Capuchin's around to fight

With a burst of light, Capuchin appeared in the sky of ACDC Net. She did a somersault in teh air and landed on both feet. "YES!!!!" She cried out, "A perfect 10!" She stretched out a thumbs up in the air for her victory.

"S-Save some of y-your power f-for the vi-vi-viruses." Aida warned, "W-we don't w-want you t-to loose."

Capuchin gave a nod and began to stretch. "I wonder what I'll be battling today? I hope they give us something good, LIKE A CHIP!" Capuchin's grin grew thinking of a wonderous chip she could get.
Daisy appeared on the ACDC network in a flash of light. Currently her netop was taking a nap... and this area should be alright for a walk at least. Even if she came across viruses, she should do fine. Daisy started her walk, and a few minutes later, she saw a monkey like navi. Daisy, wondering who the navi could be, walked up to Capuchin , and went "Hi, I'm Daisy. What's your name?" with a smile.

Capuchin immediatley turned to see the newcomer. Even if she was hoping for a virus, her face lit up. Comapny was always a good thing for her. Taking the navi's hand she shook it violently, "I'M Capuchin!" She announced proudly, "I'm the great MONKEY NAVI!"

"C-Capuchin..." Aida began, "I-It's rude what you-your doing."

Capuchin quickly stopped and gave an embarrased laugh as she rubbed teh back of her head. "Sorry, I get sometimes carried away. Eheh...I suppose I'm just energetic?" She said this while looking up and her tail swerved left to right.
"Well it's nice to meet you Capuchin. But hold on... why does you name seem familiar?" Daisy said, her face going from a happy look to a slightly puzzled look.

"Great Monkey navi... that was about all I got. I think I am thinking to much or something. Also Daisy... respond to Junior. He seems to be worrying some about you, so it might do his mind good to hear from you again." Said a voice from near Daisy's location, causing Daisy to look around.

"Virgil, when did you wake up?"

"Bout awhile ago. I probably won't be paying much attention at the moment... Have to do something."

"Alright Virgil."

((Er, ready for a battle if Lunar is.))
Capuchin was puzzled by this too. "Well...perhaps I sound familiar cause I'm a great navi!"

"C-Capuchin..." Aida hesitantly began, "P-Please be more reasonable..."

Capuchin gave a laugh and thought some more, "Say, your netop said Junior right? Perhaps you heard it from him."

((And so frisky with lameness this battle be.))


MetoolA: 40 HP
MetoolB: 40 HP
MetoolC: 40 HP
MetoolD: 40 HP
MetoolE: 40 HP
MetoolF: 40 HP

Terrain: Normal

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Daisy.exe: 160 HP

Capuchin gave a jump in teh air as she saw the viruses approaching. "ALRIGHT! Viruses! CHIP CHIP CHIP CHIP CHIP!" Though as she noticed that they were nothing but mets...she became dissapointed, "Mets?.....METS?! ARGH! Mets?! I was hoping for something more challenging. Mets can only give so much..." Her head went into a sulk and her tail drooped. "They don't even give out good chips."

"I f-forgot that...that mets are c-common around here..." Aida said sadly, "I-I'm sorry....W-we'll go somewhere more f-fitting later."

Capuchin's eyes widened and her face had a cheery look to it now. "Okay!" She quickly jumped back up and punched the air for a moment as she went into position. "Send me a chip!" Quickly said, a stream of data flowed into Capuchin's left hand becoming a boomerang. "Ah! The of my personal faves!" She turend to her partner and called out, "I call take first three! You cane have the others." Her eyes began to fixate upon the three mets she had claimed and her mouth grinned. "Lets get the ground shaking!" Capuchin grasped the new weapon and began to twirl around with it gathering momentum. By slamming her right foot on the ground, went into a sudden stop and thrust the boomerang at any mets left behind.

"C-Careful not to let the st-stragglers get a-away..." Aida warned as she slotted in an energybomb chip, "Make sure th-that the e-enemy doesn't hit you first."

