Mission One

The net was more dim than usual around the time. It was obvious to be night time in the real world while a small girl had sat in the confines of her room, or at least that's all was known about it. Her eyes glowed an eerie purple with streams of data running through them oddly. She was clearly not human, or at least less of a human as the strange coding pattern continued to stream through her eyes passing through her pupils as she kept her right hand in a curl letting her soft cheek rest on it.

"Empress...anything yet?" the girl asked as she had stared at the screen with her navi trekking the area of ACDC square. The navi had responded as her black dress swayed a bit after whipping around to look over her shoulder as if she knew where her NetOp was watching her from.

"Not anything as of now Ms.Keera..." she responded and then turned her attention to the path in front of her as she walked. "We mustn't waste time walking around until dawn. We'll have to pick up our pace." She had noted leaving the navi to walk steadily more faster than her usual sluggish and careful trek through the net area. "Oh, and Empress. If any viruses should show up, delete them...immediately..." the girl had noted as she had saw Empress stop in her tracks.

The navi had lifted her arm as she had made her palms glow reacting to the figure in the distance. She guessed that they were viruses as she readied herself. "Acknowledged..." the navi responded to her NetOp as she readied herself for battle.
Mets come out of the woodwork... or the ground.. one of the two.

MetA: 40
MetB: 40
MetC: 40

Empress: 100
"Now engaging the enemy...Ms.Keera." Empress had muttered as she had lifted her hand feeling an empowering feeling coming through her right arm. She had let out a blast as it had aimed to strike the first Mettaur virus and even for a second one behind it as she had used the shotgun battle chip obviously. She hadn't changed that emotionless look in her eye as she had quickly switched to her cannon chip standing front and center as she had gracefully let out another blast to delete the last Mettaur virus. She didn't feel to cocky as she had narrowed her eyes. She had waited as she kneeled down ready to dodge incase she would need to try again with her special attack if it came to that situation.
Chips & Actions made: Shotgun, Cannon, & Dodge

Action 1: Shotgun aimed at Met A and Met B

Action 2: Cannon aimed at Met C.

Action 3: attempt to dodge.

Empress: 100 HP
((State the damages with your attacks please.))

Empress finishes the mets off in a brilliant display of... shooting.


Empress: 100

Get: 150z
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Empress had lowered her arm as she had gazed with her stern face still viewing the distance. "A little serious over a few push overs today, Empress?" the girl had asked from the shadows as her glowing purple eyes had pierced teh darkness.

Empress had only closed her eyes and then remained silent before replying. "I'm sorry...I hadn't noticed." She had stated as she had opened her eyes sheepishly half opened. "Perhaps you've been a little stressed if I should say?" The girl had asked mostly out of a faint humor. Empress was quiet for that second. "Ms. Keera...we have more virus approaching. I will engage at them if I am excused."

The figure in the darkness, Keera, hadn't even payed much attention to her navi since it seemed like she was brushed off. She didn't pay it no mind as she had sighed and her eyes narrowed as more streams of 0's and 1's had flowed through processing quicker. "Battlechip recharging complete..." the girl said as Empress nodded and readied herself for battle.

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Bunny: 50 HP
Canodumb: 50 HP
Shrubby: 50 HP
Metool: 40 HP

Empress: 100 HP

The Shrubby is behind the Canodumb!

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Empress had sighed finding this task a bit repetitive. She was often drawn to the thought of this being pointless since she was going to win, but she didn't give any complaint as she crossed her arms and observed the virus group. "Cannon..." she had muttered as she activated the chip command using her and her partner's neural connection and then fired at the Mettaur virus that wasn't too far attempting to delete it with one blast, as well as switching to her Shot gun quickly as she changed her hand until it had formed a different colored blast shooting ahead to delete the can dumb virus and the shrubby that was behind it.

"Creation..." Empress had muttered as she throw her hand out as if she was slicing the air to make a strange marble barricade appear in front of her as it stood ominously to block any frontal attacks that were to come her way.
Chips & Actions Used: Cannon, Shotgun, & Creation and Destruction

Action 1: Cannon aimed at Mettaur (40 Damage)

Action 2: Shotgun aimed at Canodumb + Shrubby behind it. (50 Damage)

Action 3: Creation and Destruction (30 HP Barricade)

Empress: 100 HP
After a massive barrage, all that's left is a Bunny. Which fires. And electrifies only a barrier.

Bunny: 50 HP
Canodumb: DELETED
Shrubby: DELETED

Empress: 100 HP <Barrier: 10 HP>

The Shrubby is behind the Canodumb deleted!
Empress had looked towards her barrier in front of her as she had saw that it had been struck and knew that the only bunny virus left was justfinishing up it's attack. She had kept her arms crossed as she channeled her energy and then pointed at the marble. "Destruction..." she muttered as she had watched the marble breaking into pieces and act as a projectile as it flew toward the bunny to strike it.

Empress didn't like getting her hands dirty, but she made an exception as she loaded the battlechip Rageclaw and then flew forward as she slashed at the virii and then took another swipe to follow up if she had missed the first time.
Chips & Actions Used: Creation and Destruction, Rageclaw, & Rageclaw

Action 1: Destruction @ Bunny (40 Damage/ Destroy own barricade)

Action 2: Rageclaw @ Bunny (40 Damage)

Action 3: Rageclaw @ Bunny (40 Damage)

Empress: 100 HP
The bunny is no more it seems...

