A Beautiful Dance!

In a burst of data, Waltzen appeared on the net. Pulling out his Red Rose from his pocket and smelling it, Waltzen sighed, "Ah... at least it's quiet now. J, if you would give me some dancing music?"

J scrolled through the MP3s in his PET before putting on the theme for a fast waltz. "How's this, Waltzen?" asked J.

"Wonderful choice, J! A very exciting song, indeed!" exclaimed Waltzen as he strutted off in rhythm to find some virii.

(Battle 1 Start)
Virus Attack!

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Waltzer.exe: 100 HP

(It's Waltzen, not Waltzer. <__<)

"Ah, some dance partners! Give me a good showing, will you?" laughed Waltzen, turning to the virus.

With a snap of his fingers, Waltzen began shifting towards the virii, sliding left and right in timing with the music. J slid some chips into his PET, and Waltzen's right hand turned into a Cannon, while his left turned into a Shotgun. Waltzen rolled up in range of MetoolA and fired off the Cannon in its face. Spinning around, Waltzen aimed at MetoolB and blasted the Shotgun at it.

J then slotted in one last chip, and Waltzen's now-empty right hand turned into a RageClaw. Waltzen then strutted up to MetoolC, spinning around in front of it before bringing down the RageClaw on the enemy's head.

1. Cannon @ MetoolA (40 damage)
2. Shotgun @ MetoolB (50 damage, splash)
3. RageClaw @ MetoolC (40 damage)
You manage to dance your way to victory Waltzen.exe.

Reward: 165 zenny
The waltzing music ended and Waltzen stopped in a pose, a smile on his face.

"Such pitiful footwork! I hope my next partners are better!" laughed Waltzen. The next song started up on J's PET, and Waltzen readied for the next battle.

(Battle 2 start)
Dance it off.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP

Waltzen.exe: 100 HP

-Battle 2-
"What a farce! None of these guys even have legs! How can they possible dance with me?! How infuriating! J, help me crush these fools!" shouted Waltzen.

"Alright, alright..." sighed J, slotting a chip into the PET.

A heavy-sounding Beethoven's 9th Symphony began playing, making Waltzen's steps crash with a thunderous shake. The chip J used morphed Waltzen's right hand into a Shotgun, which he quickly pulled up and aimed at SpookyA. He paused before firing, waiting to try and catch SpookyB in the blast.

Once he fired the Shotgun, Waltzen yelled, "If I can't dance with you all, I suppose I'll just have to dance with myself! Double Step!"

Waltzen made a spinning sidestep, and a copy of himself appeared behind him halfway through the spin. With an echo, both shouted, "Let the second dance begin!"

1. Take aim @ SpookyA and SpookyB
2. Shotgun @ SpookyA (50 damage, splash)
3. Double Step (1 3-turn copy)
((What!? Kage Bushin? D: ))
Waltzen destroys the Spookys and then dances... REALLY FAST. The Canondumbs fire, but miss.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP

Waltzen.exe: 100 HP
The two dancers (henceforth known as WaltzenA and WaltzenB) linked hands and began dancing to the rhythm of the 9th Symphony. J then slotted in his two remaining chips, causing WaltzenA's right hand to change into a Cannon and WaltzenB's left hand to morph into a RageClaw.

WaltzenA and WaltzenB began spinning around the Cannons, pausing for a second to launch WaltzenA's Cannon and CannonA. The spin ended when WaltzenB's RageClaw made contact with CannonB, grabbing it and hurling it towards CannonA.

1. Stylish evasive actions!
2. Cannon @ CannonA (40 damage)
3. RageClaw/Throw CannonB @ CannonA (20 damage)
The duet ravishes the foes, swiftly two-stepping their way to victory while clever footwork saves Waltzen from a Canondumb blast, which spirals by.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP

Waltzen.exe: 100 HP [Decoy remains for 2 more turns.]
As the song began to draw to a close, WaltzenA grabbed WaltzenB's free arm and began spinning. After a few turns, WaltzenA let go, throwing WaltzenB straight at CannonB, which WaltzenB clawed at as he flew by. Once he landed, WaltzenB slid over to CannonC and picked it up with the RageClaw, chucking it over at CannonB.

1. Throw WaltzenB @ CannonB
2. RageClaw @ CannonB (40 damage)
3. RageClaw/Throw CannonC @ CannonB (20 damage)
WaltzenA throws himself, or his clone rather, at a. Canondumb, not really doing anything, but then blasts and whacks it with another virus.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: 30 HP

Waltzen.exe: 100 HP [Decoy remains for 1 more turn.]
As WaltzenB skidded to a halt as he landed, his boots screeching against the ground, WaltzenA shouted, "Very well! That is enough of that brutish weapon! This dance should end beautifully!"