Capuchin quickly grasped the sphere with her right hand and gave a happy look. "Spoken like a true netop!" She complimented as she carefully aimed the bomb and chucked it at the group. She gave a triumphant smirk even if it was still in midair.

1. boomerang (60 each) ABC Mets
2. Energybomb 40 BMet
3. dodge
4. dodge
"Um, Junior never told me about you. Sorry." Daisy said somewhat apolgetily, in response to Capuchin.

"Daisy, her name is on that roster." Virgil said, quietly so only Daisy was able to hear it.

Daisy was about to say something to Capuchin after Virgil gave her that information, when the six mets showed up. It wasn't that contest she was doing with Junior earlier that day, and the mets do seem cute with their hardhats. She was about to rush up to one, when Capuchin started her attacks. That's right... Daisy though, remembering that viruses are beings that destroy. Well, since capuchin did do the first attack, was her ally and fellow member of Requiem, and probably just drew the mets' attention to herself, Daisy figured she could at least help defend Capuchin from the mets' counter attack. Daisy put her left hand behind her back, and it started to bleed out. The blood, dripped to the floor, and traveled across it towards Capuchin. Upon reaching the monkey navi, the blood went up her leg, and her back, and wrapped around capuchin's upper chest.

Now that Capuchin had some defense in case the mets managed to hit her after she landed from her jump, Daisy had to get rid of whatever was left. For some reason, Daisy did not want to kill the mets, but rather make them leave. It would give the little hardhat fellows more time to live at least. Daisy's hand was still bleeding... and the blood swirled behind her back to form what appears to be a broom. Daisy grasped it, and brought it from behind herself, and gripped it with her other hand. She went up to the mets, and started to try and sweep them away going "Shoo, don't make me hurt you." Virgil was somewhat watching this, and was chuckling some. What Daisy was doing was somewhat unoriadox, it was something that seemed like... well, her.

((Passive, one-hit shield on Capuchin.
1 Bloody Embrace, EmpowerX3
2 Shooing away(Butstershot) MetD, 18+24
3 Shooing away(Butstershot) MetE, 18+24
4 Shooing away(Butstershot) MetF, 18+24
5 Shooing away(Butstershot) MetC, 18+24


Terrain: Normal

Capuchin.exe: 100 HP
Daisy.exe: 160 HP

Both Get: Guard1, 150z
((Where did the FXP go? Do we get 1 FXP? Or did my sharing of defense give more FXP? Will edit this for real post later.))
"CHIP CHIP CHIP CHIP!" Capuchin happily sang as she did a dance in vistory, "Finally....a chip for meeeeee...we both get one to symbolize out VI-CTOR-Y!!!" She quickly did a back flip and gave a laugh. "Finally....a new chip. Though I was hoping for something with a bit more firepower."

"Y-You wont find th-those t-types here..." Aida explained, "Th-those...a-are ummm usually in other sh-sharo net."

"Sharo net huh..." Capuchin's tail swerved around as she pondered this for a bit as she looked at the sky. She gave a happy smile soon after and clapped her hands. "Sounds good to me! Sharo is supposed to be a good place for chips, then we should head down there!" She then turned to her new navi accomplice and with a smile said, "You wanna come too? Sharo would be best to take on with both of us."
"Um, alright." Daisy said, picking up the rewards from the battle. Capuchin was somewhat entergetic, but overall Daisy though her to be nice. "Well, I just need to e-mail someone real quick, so lead the way."
((Thanks for catching me Planes.
1 FXP for defeating viruses
1 more FXP for sharing defenses.
So 2 FXP total))
"OKAY!" Capuchin announced as she shot her fist into the air, "To net city then. From there, we head to Sharo and start our net battles! This is going to be great." She once again started her chip chant while hopping on one foot.

"A-Alright C-capuchin..." Aida said as she accesed it, " we go!"

Capuchin transformed into a beam of light and vanished into the great net stream, on her way to her destination.
Upon the completion of the E-mail, Daisy followed suit after her ally.