Machman: Logged in

ACDC Net is relatively quiet. A slow, rhythmic hum of electric power and flowing data sets an almost soothing ambiance.
The silence is broken by a streak of orange light, touching down to the tiled surface. The light slowly fades as little bits of data form to make an odd figure. The glow finally ceases, revealing an angular-shaped NetNavi, eyes closed and prostrating on one knee.

[Machman.EXE... activate.]

Still crouched down, four blade-like wings materialize close to the Navi, encircling him. They float around the Navi, making slow orbits around him. They then congregate together behind the Navi's back. The Navi's eyes open, the wings quickly snap into position, and his eyes emit a bright orange glow. Then suddenly, the Navi bursts forward like a bullet, streaking a foot above the ground and out of sight.
Machman comes across some viruses.
Piece of cake.

MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP

Terrain: Normal

Machman.exe: 100 HP

-Welcome Back-
Machman continues to tear across the digital landscape, going faster than he was ever able to go in the confined space of the PET.

Sugoi! There's so much room here, I can go faster than I have ever flown!

A voice calmly emanates from a small holographic screen off to Machman's lower right.

[Machman, do not attempt to exceed your currently known limits. With this data, I should be able to recreate this amount of space in the safe environment of the PET. Also, keep an eye out for viruses, I heard they are common in this area.]


Machman sees three small specs in the distance, within seconds the Metools are in range.

Viruses identified, count: 3. Permission to engage?

[We will use this opportunity to test your busting capabilites. We will first test your close combat skill. Engage!]

Machman circles the group of Metools and prepares the equipped RageClaw chip. As his right hand forms into a sharp, metal claw, He dives towards the group of Metools, swiping at the closest one. Machman climbs sharply before slowly stopping in the air and turning towards the Metools.

[I am uploading a Cannon and Shotgun chip. Let's see how well your projectile-targeting system works!]

Machman extends his arms out; towards the Metools. He focuses on the viruses as his right hand become a cannon and his left, a bulked-up buster. Two cross-hairs appear in front of his eyes and he gently moves the cross-hairs over two of the Metools.


Machman is still in the air, wings pointing forward and towards the ground to keep him steady. The two firearms are rigid and unwavering. Machman's eyes start to glow once again as small specks of energy start to swirl towards the the barrels of the two poised weapons.
Both weapons discharge, spitting out flames and several projectiles. The bolts of energy bolt towards their targets as Machman begins to "holster" the weapons. His arms change back and his wings move directly out to his sides, primed and ready for full thrust.

[Keep an eye out for any counter-attacks. Take advantage of your wings and the fact that you can drop out of the air quickly.]

RageClaw (40damage) MetoolA
Cannon (40damage) MetoolB
Shotgun (50damage) MetoolC
Dodge (Have Speed upgrade Legacy Item)
They die.

Get: Guard1
The smoke clears, showing the charred and shattered remains of the defenseless Mets.

[Good work, Machman. Your programing seems to be stable and undamaged, do you want to continue?]

Absolutely, I am just getting warmed up!

Machman touches down and gathers the battle chip data from the remains. A smile can be seen from under his mask, he is having a blast! His wings arch gently sky-ward and the thrusters ignite, easing Machman airborne and cruising leisurely over the digital landscape.

[Prepared for Battle #2, Bring it on!]

[Still looking for Battle 2!]
A canon shot rings out forcing Machman to swerve out of the way and land. In front of him, are evidently some viruses.

CanondumbA: 50 HP
CanondumbB: 50 HP
CanondumbC: 50 HP
ShrubbyA: 50 HP (behind CanondumbA)
ShrubbyB: 50 HP (behind CanondumbB)

Machman.exe: 100 HP

A blue flash is seen out of the corner of Machman's eye.

Hmm? What is... hehehehe...

Machman's wings shut down, causing him to plummet from the sky and avoiding the cannon shots. Machman's boot thrusters kick on, and his decent slows to a stop a few inches above the net surface. Machman stares at the enemy cannons but sees something green move behind one of the cannons.