Reward: 150 zenny, guard1.
"Over kill...don't you think Empress?" The sound of teh girl's voice had asked as the navi had amde the claws disappear from sight off her hands and she had lifted her head hearing the voice. "Sorry, I wanted to be sure I struck my target." she had mentioned talking in the same emotion lacking tone that was like a robot. "Would you have rather I used my buster?" she asked making Keera narrow her eyes and sigh. "Your orders were to eliminate any viruses or attackers, so whatever gets the job done." Keera replied as Empress had turned to something distant once again.

"Yes Ma'am, and speaking of which, here comes more 'guests!'" She had said as she had lifted her hand to the coming navi while the streams of data scrolled through the netop's eyes as she recharged the chips, readying her partner for battle.
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Truth to be told. Empress finds more viruses, they seem to sport eyepatches for some reason.

SpikeyA: 90 HP
SpikeyB: 90 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Empress.exe: 100 HP

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Empress had tilted her head as she saw the appearance of the viruses. "What a strange bunch..." the navi noted before she had quickly took out the shotgun Battlechip. She had quickly fired a blast at a set of spikey that were lined up, and then she had took aim once again, this tiem firing her cannon at the first Spikey virii she aimed at to further weaken it.

"Empress, you'll have to generate your barricade two spaces ahead since your target's attack can make a spread towards the space behind it with extreme heat." Empress had nodded hearing the command of her Netop. "Acknowledged..." she had said as she lifted her hand infront of her and muttered the command. "Creation..." she had said making a large black marble appear in front of her and became a bit more distant than usual so a Spikey couldn't reach her with it's aim as she stepped two spaces behind the block so the brushfire would hit the space in front of her. She hid behind the view of the block waiting for the right time to counter attack.
Chips & Actions Used: Shotgun, Cannon, Creation & Destruction

Action 1: Shotgun @ SpikeyA (behind it SpikeyB) - 50 Damage

Action 2: Cannon @ SpikeyA - 40 Damage

Action 3: Creation & Destruction (Barricade 30 HP)
Taking down the enemies, Empress' shield only protects her from one attack before being incinerated.

SpikeyB: 40 HP
SpikeyC: 90 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Empress.exe: 100 HP

"Well that was an inconvience...my powers haven't returned as of yet..." Empress had said as she had stared towards the virii. "Only a minor setback, my Data banks aren't the same as before the incident, we'll have to make due with what we have." Keera had advised as Empress had unfolded her arms and revealed the claws that had formed on her right hand.

"Strike..." Empress cried as she lunged forward slashing at the Spikey and then another. She didn't take no chances at being caught off guard as she had spun around and then leaped to parry a possible counter attack.
Chips & Actions Used: RageClaw, RageClaw, Dodge

Action 1: Rageclaw @ SpikeyB - 40 Damage

Action 2: Rageclaw @ SpikeyC - 40 Damage

Action 3: Dodge

((Does those virii attack really do 30 Damage, or was it destroyed after taking two attacks? Just an analysis check... 0_o))
(It really does 30. Ph34r.What RS was thinking, giving you five Spikeys this early, I'll never know. Slight hit favoring will happen, but only if you earn it!)

Empress takes down a virus, and slightly damages another. It's still quite healthy, though, and fires a shot which she barely clears with her leap.

SpikeyC: 50 HP
SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Empress.exe: 100 HP
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Empress had quickly moved as she rushed at her enemy again with her melle weapon. She could feel the RageClaw nails starting to wither and ready to break so she quickly charged at the already weakened spikey slashing at it with two strikes in a row as quick as she could as she twirled and the hammered her claw down to slash the enemy and not taking a risk to lose even a second since she felt that her weapon would shatter any minute.

She had fallen back to her last panel and looked for an attack by her enemies as she narrowed her eyes trying to check for one of their furry maws to open and emit a heatshot attack. She had no defenses so she had to quickly evade with a swift side jump to keep mobile from the straight forward fire attacks not knowing how much dodging she could keep up from this point on since she was use to relying on her heavy defensive skills.
Chips & Actions Used: RageClaw, RageClaw, Dodge

Action 1: Rageclaw @ SpikeyC - 40 Damage

Action 2: Rageclaw @ SpikeyC - 40 Damage

Action 3: Dodge
The Spikey dies. One of its companions attacks Empress in rage, but misses. The other one just kind of calmly stares at you.

SpikeyD: 90 HP
SpikeyE: 90 HP

Empress.exe: 100 HP

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Empress had quickly lifted a amrble slab from the ground and stood in it's safe zone quietly remembering to stay in a safe distance since she remembered heatshot's properties would hit the panel behind the obstacle. She hated such chips that defied her matter creations. She folded her arms as her arms begin as she sighed a bit upset about her current situation.

"Getting sort of desperate, are we?" Keera asked as Empress simply closed her eyes staying silent not disagreeing or admitting to her. She wasn't too sure what else to say, but she had her pride to not admit that her, a controller of cyberspace matter itself, was having trouble with dispatching a few spikey viruses. She opened her eyes as she realized that the barricade wouldn't hold so she figured it was better to use command than to let it go to crumbled pieces. She snapped her fingers using command to make the barricade shatter and covet her ina cloud of debris and dust as the fragments of the cube flew forward to strike her enemy. She leaped out of the debris's cloud to quickly evade incase the virii would shoot blindly into the area and get a lucky hit.
Chips & Actions Used: Creation & Destruction, Creation and Destruction (Command), Dodge

Action 1: Creation (Barricade = 30 HP)

Action 2: Destruction (Barricade destroyed + 40 Damage to Spikey D)

Action 3: Dodge

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