one dagger; he'd have to make each hit count.

"Just die, you half-bit," he muttered, annoyed as much at his lack of care as the red prickle in his arm. He stabbed deep into the foggy materialization twice for good measure, then scanned the plaza to check for any final stragglers.

"Well, what have we here?" he spat. The other two cannondumbs had long since disintegrated, but a third remained, looking immobile but very much still retaining its physical presence. He laughed and shook his head derisively. Another one he had neglected to finish. He stealthily crept up to the cannondumb. What was it doing? It hadn't fired in a while. Was it... pretending? Pretending to have died?

Although Aidan didn't dwell on such things, if one were so inclined, one might have noticed something poetic about the cannondumb, standing majestically and half-dismantled in the twilight glow of Electown. Its long vertical shadow gave it an air of profound solitude—a hero is always alone! It evoked timeless images of the man lost in thought, a la Rodin's famed sculpture, nay, this... this monolith surpasses it! Far greater still, as it points its lost cannon aimlessly to the sky... To lesser minds, a retired weapon, but to kindred souls of philosophy the broken compass of a wanderer searching for the substance of his God-shaped hole! And so it contemplates, staring dumbly at the sky, its simple frame never betraying the sublime contemplation within... Cannondumb? Nay, good reader, nay: cannon... smart~!

Still, for all of the cannondumb's lack of action, Aidan couldn't assume he had disabled it to the point of no return. He snuck behind the meditating cannondumb, away from the projectile launcher in the front, and stabbed decisively at its back. Death to all sophistry!

Action 1: Buster. 8 damage. Spooky.
Action 2: Buster. 8 damage. Spooky.
Action 3: Buster. 8 damage. CannondumbA.
And it's over.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: DELETED

Aidan.exe: 70 HP

Get: 300z
Aidan stretched out his sore arm and rubbed at the dry blood on his face. "Well, now that that's over," he said cheerfully, "I want to check something, Sohee..."

"Yes?" asked Sohee, bracing for criticism... Would Aidan say that she had performed poorly as an operator? Cost him his health? A little flushed, she made up her mind not to care. He was just a navi, after all, she thought. "What is it?" she continued, a little more coldly.

Aidan hesitated, then asked, "Sohee, no offense, but were those all the chips that were in the folder?" Sohee softly released her breath. Hmm... She was pretty sure it had been all of them. She placed the PET on the floor and turned on all of the lights in the apartment. She felt a little silly crawling around in her suit and nylons, but combed the carpet around the area for any other chips she may have dumped out. She counted the chips she found... Three: cannon, rageclaw, and shotgun. She could recognize their pictures and lettering, now that the room was lit.

"I'm afraid so, Aidan," she reported back. "Were you expecting more?"

Aidan laughed. "Another one of those things that got lost in the transfer, I suppose. Well, easily fixed!" he said, jovially, jogging around the area and retrieving his lost daggers. Then, he jumped up to face Sohee. "Looks like I've gotten lucky," he mused...

"Judging from your rather classy get-up..." he threw out, nonchalantly tracing Sohee's figure with a wave of one hand, "I imagine you're of the spendy sort... Just, heh, be a dear and, throw a little money my way, and we'll have me back to old form in no time!" He smiled confidently, flashing his sharp white teeth.

Sohee cocked her head, regaining her composure and squinting her eyes. A navi? Making demands on her income? A mere machine, she scoffed derisively. It was amazing to watch how quickly she summoned back her authoritative voice she had lost during battle, realizing that she had the upper hand. "That's hardly your place to make demands, Aidan," she replied. "As far as I know, I have no confirming evidence of this 'other life' you had as an elite navi. Furthermore, you are a program, and I am an operator." She added, a little evilly, "If I so wish, I don't have to upgrade a thing, and simply keep your zenny for myself."

She smiled inwardly at her ability to be so harsh, and almost regretted inflicting the sting of her authority on the likeable navi... Oh well, it was necessary to start things off on the right foot... the right foot for her. She let her words take effect on Aidan's dumbfounded face before continuing. "However, fortunately for you, the zenny you earn is pocket change to me, and I have no interest of robbing you of your just reward. So let's make a deal, then, shall we? My money is mine to dispense as I wish, and I wish to continue investing them toward an early retirement and my writing efforts. In the same way, your money is yours. Of course, there is the small matter of paying for the pains I will take in maintaining you and buying upgrades for you, but you can pay for that by becoming my research assistant when you are not battling. And... in return for those services, I will conduct some of my own investigation when I can spare the time to confirm whether there is any truth to this story of your past life."

She paused for breath. "Are these terms acceptable, then?"

Aidan frowned. He had trouble remembering what all the terms were. This much was clear, though, the girl was loaded, but she wasn't willing to give him any slack. That penny-pinching broad, he thought, a little disappointed. Still, she was his operator, for better or for worse, and he couldn't help but think with a tinge of amusement at her lack of competence and control as an inexperienced one. Well, so much for that. He could cut his losses, and maybe see if he could break the ice with her with time. She probably wasn't such a bad one, he surmised, and as a wicked side-thought considered if she'd be willing to part with some of her money later on if he charmed her enough.

"Well, my little ice princess," he said sarcastically after some thought. "That's all fine then, but it seems to me that I have the upper hand. I'll do what you ask, and I've got no problem with earning my keep, but then you've got to keep me jacked in, so I can bust some viruses and earn some money. That means you've got to spend some time keeping tabs on me and throwing in some chips when I need them, and maybe taking me out when I get too beat up... Otherwise, no research assistant for you, and you can go buy yourself some other navi."

He had taken a big gamble, he realized. She may just choose to buy another navi with her supposedly well-endowed bank account, and he might have to stay in his PET for all eternity. He slapped himself on the head internally, and eyed Sohee like a tense cat. Sohee mulled over the idea...

"All right, Aidan, you've got yourself a deal. You're really a hassle, you know that?" she said with a cold smile. He wasn't a bad negotiator himself. Perhaps he had sensed that, somewhere in the fight, she had grown some fondness for him... she didn't want to just throw him away. "Looks like I won't be getting any writing done tonight," she sighed to herself.

"Just make sure you impress me when I send you on research tasks at work tomorrow, then," she instructed Aidan.

"Hah, well what kind of work do you do?" Aidan asked.

"I'm a patent lawyer," she replied.

Aidan laughed out loud. "And yet you know so little about navis. Don't they patent those too?"

Sohee colored and her aura turned a bright shade of perturbed pink. "This next project with SciLabs is the first one I've taken involving navi technology, in fact," she confessed. "All I know about navis are from the one I used a while back, and she only did word processing, e-mail sending, and a little research for me. I've... got a lot to learn really... if I want to do well on it..."

Aidan grinned good-naturedly. "Don't you worry. I'll tell you everything I know about myself. I'm an expert, so to speak," he bragged. "Well, I take that back..." he added sneakily. "How useful I am tomorrow might depend on how well you help me tonight..." He could be manipulative back when he wants, he thought to himself, congratulating himself for his newfound "mediation" skills. He sheathed his daggers back with satisfaction, and waited for more virii to come. No time to drink and celebrate; he had to regain his former strength!

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