Viruses identified. Count: possibly 4 or more. Permission to engage?

[Permission granted. Use of Thrust Laser approved. Engage!]

I don't know what you are, but you have no place to hide!

Machman quickly aims his newly formed shotgun at one of the cannons as they reload. He still sees the green object behind the cannon; he locks on and fires. Without hesitation, he boosts to the right and attempts to flank the group of viruses. As he approaches their rear, his wings move in front of him and point directly at one of the cannons. Bolts of super-heated plasma arc between the upper and lower wings, and two red orbs begin to form between each pair. Machman gets behind the viruses and two small red dots show up on one of the Cannondumbs. The two thin lasers widen and the plasma blasts through them, almost causing tiles from the floor to be torn away.

Man, I love doing that!

Machman's wings, now almost white hot, discharge a great amount of heat as they cross in front of his body. Machman's right arm turns into a cannon and he fires at one the viruses as they turn around to face Machman. Machman's boot engines cool down and he widens his stance as an outline of a yellow shield forms in front of his crossed wings.

Shotgun CannondumbA + ShrubbyA (50damage + splash)
Thrust Laser CannondumbB (60damage 2-turn cooldown)
Cannon ShrubbyB or Shrubby A if it survives (40damage)
Guard1 (Reflect attack + 60damage)
Machman kills two birds with one stone as the first Canondumb and Shrubby die in a blast o' bullets. He then rips through the next Canondumb and then blasts the Shrubby behind it. The last Canondumb fires at Machman, only to have it's attack reflected back.

CanondumbA: DELETED
CanondumbB: DELETED
CanondumbC: 40 HP
ShrubbyB: 10 HP (behind CanondumbC)

Machman.exe: 100 HP
Machman's wings, now cooled down, return to his back and into flight position.

Three viruses deleted. Two remaining.

[Finish them off]

Machman takes a few steps forward and jumps. His wing thrusters kick on and push him forward. Machman uploads the RageClaw chip and closes in on the remaining CannonDumb. His now clawed right arm trails behind him, prepared to attack. He passes the CannonDumb's left side and slashes the virus. Machman sees the Shrubby cowering in the shadow of the CannonDumb. Machman goes upright and spins around to face the Shrubby.

Your mine.

He points his right fist at the Shrubby and begins to fly towards it. His lower arm transforms into an angular cylinder and is then steadied by his left hand. Blang! Blang! Blang!

RageClaw to CannonDumbC 40damage
MachBuster to ShrubbyB (8 damage?)
MachBuster to ShrubbyB (8 damage?)
MachBuster to ShrubbyB (8 damage?)
You managed to take out the plant and cannon... but not in that order

Reward: 250 zenny
The Shrubby falls from the hail of buster fire and fragments into rapidly disappearing data. Machman walks towards the blackened floor, riddled with shattered viral data. Machman reaches down and retrieves the Zenny data and transfers it to the PET.

[Data recieved. Great work, Machman! You want to log out or stay a bit longer?]

Is it alright if we continued busting?

[Sure. I noticed a small bug in your #4 wing program, so you will have to remain grounded until I sort it out. It shouldn't take me long though.]

Okay. I'll keep an eye out for viruses while you work. Deactivating wing programs 3 and 4.

The two smaller wings positioned lower on his back fragment and are absorbed into his body. His two larger wings switch to standby mode and slowly move in a diagonal orbit around him. Machman briefly sweeps his surroundings for any lingering viruses and walks along his merry way.

[Ready for battle #3. If anyone wants to join in for some tandem busting, feel free!]

SpookyA: 50 HP
SpookyB: 50 HP
SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
BunnyA: 50 HP
BunnyB: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Machman.exe: 100 HP

-Battle 3-
Machman continues to walk across the netscape, keeping a close eye out for viruses.

[I found the glitch and hopefully corrected the coding. It may come up again using the thrust laser, but I am not sure. What the...?]