WaltzenA then pulled his Red Rose out of his pocket, holding it up to his nose as if smelling it. Truthfully, he was charging it up for a strong buster shot, which he took haste in firing as soon as it was ready, pointing the Red Rose at the remaining Cannon, launching a barrage of razor-sharp petals at it.

1-3. Charged buster shot (2 x 2 x 8 = 32 damage)
The dance- is finished.

As WaltzenB broke apart into bits of data, J said, "Good job, Waltzen. Ready to go again?"

"Of course, J! Leaving the floor after only two dances is unthinkable!"

(Battle 3 start)

BandcoonA: 50 HP
BandcoonB: 50 HP
CanodumbA: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP

Waltzen: 100 HP

"Bah, more legless Cannons... At least everything else has feet," mumbled Waltzen, pausing for a second before calling to J, "Put on some samba music and send me some chips!" Waltzen then began to dash forward at the swarm of virii, but...

"HOLD IT, WALTZEN!", shouted J, making his Navi screech to a halt.

"What is it, J?! I was just getting a feel for the rhyt... Wait... Where's my music?!" yelled Waltzen, beginning to shake nervously as if going into a withdrawl.

"Never mind that, Waltzen. We're facing too many this time to just run in swinging. We should actually plan our next move."

"Ha! You're saying any of these fools could match my wonderous dancing?" scoffed Waltzen, almost insulted.

"They can if you don't pay attention," answered J coolly. "Look at those Bandcoons over there. Those guys'll try and steal any chip I send you."

"So?" said Waltzen flatly, getting impatient.

"So... Outside of those few chips we have, your offense sucks. If the Bandcoons steal them, your next dance is going to end with you flat on the dance floor."

Bullseye. Any arrogance that Waltzen might have had completely vanished, making Waltzen stutter out, "W-w-well then, what sh-should I do? Y-y-you're the o-operator here..."

Sighing, J answered, "Before anything else, you need to get rid of those Bandcoons. I'll send a chip so you can get rid of them, but you'll need to distract them first. Create a copy of yourself and send it to the Bandcoons to distract them and hit them while they're not looking."

"A-a-alright, J. Just p-put on some m-music, please..." mumbled Waltzen nervously. Nodding, J played the samba music on his PET, making it echo out on the battlefield.

"WONDERFUL!" screamed Waltzen, the entirety of his confidence returning almost instantaneously. The heels of Waltzen's boots slowly began tapping against the ground in time with the music's rhythm, gaining speed and the beat of the song picked up. Before long, Waltzen was in full-on samba dance mode, spinning and hopping all over the place. Executing J's plan, Waltzen integrated a Double Step into his dance, dashing to his side, leaving behind a copy of himself halfway through the move. The copy (WaltzenB) quickly samba-ed over to the Bandcoons, trying to distract them with the dance. J then slotted a Shotgun into his PET, making it materialize in a flurry of data bits on Waltzens right arm. Wasting no time (although still dancing), Waltzen pulled up the Shotgun, aiming straight at the Bandcoon pair and firing, hoping to eliminate the threat as soon as possible.

1. Double Step (1 3-turn copy) @ BandcoonA/BandcoonB
2. Aim Shotgun @ BandcoonA/BandcoonB
3. Shotgun (50 damage, splash) @ BandcoonA/BandcoonB
The Bandcoons die. Nothing significant occurs afterwards.

BandcoonA: DELETED
BandcoonB: DELETED
CanodumbA: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP
CanodumbB: 50 HP
ShrubbyB: 50 HP
CanodumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyC: 50 HP

Waltzen: 100 HP (Copies remain for 3 turns)
"Great job, Waltzen," praised J, sipping the cup of coffee that the receptionist at the Net Cafe just delivered. Waltzen didn't hear this, however, because he was completely absorbed in his dance.

"J, I haven't heard this song before. Is it new?" asked Waltzen, spinning in place as he talked.

"Is it? Let me check..." answered J, scrolling through some screens on his PET. J stopped, though, on something else he didn't recognize. "Huh... Hey, did you know you can boost the power of one of your attacks because you're a Normal Navi?"

"Really? Sounds nice," replied Waltzen, clapping his hands together at a high note in the music. "We should give it a try."

Nodding, J slotted in his Cannon chip. While it transferred, Waltzen sent WaltzenB over to the Shrubby virii to distract them, the copy dancing wildly around them. Once the Cannon appeared on Waltzen's hand, he pointed at the nearest Cannon virus and fired, adding his own Untapped Power to the blast.

Without a word, J then put a RageClaw chip in his PET, appearing on Waltzen's arm where the Cannon was. Dancing forward, Waltzen grabbed CannonB and hurled it over at CannonC.

1. Distract Shrubby virii with WaltzenB
2. Cannon + Untapped Power (40 + 10 damage) @ CannonA
3. RageClaw (20 damage each) @ CannonB/CannonC