Machman hears a quiet noise behind him, he spins around to meet a Spooky face to face. Machman immediately slashes at the Spooky using the unused RageClaw chip.

Viruses Identified! Count: 7! Engaging!

[Keep cool, Machman. Don't get flustered. I have all available chip data uploaded. Let 'em have it!]

Machman's lower wings materialize as his upper two wings zip into combat position. He boosts backwards, getting some distance between him and the surprisingly close group of viruses. He skids to a stop as he readies a shotgun chip. He targets a tight group of viruses, and fires. He uploads a cannon chip, finds his target, and fires again. The two explosions rock the area, spitting smoke and sparks into the air. Machman widens his stance, has his wings move into a defensive position in front of him, and braces for impact.

RageClaw + Untapped Power: SpookyA (50damage)
Shotgun: BunnyA+BunnyB (50damage + splash)
Cannon: SpookyB (40damage)
Guard1: Reflect attack for 60damage
The first Spooky, attempting to use Astonish is quickly surprised itself by a devastating Rageclaw attack that wipes it out completely. Machman then takes care of some other viruses before putting up a shield, which a Spooky attempts to use Lick on, but just deletes itself.

SpookyC: 50 HP
SpookyD: 50 HP
BunnyC: 50 HP

Machman.exe: 100 HP [Rageclaw]
Machman's shield dissipates and he quickly identifies the three remaining viruses.

Splash 4, 3 remaining.

[Good work, use of Thrust Laser approved.]

Machman's wings, still crossed in defensive mode, quickly pair up and swing forward towards the viruses. Machman paints the lone Bunny virus with both targeting lasers. The Bunny begins to move as the plasma bolts begin to arc between the wings and form the packet of volatile plasma. The lasers are still trained on the bunny, a floating weapon platform is perfect for this situation. The beams intensify and sweep across the area, moving with the panicking Bunny virus.

The Spooky viruses converge on Machman, hoping to to catch him off guard as he was engaging the Bunny. Machman turns and swipes at one of the Spooky viruses as hard as he could. His wings finally return to his back as Machman zeros in on the remaining Spooky. With RageClaw still active, he boosts towards the Spooky and passes it, slashing as he flies by. He skids to a stop 10 feet behind the Spooky, turns around, and again boosts towards the Spooky. One swiping attack later. Machman slides to a stop. and peers over his shoulder.

Thrust Laser: BunnyC (60damage)
RageClaw + Untapped Power: SpookyC (50damage)
RageClaw: SpookyD (40damage)
RageClaw: SpookyD (40damage)
Machman keeps up a relentless attack, killing two more viruses, but as he swings at the second Spooky the first time, his Rageclaw breaks! Indecisive, Machman kind of stands there. The ghost takes it's opportunity and licks him, hard. Ewwww...

SpookyD: 10 HP

Machman.exe: 85 HP
Machman reels back from the quite humiliating attack.

Ugh, disgusting! You'll pay!

Both of Machman's hands transform into MachBusters and he quickly trains them on the virus, only a few feet away. Without a second thought, he blasts away at the Spooky; firing two shots from both busters. Anger is seen in his eyes as his face is illuminated by the four quick flashes caused by his busters discharging. After his volley of buster fire, he keeps his guard and readies to open up his busters again.

Buster (x4): SpookyD (4damage each {16damage total})
Overkill much?


Machman.exe: 85 HP

Get: Zapring1, 300z
Machman watches as the hole-ridden spooky disintegrates and a few pieces of data hit the floor. Machman picks up the data and transfers it to the PET.

[Data uploaded. Good work. How is your status?]

Just a little grossed out, thats all. I'm game for some more busting!

[Alright. We can probably use this new chip for a more strategic purpose, since this chip can immobilize opponents temporarily.]

Machman takes to the air again and zips across the netscape. The battle-zone shrinking further and further away from view.

[Prepared for Battle #4]
Machman.exe: 85 HP